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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon.

Past Usernames: Thunder-The-Pikachu, Classic Sonic, Rush Hedgehog

New one: Dream Fox

OCs I've made:

Thunder the Pikachu he looks like a normal Pikachu but has lightning bolt shaped marks on his body.

Viloet she is a 5 year old little girl that Thunder's friend when he goes to the world of Crash Bandicoot.

Crystal Bandicoot she is Thunder's sister in the Crash world.

Sparky the Raichu is Thunder's older brother in the Pokemon world.

Cynder the Fennekin is a new OC that I'll be using from time to time.

Angel the shiny Eevee is an Eevee for Eevee Forest.

Willow the Snivy is a character for a Pokemon story.

Flare the Tepig.

Rocket the Squirtle.

Talon the Spearow.

Zapper the Pikachu.

Light the Emolga.

Sparks the Emolga.

Stone the Raichu.

X the Pikachu.

Pecker the Fearow.

Squeak the Mouse.

Ferdnan the Rabbit.

Micheal the Mouse.

Gremlin Starbusk.

Niles "Tales" Power an orange two-tailed fox that's in a paraellel world to Sonic's.

Rush the Hedgehog a brown hedgehog that's paraellel to Sonic.

Flare the Hedgehog an orange hedgehog paraellel to Shadow.

Greave the Hedgehog paraellel to Scrouge.

Dr. Breadred paraellel to Robotnik.

Querk the bat is a robotic bat made by Breadred to act like Grounder to try and catch Rush and Tales. He never can.

Clunk the Eagle is a robotic eagle made by Breadred also. He's a lot like Scratch and also tries to catch Rush and Tales He never can... Hehe.

Tales Doll is a doll that looks just like Tales.

Metal Rush is a robotic hedgehog that Breadred made to take down Rush, like Metal Sonic tried to take Sonic down in Sonic OVA.

Metal Tales is Tales' robotic self. He's mean, strong, and powerful.

Fleetway Tales is Tales' Fleetway form.

Fleetway Rush is Rush's evil Super self..

Moley is an evil fox from a Clan of foxes that loves to hurt me when she can. She's kinda like Fiona...

Ratgar is a large rat that runs Le Cirque De La Noirceur with the help of Screamo.

Some stories I plan on doing are:

A New Reality: Trapped by a pack of hounds, a fox must put up with his new life of being a slave to them.

Wreck-It-Ralph: Trubo Strikes Back!: Takes place after the movie. Trubo comes back with some help to get some pay-back on Ralph and Vanellope.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Bloody Red Verison:

Freakture: A two-tailed fox is trapped in a place that he's tortured in..

Broken: Based on the song. A Pikachu and Snivy are enjoying the day when some evil Pokemon appear and kidnaps the Snivy. The Pikachu must go and save her before something bad happens.

Thunder and Alinbia: Captured: A Pikachu and shiny Eevee are taken captive and are turned into slaves to dark-type Pokemon.

Wizards of Thunder: A Wizards of Mickey and Pokemon cross-over.

Thunder Bandicoot: A Pokemon/Crash Bandicoot cross-over.

Ginga Densetsu Angel: GDW style with my OC, Angel.

Epic Mickey: Darkness Falls ...Still a work in the thought bubble..

Pete's New Found Puppet: ...What happens when you mix a writer with messed up ideas and wries an EM story? You get this. XD.

The Pichu Brothers!: Orgion of Thunder and Sparky.

No! He's My Friend!: Violet, the sweet little 4 year old that we all love, must keep Thunder safe from her evil uncle that wishes to hurt him.

Wreck-It-Ralph: Turbo Strikes Back!

The Wrath of Divel: Based on Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex.

A New Toy: ,Yeah.. Dunno about this one..

Ninja-Pokemon: Attack of the Shadow Pokemon! ...Don't ask. XD.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Expolores of Space.. AGAIN, don't ask.

The New Exe: ...AGAIN, DON'T ASK.

Epic Mickey: The Blot Wars: What happened in the years before the Blot pulled Mickey into Wasteland.

Epic Mickey: Brush and Lightning: An EM/Pokemon story. XD.

When Two Worlds Clash: An EM/Sonic cross-over story. XD.

House of Mouse Pokemon Style! ...Yeah.. XD.

Power Hearts: A Sonic/KH cross-over.

Slenderman: He's Coming For You... Felt like doing a Creepypasta story for him.. XD.

Pete's New Toy: ... I really dunno about this one..

Warriors: Orion of the Stars: The Last Hope: What If?: What if The Dark Forest cats won the battle with the Clans? What would happen?

Thunder, Tails, and Oswald: The Three Muskeeters! Based on the one with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.

The 13 Ghosts of Mickey Mouse. Based on The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.

Disney Meets Cartoon Net Work. When the shows from Disney (I mean the OLD shows, NOT the crap we have on now) meet the shows from Cartoon Net Work, they make many new friends, and enemies too. They soon find out that they is an enemy that wants to shut them ALL down.

Warriors: BloodClan Rules: BloodClan took over the forest. A group of cats must step up and save all the Clans.

Bleach: The New Warrior. (Dunno about this one.. I"ll be testing my Bleach skills. -is watching it now on Adult Swim- XD.)

Naruto Meets Pokemon. Yep.. Always wanted to do a crossover of that. XD.

Ninja-Pokemon: Darkness Rules. In a story I began a few years ago, I did a Pokemon story, but it was kinda TMNT way. I feel like re-writing it. Making it better.

Seekers: The New Bears. A Seekers bears story but with my OCs.

Serviousers: (The new series about dogs by Erin Hunter): The New Pack. Lucky has gotten his group of dogs together, but, what happens whe a new set come in? Can he trust he's new dogs?

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musteekers: The Rise of Evil: Takes place after the movie. Everything has gotten back to normal after Pete was taken care of. But now, a new evil rises and it's up to our heroes to stop it.

DeathClan (Made by my awesome friend.): The Take Over: DeathClan is like BloodClan and they're here to take over from the Clans.

Servant: A Pikachu is taken by a Liepard, who tries to turn him into her slave.

Protector: The story of a vampire and a wolf. One protects the other...

Thunder and Angel: Capture and Defeat: ...I'll think of this one. XD.

Poke Hearts: A Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts story.

Eevee Forest: A place for all Eevee. XD.

New Toy. Darkfang has some fun with a little Eevee.

Electric Showdown. Can already guess on this one can't ya? XD.

Animal. Based on a song.

Angel-Pokemon: Return of the Angels.

Tales of the Kitsune.

New Slave. A Clan of Liepard get a new little slave to boss and abuse.

TMNP (Teenage Mutant Ninja Pokemon)

Tales of Squeak, Ferdanan, Starbusk, Moonriver, and Lucky.

Pokemon Torture: A Pokemon Creepypasta story. XD.

Hero: A Pokemon story based on the song Hero by Skillet.

Pokemon Amnesia style.

Animal I Have Become: ..Dunno about this one.

Numb: Pokemon Style.

Spyder's Tale: Spyder is the son of Spyro and Cynder. Follow him as he goes on a quest to save his mom and dad from evil.

The Grassy Spark of Love.

Pikachu Village: The Thunder Warrior.

Pikachu Village: Return of the Warrior.

Pokemon X and Y Nightmare.

Got so many stories I plan on doing. XD. If anyone would like to help with ideas for these, we can RP 'em in fourms. It would really help a lot. XD.

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