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Hi everyone! This is Proraptor715. Ill eventually get something here someday, i hope...

Okay, i have some OCs for my first story! I only posted the main ones for now, so i won't take up too much space.

Oh, and one more thing, follow the OC guidelines here if you want to send me Pokèmon OCs. this will be reviewed at one point.

Name: Maru

Species: Dewott

Age: 14

Description: A calm Pokèmon, he always keeps his cool in battle. He is kind at heart, but when provoked, he turns into a savage fighter. Once he was provoked to fight a swarm of Scyther. as a result, he received a scar on his face.

Alters: As explained before, scar to the right eye

Likes: Sunny/Cool days, hanging out with friends

Dislikes: Insults, seeing his friends hurt

Moves:(Five) Water Pulse, Revenge, Razor Shell, Ice Beam, Water Pledge

Finisher/Special Description: Razor Deluge, a combination of Water Pledge and Razor Shell. Maru charges power with his Scalchops, then unleashes power, creating a large wave of water that consumes the foe(s).

Name: Chao

Species: Pignite

Age: 14

Description: A hot headed Pokèmon, Chao is easy to anger. You just may not like it when you do. On the other hand, he is a pretty optimistic guy, and is a great motivator.

Alters: N/A

Likes: Heat, Hanging out with friends

Moves:(Five) Flame Charge, Bulldoze, Brick Break, Assurance, Fire Pledge

Finisher/Special Description: Blazebreaker, a combination of Fire Pledge and Brick Break. Chao's fist is consumed in flames, which he uses to smash his opponent. On impact, the strike explodes into flames.

Name: Nova

Species: Servine

Age: 13

Description: The more learned of the group of friends, Nova is what you may call a "bookworm" or "techie". Nevertheless, her knowledge makes her shine in battle.

Alters: N/A

Likes: Sunny Days, hanging out with friends (go figure)

Dislikes: Extreme heat or cold, rejection

Moves: Leaf Blade, Leaf Tornado, Aerial Ace, Aqua Tail, Grass Pledge

Finisher/Special Description: Nature's Wrath, where Nova unleashes two huge hurricanes of leaves. Does damage to multiple foes.

Teams (thus far):

Team Zodiac:

Maru (Leader)




Tyson (Barrett's OC)

Team StarStorm:

Swift (Kavi's OC)

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