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Hi all! I'm by no means new to the FanFiction community, but I am new to actually posting my own stories. I have always had many ideas running through my head while watching different movies or television shows, but I've never been so inspired until I went and saw The Hobbit in theaters I couldn't resist writing a Thorin story.

So, a little about myself...I'm 19, I work at a daycare, I'm trying to finish my AA right now, I teach drama to home school kids, I love to read and write. Any questions or comments or your greatest wish, PM me!!!

Loves to you!

Sarah Smithy :P

Completed Works:

None at the moment

Things in-Progress:

The Secret of Elodie Mooncheek-Elodie Mooncheek grew up with Thorin of Erebor. She saved his siblings from the terror of Smaug. She raised his nephews. There were no secrets between them. Except one. Elodie had never told Thorin the secret of her ancestry and now she was going to join him on his quest to reclaim their home. When long kept secrets are revealed, will love conquer hate? Movie-based. Thorin/OFC. In-progress.

Future Plans:

The Lord of the Rings-Tenth Walker Aragorn/OFC

BBC Sherlock Holmes-John Watson/OFC

Is it awful that sometimes I like to read really sucky fanfics so I feel better about myself?

Is it weird that I imagine myself as a character in almost everything I watch?

TV show/Movie Crushes:

Thorin-The Hobbit

John Thornton-North and South (seeing a trend? ;) )

Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert-Tangled (a little weird that he's animated, but all I see is Zachary Levi)

Captain Jack Sparrow-Pirates of the Caribbean

Zuko-Avatar the Last Airbender

Mako-Legend of Korra

Hei-Darker than Black

(Is it weird that most of these are animated so far?)

Steve McGarrett-Hawaii 5-O

I'm sure there's more because fiction is better than reality, but I can't think of them at the moment!

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