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Try my Pokemon Quiz, and see what score you can get. Check your answers at the bottom of my Profile. All answers correct as of the making of the Quiz – 30/05/13.

1: What level is the Legendary Pokemon Lugia on Heart Gold

A: Level 45
B: Level 65
C: Level 70

2: On Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green where can you find Ho-oH

A: Rainbow Island 1
B: Rainbow Island 5
C: Rainbow Island 8

3: On Pokemon Black2/White2, on what bridge can you find Cresselia; if you have the Lunar Wing?

A: Marvellous Bridge
B: Skyarrow Bridge
C: Driftveil Drawbridge

4: On Pokemon Emerald what is Deoxys’s default form?

A: Attack
B: Defence
C: Speed

5: Who was the Elite Four Champion on Pokemon Yellow?

A: Red
B: Blue
C: Lance

6: What region will Pokemon X/Y be in?

A: Kalos
B: Frazo
C: Gozas

7: At what level does a Zorua evolve into a Zoroak?

A: Level 24
B: Level 27
C: Level 30

8: What is Moltres’s Japanese name?

A: Flame
B: Volcano
C: Fire

9: What is Articuno’s Japanese name?

A: Freezer
B: Ice
C: Sub-Zero

10: What is Zapdos’s Japanese name?

A: Thunderbolt
B: Thunder
C: Lighting

Pokemon White 2 Team [So Far]

Magnezone (Lvl41) (Sturdy)

Volt Switch
Thunder Wave
Signal Beam
Flash Cannon

My Magnezone knows Volt Switch so it can hit with a strong electric attack. (I will replace it with Thunderbolt when I can). Thunder Wave is useful for paralyzing, and also greatly helped with catching Cobalion and Virizon. Signal Beam is very useful, and is what I use to take Dark, Grass and Physic types. Flash Cannon is my Steel Type move, and is useful with dealing with Ice and Rock types. Sturdy is also useful, because if an unexpected fire, fight or Ground Type comes, I can survive a hit and switch/run away.

Braviary (Lvl41) (Defiant)

Aerial Ace

Caught Early on, my Braviary has the hidden ability Defiant, which is very useful. Fly is a very good two turn attack, and is useful outside of battling. Aerial Ace is my typical move, as it always hits. Strength ius very useful outside of battling, and is also quite effective in finishing off Pokemon 'in the red zone'. Return is very useful at getting Pokemon down to the red, and is also very effective. (For me, at least).

Jellicent (Lvl41) (Damp)

Night Shade
Will O Wisp

Useless ability, but it was intractable at Level40, so. (Same with Braviary). Jellicent is my defensive pokemon. Night Shade hits every Pokemon (except Normal Attacks), and hits at the same Level they are. Regardless of resistances or weakness's. Will O Wisp burns the Opponent, and I use it at least once per battle. Surf is very effective (and useful outside of battling). Recover is EXTREMELY useful, and when combined with Will O Wisp, means I can burn and then continue to recover HP. Very effective, and does a lot of damage.

Serperior (Lvl41) (Overgrow)

Mega Drain
Leaf Blade
Aerial Ace

Nice ability, Mega Drain allows me to deal damage and heal at the same time. Can't wait for Giga Drain in 3 Levels. Leaf Blade is my typical attack, and is useful. Aerial Ace allows me to be a bit unpredictable, as most Trainers wont expect a Serperior to know it. Return deals tons of damage, too.

Camerupt (Lvl40) (Magma Armour)

Flame Burst
Rock Slide
Iron Head

Dig is my typical move, and allows me to escape to safety outside of game, Flame Burst will be my fire attack until I obtain TM35 Flamethrower. Rock Slide does decent damage to 1-3 Pokemon, and is very useful. Finally, Iron Head is just useful in general. Magma Armour has also been useful on occasion, and I hate being Frozen.

Absol (Lvl41) (Pressure)

Aerial Ace
Night Slash
Shadow Ball

Absol is my Dark type, and Pressure is useful when trying to waste PP. (I've made Pokemon waste moves like Hyper Beam and Hyper Fang's PP before). Aerial Ace is very useful, as it deals very effectivly with Fighting and Bug Types. Night Slash deals with Ghosts and Physics, and has a high critical Hit Ratio. Shadow Ball is just useful in general. Snarl is my favorite move on Absol, as it can hit all oppenents and automatically reduces Special Attack.

My Pokemon Heart Gold team:

Manaphy (Lvl100) (Hydration)

Rain Dance
Tail Glow

The Pride of my army. Traded from my Pokemon Diamond, it has taken down whole teams of six on occasion. That is all thanks to my Rain Dance - Hydration ability combination which makes it impossible for Manaphy to frozen, burnt, paralyzed, poisoned, or put to sleep. Rest also combines excellently with this, as Manaphy Hydration doesn't allow Manaphy to go to sleep, but still allows it to heal. Tail Glow improves all of Manaphy's basic 100 stats during battle, and Dive acts as Manaphy's only attack. (Albeit a defensive one).

