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So... Who am I ?

I am 19 years old french girl, who loves reading, writing and music.

I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter and it's what I write mostly about, though I like to write my own stories too.

I can take requests too for those who'd like to read a particular story or pairing, and don't want to write it themselves, so don't hesitate to ask if you want to !

I'm currently working on four different projects :

- Has he really changed ?

- a request about Draco and Colin, Arhiman

- Obsessions a series of OS about HP characters' obsessions, which I haven't abandoned, though I know I haven't updated it yet...

- the translation of Not the best lesson I've had in french, my first language

Alright, so my favourite books in no particular order are :

- the Harry Potter series, in case it wasn't obvious,

- Before I fall by Lauren Oliver,

- Le dernier jour d'un condamné by Victor Hugo,

- Germinal By Emile Zola,

- The fault in our stars by John Green,

- Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury,

- The green mile by Stephen King

There are many more I've read, I can't remember them all, but those here are quite different from one another I know, but that's what I love, to never read a story that sounds like another.

My favourite TV shows are :

- Grey's anatomy,

- Glee, though it's not what it used to be...

- Game of thrones,

- Bones,

- Whitechapel,

- Homeland

I guess I should just make this part about whatever goes through my mind, things you just don't care about, but that I feel like sharing...

1) Never forget to put sunscreen on your nose, never... ! I'm taking about a first-hand experience, not only you look ridiculous with only your nose as red as a lobster, but it hurts A LOT...

2) Appearances can be deceiving, never think someone is mean or rude, sometimes they might not be cold and distant as you think, but shy and insecure...

3) Being scared of crabs isn't funny, it's tetanizing and making you shake for quite some time, especially after your best friend decides to put a dead one on your shoulder... ( you can sense the experience here !)

4) I don't want to become an English teacher in France because the ones I had were great, but because most of them were awful and taught me almost nothing in seven years. I want to try and be better than them and get the children I'll hopefully teach to want to learn a language that has taken a very important place in our daily life.

5) John Green is awesome, not only because he writes amazing books, but also because he's a Hufflepuff !

6) I want to go to Canada, because it's the first country I can remember my grandmother telling me all about after she came back from her trip there when I was 4.

7) I can't eat seafood other than fish, like lobsters, crabs or crayfish, not because of my phobia for crabs, but because I can't stand the idea that they are scalded to death.

8) My favourite flowers are the daisies and arums, respectively representing the innocence and pureness, and the soul.

9) My favourite HP character is Remus Lupin.

10) I've learned German for 7 years, though unfortunately, I can't have a conversation in this language even to save my life... The words just never seem to want to stick around my brain long enough for me to remember them.

11) My favourite holiday is Christmas, I just love having all my family, aunts, uncles and cousins around for once.

12) I like better when it's -10C (14F) than when it 30C (86F), therefore I love winter.

13) I don't cry much but when it comes to films or books, I can quickly become a fountain...

14) It's not that I don't like Hermione, but I can't stand her now, I think the films ruined her character for me.

15) When I tell people my gerbil is named Forrest, they always joke asking "Like Forrest Gump ?" The thing is, my gerbil's really named after Forrest Gump. It's always a good laugh to the the people's faces when I tell them faking being offended at their joke X)

16) My favourite colours are midnight blue and mustard yellow.

17) I spend so much time reading in English, watching TV in English, listening to songs in English, that sometimes I just start talking to my family in English and realize what I've done when I see that they have a blank look on their faces, not understanding one word of what I'm saying...

18) I always laugh when I read about Ron and Hermione's son, Hugo, because I used to own a billy goat named Hugo, and he was one of the sweetest animal I've ever seen.

19) My favourite candy is chocolate.

20) I'm not exactly clumsy, but if my toes could talk, they would disagree wholeheartedly with me...

Thanks for reading my stories, and my profile, if you had the patience to read silly facts about me !


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