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"It's so cold in here... so cold... so lonely... I've been waiting for so long... but now I don't even know where I am..." Hikari sobbed, shoulder's heaving as she sat against the dark wall of the empty isolated space. "No one's ever going to come for me, are they? I'll be here alone forever... alone and cold..." She buried her head in the palm of her hands and cried harder, the tears falling from her cheeks crystalizing into tiny gems. "I'll never see them again... Yukina... Hiei..."

And then, a faint glow emerged from the far corner of the space. Hikari looked up in awe at the pale glowing figure who emerged from the light.

"Who-- Who are you?" Hikari studdered, wiping away her tears.

"I'm Alicia," the brunette smiled at her. "I've come to give you a second chance at life."

"Are you... an angel?" Hikari blinked at her.

Alicia sputtered, "Hell no! But, with you, I can be part demon."

"What do you mean?" Hikari furrowed her brows, thoroughly confused.

"I'll take you out of this dark void and back to the living world but it will be in my body. You'll experience everything I experience but you'll have control some of the time and I can give you a separate body once I get strong enough too. Until then, though, if you're uncomfortable with anything that I do, you can talk to me about it and we'll sort things out. So, what do you say?" Alicia smiled.

"Will I get to see Hiei again?" Hikari whispered hesitantly, holding her hand back until she received her answer.

"I can't tell you for sure, Hikari, but souls that have crossed paths in previous lives have a tendency to cross again in the next," Alicia answered.

"If there's a chance that I can see him again, then I would gladly do anything," Hikari accepted Alicia's hand and their blue eyes shimmered as they grinned at each other and disappeared into the darkness.

"Hm, this is new," Suni commented, brushing her jet black hair carelessly over her shoulder as she roamed about the void. "Oh well, it's not the first time." She shrugged it off. In her life as a half-demon half-goddess wolf, Suni had experienced many strange things. Nothing surprised her much anymore.

"Hello, Suni," the soft mellow voice came from a great distance. Suni swirled around to see a pale brunette standing in the dark before her.

"Funny, you don't look familiar," Suni smirked.

"And I shouldn't," Alicia smiled back. "This is the first time we've met, Suni, but I hope we will be together for a long long time."

"Somehow, I don't get the creepy vibe I think I should be getting from you right now," Suni commented. "What's this all about, huh?"

"I want to take you out of this void and back to the living world but it will be in my body. You'll experience everything I experience but you'll have control some of the time and I can give you a separate body once I get strong enough too. Until then, though, if you're uncomfortable with anything that I do, you can talk to me about it and we'll sort things out. So, what do you say?"

"Will I get to see my cousin Koga again? Or my sister San?" Suni questioned.

"I can't tell you for sure, Suni, but souls that have crossed paths in previous lives have a tendency to cross again in the next," Alicia answered.

"Sounds good..." Suni gave a fanged grin and took Alicia's hand in her own. "It's a deal."

"Hm..." Hikari had nothing more to say as her crimson eyes darted around the empty space. The fire demon wasn't much for words... or for being surprised. She just sat down, crossed her legs, and started to meditate.

"You're a calm one, Hikari," the voice came ringing through her ears and her eyes shot open to see Alicia before her.

"You are Alicia, are you not? The one who is to take me out of this darkness and back into the living world?" she questioned, standing up to face her eye-to-eye.

"Hm. You're the first one to know in advance," Alicia blinked. "How did you--?"

"Never mind," Hikari insisted. "The important thing for now is that I consent. I want another chance at life. I want to correct what I've done wrong."

Alicia and Hikari clasped each other's hands and disappeared into the void.

"Wow, this is new," Naoko poked her nose around in her new location, wondering exactly where she was. "How dreary! I hope I find a way out of here soon! I want to wait for Kurama-kun somewhere where he'd actually want to come see me!"

"Naoko... do you really want to see Kurama again? I can give you a chance..." Alicia appeared before the demon foxgirl. "You'll be trapped in my body and you'll experience everything as I do but you can feel free to tell me if something I do bothers you. Also, you can have control some of the time and when I become strong enough, I can give you a body all your own."

"What's the catch?" Naoko asked, figuring there had to be something more to it than just being stuck in someone else's body.