Sableye (Lvl100) (Keen Eye)

Shadow Ball
Shadow Claw
Aerial Ace
Power Gem

Sableye is also very good at taking down enemies. It's dark - ghost typing combination means Sableye has no weakness's. Shadow Ball is very effective (no only has it got a fair bit of PP but can also lower defense) and Shadow Claw has a very good chance of getting Critical hits (it has a high critical hit ratio). I hate it when my accuracy is lowered and I can't hit the opponent's Pokemon, so I use Aerial Ace when that happens (so I can still hit - it automatically hits). It also helps deal with fighting types. Power Gem is also useful with dealing with Flying and Ice types, and is the attack I use against Normal types.

Camerupt (Lvl100) (Magma Armour)

Sunny Day
Solar Beam

Camerupt is one my very Pokemon of all time, and I find it very effective. It's Fire - Ground typing aids it quite well, but does give it an annoying 4xWater weakness. Therefore, my Camerupt knows Solar Beam, and Sunny Day, (Sunny Day allows Camerupt to use Solar Beam without needing to recharge first, and powers up fire type moves). Flamethrower is Camerupt's typical move, which I use quite often. Finally, I use Earthquake to deal with types which resist my Fire Type move.

Dragonite (Lvl100) (Inner Focus)

Draco Meteor
Stone Edge
Extreme Speed

The evolution of the Dratini I got from answering questions in Dragon's Den, as I got the questions right, it knows Extreme Speed. Speaking of Extreme Speed, it allows me to use attacks first (99% of the time). Draco Meteor is the attack I use when I want a 1-2 hit KO, same with Outrage. Finally, my Dragonite knows Stone Edge, which allows it to hit Ice Types effectively, and helps with hitting Dragon types. (As most Dragon Types are Flying Types too).

Snorlax (Lvl100) (Thick Fat) (Leftovers)

Sleep Talk
Ice Beam

My Snorlax is quite defensive (not as defensive as my Manaphy, though). It is also the only Pokemon I have which holds an item: Leftovers, which aids it. Thick Fat allows it a 50% resistance to Ice and Fire type moves. Rest combines with Sleep Talk, which basically allows Snorlax to regain all its health and still attack. Ice Beam and Earthquake serve the same purpose; to allow Snorlax to attack consistently, asleep on not.

Espeon (LvL100) (Synchronize) (Sniny).

Signal Beam
Quick Attack

The only shiny Pokemon I have ever caught (even though I technically didn't catch it, as its previous form {Eevee} was given to me by Bill in Goldenrod). Physic is typically known by all Pyshic types, and my Espeon is no exception. The reason; It's a very good move. Signal Beam allows it to hit Dark types (As for some reason which doesn't make sense to me, Dark Types have a Bug Type Weakness). Quick Attack, which I learnt when my Pokemon was an Eevee, allows Espeon to hit fast. (Although weakly, but then again, Espeon cant learn Extreme Speed {I don' think so anyway, correct my by PM if I'm wrong}). Finally, Dig allows Espeon to attack while damaged, in a similar fashion to Manaphy's dig).

Favourite TV Shows:



Merlin (finished now)

Doctor Who

Top Gear

Favourite Books:

Not Sure why, but I don't really read anything but Fanfiction. (A bit sad, I know). All of my favourite stories on Fanfiction have been added to my Favourites. They are mostly SSBB, but there are quite a few Pokemon and NCIS fics, as well as Metroid, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Kirby and Mario.

If we're talking proper books though, my favourites would be all four books from the Inheritance Cycle.

Favourite Games:

Minecraft PC

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Super Smash Bros Series

Pokemon Series

Fifa 13

Happy Wheels

Favourite Songs:

Don't really listen to music, I have very few songs on my iPod.

Ongoing Stories:

Not Just A Pink Puff Ball, which is a SSBB fic.

Star Trek One-Shot series: Data and Geordi: One Shots.

I'm also working on a Pokemon one shot called Nightmares Can Do Good. (As it is a one shot it has not be published yet)

Future Stories:

I'm planning to write many Pokemon and SSBB one shots and multichaps. I also plan to write an Inheritance Cycle one shot too, but I will wait a little bit before I write it.

Please answer my poll, it would be greatly appreciated.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/4lex2316. (No video's as of yet)

Minecraft: BlazeKiller61two. (I'm not online regularly, but I'm still online occasionally. If I am online, I typically hang out on Skyblock.org {Skyblock Economy}).

Pokemon Quiz Answers:

1: C 2: C 3: A 4: C 5: B 6: A 7: A 8: C 9: A 10: B

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