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Author has written 6 stories for Robotech/Macross.

I've been writing Robotech and related series fanfic since 1988, and have outlasted several mailing lists, message boards and other hosts of my stuff.

Much of my completed fanfic (in current form) and RPG game files (many of the fics started as game campaigns) can be found at
though many are in need of updates (one of the things I'll be doing in the process of transferring fanfic here for more access).

And now, a soapbox moment...

Rule #1 of Robotech: Nothing that originated with Tommy Yune exists. Trying to debate me over "facts" from Shadow Chronicles is an automatic fail, as I've done so much continuity work in the past that it's been proven that the entire concept of that series is a gross continuity violation (for that matter, so is the official timeline, written by current and former HG people that were obsessed with trying to rewrite Robotech back into fitting a Macross chronology that is itself a retcon that doesn't work well for Macross). There sure as hell are no such things as the "UEDF" and "UEEF". They were called RDF & REF by everything ever released by HG (and their full names are used in the series, and the acronyms used in Sentinels), and the SDF-3 is NOT named "Pioneer".

Rule #2: All series evidence is against the Invid episodes occurring later than the mid 2030s. Time stamps added by Tommy don't count. The concept of the "late return" originated with bad fanfic by authors who befriended (now-former) HG employees, based on Scott Bernard's age, the SDF-3 departure, and the "Born in Deep Space on a Robotech ship" line. Never mind the comments by Lunk and Lancer that indicate they served in the Southern Cross or initial resistance fighting the invasion less than 5 years prior to the episode.
What's ignored is the fact that originally the the plot point of the SDF-3 departure (the kernel of what became The Sentinels TV series concept) was meant to be in 2015, while the last half of the Robotech TV show was still being scripted and dubbed. Carpenter's crew left Earth 15 years prior to Southern Cross (and that Southern Cross episode takes place in 2030 at the latest), and the Robotech Movie was originally set during the Macross episodes before episode 27, and the characters from it appear UNCHANGED (other than being in more Southern-cross-based uniforms) in the earliest character sketches from Sentinels. Mark was replaced by Jack Baker, Becky by Karen Penn, and the robot that was to have been a mobile body for Eve became Janice. Oh, and even the Shadow Chronicles DVD accidentally used the existing bio for Vince Grant that firmly established the Invid episodes as set in the 2030s - that is, unless you think Vince was so precocious that he fathered Bowie while in PRIMARY SCHOOL. The Novels (prior to the Sentinels novels being written), Comico comics, original edition of the RPG, and several other sources all based their timelines on a 2015 or 2016 departure, most obviously in the encounter beween Emerson and Zand (a novels-only character) in Novel #9, with the flashback to Emerson having to rescue Dana from Zand FOURTEEN years prior, AFTER her parents had left (2032-14 = 2018. 2032 (which should have been 2030) was from the two authors writing as McKinney adding an extra year in to Macross over and above the Robotech timeline as it existed, and stringing the Second war out longer. In part, The Malcontent Uprisings comic and The Zentraedi Rebellion novel were written as a retcon to explain why Max & Miriya were missing 2-4 years BEFORE the SDF-3 officially (by then) left)
The SDF-3 launch date being after 2020 is an artifact of later writing, and contradicts the series primarily because they wanted to keep Japanese staff (Some of whom had worked on Macross TV and/or Macross DYRL) happy. That said, there's no reason why the bulk of the REF (including Carpenter, and the colonies Gloval told Lisa he wanted to send out) couldn't have left years prior to the SDF-3, and it still end up leaving in 2020 or 2022. As my earlier fics were set in an alternate universe to the novels (not knowing any better), the latter take is what I have ended up using.

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Fallen Embers reviews
Years after the End of the Circle, Dana considers her past, and confronts a novel writer over a story that puts her and her first crush in a bad light. A counterpoint to the one truly AWFUL official Robotech novel, "The Masters' Gambit" (the only one not reprinted - rights issues), and its many continuity violations. and, of course, there's a couple of twists at the end.
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Songbird: A story of the Malcontent Uprisings
This is a side-story to my mega-fanfic, "The Freeman Chronicles", telling how the story of how two of the character in my second large fanfic "Tales of the Nazgul Squadron" lived (and died) in that first universe. The original story was typed as an EMAIL to a Robotech mailing list in one sitting on a VAX terminal back in 1995 (don't ever disturb your muse).
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The Andrews Incident: Prelude to the Second Robotech War
The story of Earth's first encounter with the Robotech Masters - in 2027. This fanfic is in script form, as it was originally for a project in the 1990s to remake the Robotech Movie (Robotech: The Untold Story) while leaving the MegaZone 23 footage (reasonably) intact and in its original order, instead of the hack-job that was released to theaters in 1985.
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Olivia joined the Civil Defense Units of the Southern Cross to pay for her college degree - then the Masters came. Now, the war is over and the world has fallen into chaos with the fall of Monument in the north, leaving her home in the Southlands to fend for itself. But, nothing could prepare her for what was to come.
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