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Hello! my name is Taylor-Jordan. ugh, well, I'm not good at talking about my self so ill anser some queions i always get-

1.whats with your name?
A- -.- thats not verry nice, but meh, My name is double barreled, which means two names joined with one of thease-> -. Anyway, Taylor is a unisex name which is from old freanch and English, it means Tailor, as in the job... because in the past people named there kids what they wanted them to be when they grow up. Jordan, I havent got a great idea about... it used to only be a girls name but is now unisex I know that much...
2. girl or boy?
A-cat, of course :3
3.how many fingers am I holding up?
A-how the hell should I know? ... three?
4. what music do you like?
A-Rock!!! and English dubs of Japanese songs. yehhhhhhhhh... I'm not weird...
5.whats your favorate three animes?
A- Blue exorcist, tonori no kaibutsu-kun and Baka and test! my main favorate blue exorcist, big time favorate.
6.favorate anime charicters?
A-Rin Okumura (heh), kouta tsuchiya and Kyo shouma. girls... meh, there never that interesting but shizuku mitty, Ausana Yuuki and Haruhi Fujioka.
7.when did you loose sanity?
A- June 4th 2006 6.00am , NEXT QUETION!
8.how are you? can I have a hug?
A-thats two quetions...-.- But im good and OF COURSE YOU CAN!
9.why do you always say meow?
A-I'm a cat, thats why.
10.weirdest moment In your life?
A-got told two of my best mates brothers liked liked me. holy hell that was scary

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When Natsu and Gray was on mission something happened. Now they try back to home. But they still has adventures. Adventures, which develops their love. Gray finds out something unexpected. There is also a lot of Happy. Aye! Natsu/Gray. Yaoi. Rank M for future events.
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Gray is the heir to the trown of the ice kingdom, and his life had been very good until his mother got sick, the queen is on her death bed. And on it's own that would be tragic, her only wish is to see her oldest son get married before her death, problem? yeah. Gray is gay (spelling? O.O) Natsu x Gray
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"okay… bye then… um, be careful!" he yells over, without looking back I wave my thumb to him so he knew that I heard him "Oh, and Gray?" I look back to him lazily. "you're alright, for a anti social guy," ' NXG yaoi, chapter 3 up
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"I saw him everyday outside my collage, I wonder why I felt the need to welcome him into my house?" Gray is the most wealthy youth of this century, although he doesn't stress the fact by living in a mantion or something like that. After a break up with his bitchy girlfriend he spots the homeless guy who hung outside his collage.
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'She opens her mouth to speak, but hesitates before words actually make their way through her lips "The notes... they say it's heavenly host..." it's clear she's trying to stop herself from crying even more.Her eyes must feel like they're about to scab over, and with that look she's giving me I think she'd welcome it, it's like she wants to' chapter four up, Katasumi and Aya
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Legend tells of two boys who hate eatchother, slowly becoming friends and then... more? oh, wait, it's not legend, its going on right now! meet Gray and Natsu, Gray hates Natsu, Natsu only wants to be Grays friend, how will it turn out? Modern day fairytale, GrayXNatsu. (I hate the summary -.-)
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well, after getting into too many arguments in class (and since shiemis off and can't stop there fights) Bon and Rin are told to stay back after class to discover Bon will be tutoring Rin for the next few weeks. Main pairing-BonxRin, other pairing-YukioxShiemi. Includes other events such as training camp, Ghost hunts and fighting demons! first fic!
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