"Well, there is none, but to be perfectly fair, I can't guarantee you that Kurama will cross paths with you again. Souls that have met before have a high probablility of meeting again but it's just probability - nothing is cert--"

"Save your breath. I agree," Naoko took Alicia's hand and shook it firmly, smiling at her excitedly.

Katsumi sat alone in the darkness, huddled up against the wall. She frowned sadly as she stared off into the darkness. "This is strange... I've never seen a place like this before... As a tatari mokke, I thought I'd been to every corner of the afterlife..."

"Hey, Katsumi," Alicia appeared from the glow in the darkness.

"You are... Are you... a live soul?" Katsumi blinked. "How strange... You're detatched from your body but you aren't dead... Are you about to die?" Katsumi blinked.

"I've honestly never seen a soul piper before but you're prettier than I imagined. Then again, I heard you rejected your natural form to take on a more human one," Alicia mumbled. "Anyway, I'm not about to die; I'm here to give you a chance to live..."

"I understand... and I accept," Katsumi nodded.

"If you don't mind, though, Katsumi, can I ask you... why you chose this form...?"

"That man... that halfbred dog demon... he was just so fascinating... I-I just wanted to be closer to him," Katsumi's yellow skin turned slightly red with blush.

"You never know... you might meet him again," Alicia smiled as she held out her hand for Katsumi's and they started to fade away in a glowing light.

"I suppose I could... I'm just not sure I should," Katsumi smiled weakly.

"Ooh ooh ooh! And then after we got back, Hiei turned to me and said, 'You know, when you're not on a psychotic sugar-fueled rampage, you're not all that difficult to be around'! Isn't that great!?" Hikari of Ice grinned wildly as she chugged down an energy drink in one swig.

"No, Hikari-koori, that's bad. Really bad," Naoko responded. "When a guy hates something that you do about ninety-five percent of the time, that's one of the greatest signs that it's not meant to be."

"So Kurama is okay with you keeping a creepy fangirlish shrine to him in the back of your closet then, hm?" Hikari of Fire said monotonously as she let a slight smirk cross her face.

"Ahahaha..." Naoko laughed weakly, sweat pouring down her face as she scratched the back of her head. "He... doesn't exactly know about that yet..."

"And here I was thinking 'honesty was the best policy'," Hikari of Fire said.

"I think it's sweet that Hikari-koori is so excited," Katsumi smiled. "I think that Hiei-kun must really like her if he said that to her. I know it sounds harsh but when you take into account that it came from Hiei I think it's actually quite a compliment."

"Sooooooo... how's it going with that dog-boy, Katsumi-chan, eeeeh?" Hikari of Ice smiled slyly.

Katsumi's face turned blood red. She stood up suddenly, "I -- I should get started on dinner now..."

"Not so fast, Katsumi," Hikari of Fire put her hand down on the trailling hem of Katsumi's kimono.

"H-Hikari-kaji!!" Katsumi wailed as she hit the floor with a thump.

"Wow, wish I had clevage like that," Hikari of Fire commented as she noticed Katsumi's now exposed flesh.

"Hikari-kaji!" Katsumi snapped as she closed her robes tight again. "I can't believe you! You pulled open my kimono!"

"Oh get over it," Suni said as she walked into the room. "We've all seen you naked down at the bath house anyway. Is it really all that different?"

"Yes, it is!" Katsumi responded. "What if one of the boys walked in right now?!"

"You mean like me?" Koga popped his head in from behind Suni.

"Ahhh... Koga -- you -- Suni -- he -- he didn't --" Katsumi stammered.

"No. I wasn't here for that part," Koga insisted. "Not that I woulda looked."

"Yeah, cause you know you'd be in for a world of hurt if you did," Suni laughed as she grabbed him by the ear.

"Ow! Suni-chan, that hurts!"

"So why are you guys here? I thought you just left," Hikari of Ice blinked.

"Oh, right," Suni smiled. "I came to tell you girls that Alicia is on a rampage of rage because someone used her demon world portal."

"Whaaaaaaaaaat?" Hikari of Ice and Naoko shrieked.

"Please tell me you're kidding, Suni-chan," Hikari of Fire said with just the faintest hint of nervousness.

"Afraid not, Hikari-kaji!" Suni grinned. "Lucky me! She knows I don't know how to work that contraption!"


"Oh no!" the four gasped.

"Have fun!" Suni smiled and waved as she grabbed Koga's hand and ran away.

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