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Author has written 8 stories for Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, and Naruto.

Welcome! I have always been addicted to reading and very much dreaming of of writing my own stories. Somehow, both are realized in this site which I am very thankful for. I do write because it's my passion and when I'm looking for something in particular but can't find it, then that's the time I'll write my own. So mostly, my stories are my frustrations. One thing I can assure my story-readers is that I'm investing my feelings when I write. So it's not just some crappy words molded into chapters. I do admit I have my own faults in regards to grammar, characterization, flow and construction but I'm exerting my effort on every word posted here. I am definitely not expecting anything but somehow I want some to appreciate my stories. At least I hope that some can do enjoy what I'm writing.

I have been under the Yaoi spell for years, that's why ALL of my stories revolves on homosexual pairings. I'm focused on Naruto and Kuroko no Basuke (KnB) fandom and I'm favoring the SASUNARU [seme!Sasuke, uke!Naruto] and AOKISE [seme!Aomine, uke!Kise] pairings.

AoKise is my OTP and even though my two stories of this pair has achieved their completion, I am glad to say that I'm working on a new story. Yay for that. Aomine is somehow my close to perfect seme, in sync with his close to perfect uke. In KnB, these two has such deep relation and I wanted to explore it more. I wasn't really charmed by Kuroko, I'm not sure why and it cause me a lot of headache because people favor KagaKuro, AoKuro and KiseKuro pairings! It's always Kuroko getting all the hot seme. It was like, he's the sole uke. But there's still decent amount of good fics for AoKise and for that I'm glad.

SasuNaru pair is something I came to love as well. These two just reeks of love for each other. I can't believe that the much concern and dedication Naruto shows for Sasuke is just a mark of friendship, no it has to be LOVE. On the other hand, Sasuke failing to kill Naruto when he has been presented with the opportunity twice was questionable. Borderline of friendship, their toes stepping out of the brotherly love into something much more delicious. Their actions proved it in so many occasions and people just blindly took it as friendship. Yeah right, who is Kishimoto kidding? Surely not me and the horde of fan girls/boys shipping SasuNaru/NaruSasu.

Riren/LeviXEren ship is fucking insane! I don't want to say that it's as good as my OTP because the relationship between Levi and Eren in canon is nowhere as yaoi-ish as AoKise. This is one of those that fans like me wanted to pursue. Connection is there ofc and we just have to build it more. There's a chemistry between these two men, that's given but what makes this pair sinful is the personality of both guys. Levi is a perfect seme with his scowling face and snarl as his common expressions, he's a good material that is made for domination. Eren while also bearing a strong personality cowers under Corporal's intense gaze yet there's his conviction to stick with what he believes in. This pair has been my world the past couple of months. They just got me captivated.

Another pairing which really is a surprise as I didn't expect that I'll ship characters except of those from the manga/anime world. I am talking of the ChErik ship. This is Charles Xavier and Erik Lenhsherr from X-Men. Truthfully I didn't ship them at first glance nor on second and third and so forth. It's only when after I watched X-Men: First Class for so many times and my brother said that these two are too attached to each other that I saw the pair in another light (yaoi blinding light) and so voila! Totally shipping them now! It also made me ship some more couples from the X-Men movies and Marvel works. Charles and Erik are both so brilliant, dynamically different yet so achingly similar to each other that the relationship they have is so exciting. There's a lot of things going on for them. They both have extensive background and history that is perfect to poke around and shift according to whatever fantasies that we fanfic writers love to stir up. There's also this deep and mature atmosphere that surrounds them and well, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are both so damn hot, I have no regrets! Very structured pairing, there's a limitless boundary on how you can push their stories and there's that damn chemistry between these tow hot men! Lovely ship!

I fall for the characters more when there are kind of authors who either capture their characters perfectly or adds up to that perfect characterization, adding more flavor, more personalities making them almost real that you want to start searching up if that person really do exist.

Some more pairs I ship with utmost interest and passion:



Itachi's one of the men that I always dream of existing with us here in the real world. Why I go for ItaNaru is because there are gifted writers who so depict Itachi perfectly and I find that most in fictions of ItaNaru pairing. I would prefer it more if Itachi stays single, he can always have me. :)


I'm not so much on Uchihacest (yet one of my wip fics is of this relation but it'll be more focused on the drama/angsty side rather than romance), but if Naruto's there between them, part of their relationship I'm sure to love it.


