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Hey, guys, this is a joint account between the users TheKillerBunny and Miyavilurver. As many of our followers already know, we like to RP together a lot and half of our fics on both our accounts are mostly our roleplays. But we made this account specifically for one epic that we've been working on for two years.

This saga of fics, currently titled Parallel Universe, is part of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series and you will find nothing else on this account. Likewise, we won't post any of these fics on a different account on ff.net. But it is also posted on AO3.

As of 5/8/14, we've gone on a temporary hiatus but we have every intention to come back and finish this series. We're just currently working on a different project for Blue Exorcist and are focused on that for now.

About Parallel Universe:

This series begins after the Ring Battles with the Varia. After this event, we diverted from canon in order to create a darker universe for the Reborn characters.

A Different Choice is where we begin to explore this new, darker universe. Don’t be fooled by the initial light-heartedness of the story, or the budding teenage romances that mostly dominate the beginning chapters. This fic sets the background of a much bigger story that involves all the characters in multiple ways.

Now that we have finished posting A Different Choice, we will be updating many more stories. We generally update every other Friday night.Most of our stories take place after A Different Choice and will deal with the aftermath and all of the loose ends of that story. We will be posting these fics in chronological order, which means the focus of our story will often switch from Tsuna, to Yamamoto, to Hibari, etc. So, in order to facilitate your reading experience, we’ve decided to organize these one-shots by character. We recommend putting us in your Author Alerts in order to get the best reading experience, however, if you only want to read about certain characters, you are more than welcome to do so. We will eventually upload a timeline for those of you who are joining us late, or for anyone who wants to reread them in chronological order.

For stories regarding Tsuna’s relationship with Gokudera, or how he is adjusting to his life as a mafia boss, look out our upcoming fic named “Tsuna.”

In the fic named “Hibari,”you will find out more about how he is dealing with his pregnancy, how his relationship with Dino is going, and stories about the Disciplinary Committee.

“Dino” will definitely have some D18 moments, but it will mostly deal with his life as a mafia boss, and his continuous chase for a certain Mist user.

Yamamoto” explains how our favorite baseball user is adjusting to his life as the Vongola Rain Guardian, high school, and it will eventually divert into many S80 one-shots.

…and so on.

The Parallel Universe will eventually extend into the Vongola members’ Adult Life. There will be another big main story that takes place 17 years after A Different Choice titled “Blood Runs Thicker than Water” that will deal with how the Vongola members are dealing with their lives in the mafia, but it will also focus a lot on the lives of their children This story won’t be uploaded until we finish posting the one-shots that take place during the 17 year time skip however.

Lastly, aside from posting fics that take place after A Different Choice, we will also post a few prequels, mainly regarding how Dino and Hibari’s relationship came about, as well as some silly ones like how Romario and Kusakabe have dealt with D18. There will also be a fic called The Vendetta Family, where will post the origin stories of our OCs as well as a few other ones regarding their relationships and interactions.

We would like to thank you, the readers, for joining us on this epic adventure. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we have. Hearing from you makes us happy, so don’t forget to review and tell us your thoughts. :D

By the way, here's a list of the characters we've played!


Vongola: Gokudera, Lambo, Ryohei, Mukuro, Dino
Varia: Xanxus, Squalo, Mammon, Fran
Arcobaleno: Colonello, Skull, Fon
Others: Haru, I-pin, Shoichi, Fuuta, Gamma, Chikusa, Nana and Iemitsu
Vendetta: Masaru, Ono, Youta


Vongola: Tsuna, Yama, Hibari, Chrome
Varia: Levi, Lussuria, Bel
Arcobaleno: Reborn, Verde, Lal, Aria
Others: Kusakabe, Kyoko, Bianchi, Spanner, Basil, Ken, Shamal, Hana
Vendetta: Minato, Yuki, Jiro, Ayumu

Pairings you will find here: Gokudera/Tsuna, Dino/Hibari, onesided!Yamamoto/Gokudera, mentions of Yamamoto/Gokudera/Tsuna, Aria/Gamma. There will be eventual Squalo/Yamamoto, Mukuro/Chrome, Ryohei/Hana, past!Reborn/Luce, Iemitsu/Nana, Colonnello/Lal, Spanner/Shoichi, Basil/Haru, Mammon/Bel/Fran. More will be added later as we continue to post.

We will be updating this profile with more information at a later time. Continue to check back for more!

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