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November 19, 2007


I shall make this official.

I didn't want to publicize this through an "updated chapter" in my stories because I didn't want to raise your hopes.

It is now the year 2007. I haven't updated since 2004. I really don't plan on going back to fanfiction. I just don't have the time. I'm glad you guys still send me reviews and add me as a favorite author, but really. Reading my old stuff and looking at my schedule, it would take up far much more of my time than I am willing to offer in order to rewrite and improve these stories.

Originally, I stopped writing because I had just finished the next two chapters of "The One I Love the Most" and then my computer crashed, therefore losing all my hard work. I was too discouraged to rewrite it because I couldn't remember all I had put, and it was a really good pair of chapters too. In the end, I put off updating and fixing it for so long, and I had other, original ideas I rather liked better, that I just couldn't pick the story up again. I wanted to try a new style, and I did with Eternal Darkness, but I couldn't continue because everything just didn't fit and it felt like a chore rather than something enjoyable.

I guess, I just lost my love for writing fanfiction. Again, if I ever do get back to writing these, I'm probably not going to touch any other story besides "Eternal Darkness" because that only one for which I still have a little hope.

As for the others, the style is too immature and too different from how I write now. I can't go back to them because it will be too inconsistent. I'm not going to take the stories off either because I'm lazy and it's really a shame for me to take it off since I did work hard on those anyway.

So, here's the deal for all you readers begging for updates: I'm really not planning on updating. At all. If you want to know what happens, then e-mail me at and I will get back to you with a summary of what I had planned for each story. If you want, I'll even send you some of the rough drafts of the other stories I never got around to updating because they weren't finished. But I really don't plan on updating my fanfiction stories. However, if you just want to read my writing, then head over to my account in the same username. I'm working on getting serious with one of my stories and it's the only one I'm actually writing bits and pieces of in between my currently crazy schedules.

I'm sorry it's taken ages for me to get this straight. I always thought I'd go back to writing these, but in the end I just can't. I've got too much going on in my life. I'm moving on from this stage of my life. It's about time, too.

Thank you for your support, thank you for reviews, and thank you for trying to push me to write. I'm really sorry I'm disappointing you all, but this is something I need to do.

Ü Cheers.

With much love (and cookies),


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