Aside from Itachi, Gaara's the other person I want to see in the flesh. He's mysterious, he's silent yet that makes him so captivating. I'm falling in love with him all over again.



Aomine is the universal seme in KnB and that's final. He will never get topped. I haven't seen any prospect seme for him. Aomine dominating Kagami is funny yet devilishly sexy. Both guys are hawt, yes.


Kagami, the idiot that he is will fit as another likely seme for Kise. It'll be more on teasing and playful side.


AkaKise, gawd, I get shivers whenever I think of Akashi looking at Kise so intensely, so predatory through his hetero chromatic eyes. It gives me the kind of chill when I await some dark and sensual sex happening. Akashi, shorter than Kise has never been an issue. He's more than capable to subdue the blonde in more ways than I can ever imagine. *sigh and melts*


KaZe [KanameXZero] and Kiryuucest [IchiruXZero]

I have a thing for vamps. They exude raw power and sexiness. Being bitten and sucked while hitting orgasm, yes one of my dirty fantasies. Kaname the cunning vamp being drawn to a hunter-turned-vampire Zero who hate bloodsuckers is so enticing. Thrilling, exhilarating, downright seductive.


IlluKil [IllumiXKillua]

Illumi's my second favorite character after Killua. Both brothers are incredibly strong, cool and powerful. They have finesse which I really like. The control that Illumi have over Killua makes their relationship sinful. How Illumi can exercise his power over his baby brother is tingling me inside.


Hisoka's my third favorite. Actually should have been second but I'm sure he'll pave way for his uke. Heh. I don't really like my seme turning to uke or the other way around but this is an exception. Illumi as strong and composed he appears in front of Killua all of it crumbles under Hisoka's presence. I just love Hisoka. His playful demeanor towards killing and playing with the strong makes him sexier and darker at the same time.


RuHana [RukawaXHanamichi]

Two big guys getting on each other. Yep! Their relation is like of Sasuke and Naruto and although they weren't exactly friends, the rivalry always cause things to heat up and well, the fun starts then.


SaruMisa [SaruhikoXMisaki]

A severed friendship, betrayal and confrontation. They stand on the opposite side of the battle ground. Saru went over the righteous side, leaving his companions. His best friend Misaki was the most devastated. But maybe Saru did that because he was jealous all along of the man that Misaki can't stop talking about. Really interesting relation between these two.


MikaYuu [MikaelaXYuuichirou]

As much as I love the sex on yaoi, it's not what I'm always looking for (not unless I'm feeling particularly horny that I want to read fuck, sex, fuck all over the screen) in the stories. I don't like one-shots too, except that I know the author writes more on feelings rather than sexual libido of his characters. I'm a reader who seeks something that can shake me up. I want stories on angsty side, more on hurt/comfort genre. Like I can find myself crying or hurting, my heart clenching and my throat hurts. I'm a kind of masochist so yeah. It's not that I keep myself off the fluffy/mushy things but those cannot stir much interest from me.

After confessing my deep and profound love for Yaoi, I must say it's not all Yaoi that makes up the whole me. *laughs* As much as I'm addicted to the genre, I still welcome other forms of materials for reading. I read novels before I got to read manga. Recently though, I haven't touched any of my books and the pile of unread/neglected books is rising. -.- I can't keep my hands off from Yaoi fan fictions. I particularly like thriller-crime-mystery plots in books but I can't say no to some dark themes and tear-jerking stories.

I love Dan Brown, his works Deception Point and The Da Vinci Code. I 'm not even halfway with Inferno and it's been sitting in my shelf for months now. I like Jodi Picoult's attack on feelings. So striking, so sharp. I deeply love JK Rowling's Harry Potter series. Mitch Albom's inspirational books would not go amiss. His For One More Time is one of my most fave books ever. John Grisham's The Firm is very exciting and I can never get enough of it. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a classic I will hold on forever. There are more to this list as my book collection keeps on growing. Because I love to read, I love to dream into those well-crafted timelines and I love to live by the characters side as they venture on their own stories.

If you have a problem how I characterize and steer the story, then please, don't read, I'm not asking you to. I'm not gonna change anything for a few people who thinks that the story doesn't meet their standards.

Update: Aug. 02, 2017

SORRY. I deeply apologize for not updating for such a long time. I don't know when will I update but hopefully until September for my three ongoing stories. Thank you everyone.

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