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NAME: I'm going to change it one last time, I hope. Farewell, Thefantasyqueen123. Hello, ChocolateBerry1!


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Though below here I've already written what I'm going to do, I think I have to listen to the readers as well. So choose wisely, and maybe your favourite story will be updated soon. :D

Status works

Status works

A Frozen Heart: Needs to be rewritten. I have reread this and I thought it was really childish written by my 13/14 years old self. I'm quite of a perfectionist and I can't cope with this. I'm probably going to divide it from the original story. Meaning the same plot, only rewritten and not edited in the original story. This, however is not for sure. Also, there will be small changes from the original plot, but that applies to parts which I deem fake (Things that are just too fake to believe). I'm focussing on making it more realistic. After that new chapters will come. :D I know everyone has been waiting, and I did not keep the deadline, but I had really written myself into a corner. And I just didn't want to disappoint you with a bad chapter. You might have guessed that it would take quite long to rewrite all twenty chapters, but I try my very best to do it as fast as possible. Below, you'll see the updates of the rewritten chapter, and maybe the update of a new chapter, while I'm rewriting. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Death's Game: Also needs to be rewritten... Yeah, I am neither happy with the writing. It was supposed to be on hiatus, and it still is. But meanwhile I'll rewrite it when I've the time for it or when I am in the right mood. New chapters may come, but it really depends on my mood. Rewrite is not going to be very soon though. Sorry >.

Chapter 1 0%
Chapter 2 0%
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Chapter 4 0%

The Dark Empire: No need to be rewritten. There will be small edits when I see grammar/spelling mistakes. I had planned for a new chapter. Not written yet, but the idea is in my head. Right now I still have ideas for this story, so I think I'll try to update once in max 2 months.

The Prodigy Healer: He..he... Sorry guys, some might like it, others not. But it was an idea which I had to write down. You might have noticed it isn't in my works list on this account. Yup, I got an alter account. Though this is my main account. My alter is Pinkberry16. It's really interesting, even though I say so myself. Check it if you want something new :D. I got many of ideas, but it doesn't mean it will be regularly update. I expect it will be the same as with the Dark Empire, once in two months max. So I expect it a total of two chapters in two months, but it might also be either The Dark Empire or The Prodigy Healer once in a month, making it 1 chappie two months.

Master of The Force: Also on the same alter account. Very irregular. I don't make any promises for this one. Though I plan to continue it. It's my first crossover, Star Wars x Harry Potter. It depends on my mood, and if I am still into that fandom. Of course if there are many request, I'll try my best to write another chapter.

Yolo ~ History, from before 2014

Hi everyone,

My name is blue10101. Not my real name of course! I know, it's a rare name but I like blue. But why the 10101, I don't know! I love fanfiction. You too, right? I like to read Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, D Gray Man ( see, beacuse it's anime) and Percy Jackson.

I am 14 years old and I don't tell you where I live. But I will tell you that my English isn't really good, because English isn't my native language. That's why my grammar sucks, when I write stories. I am really sorry. My grade for English sucks! So, I hope you will understand. It's a miracle if I can write this without some mistakes. If I make some mistakes, please tell it to me. *puppy eyes*


I've changed my penname to Thefanficwriter10101

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I've made a wattpad account. You can find me with the same penname on fancfiction! I would appreciate it if you read my book. But the summary sucks.

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I've changed my penname again! I know it's annoying. Sorry for it. Also, I apologize for not telling you the reason of it. I won't change this penname. Well, I hope. I didn't change the name on my wattpad!

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Original story (It's old though) I hope you will enjoy :D

Hey Everyone. I'd appreciate it if your read a few chapters of my story and tell me if you like it or not. Also, tell me if my writingstyle is good and if you see some mistake please tell me. I wrote it myself and without beta. Thanks in advance. You could tell me in a review or PM me. I prefer reviews.


It was a dark night. No star hung in the sky and the moon seemed not bright as ever. In contrast to the gloomy sky people of the six worlds were happy. Women danced joyfully around the large fire that the men had built. Children played with fireworks until early in the morning. The reason why everyone was happy? Because the Dark Shadow was defeated. Some believed he's really dead, others thought he fled and will come back. One thing was for sure, they would be safe for a while.

While most people cheerfully danced, there were also people who were not so happy. One of them sat in the most secure prison under the Palace of the Queen of Caelium. He sat with his back against the big, black, rough stones of his cell. Blood was everywhere around him. His blood. Even by its muddled coal black hair you saw a few drops of blood. The boy looked like a vampire, his skin as white as snow, hair and mantle as dark as the darkness and his eyes as red as blood. He was particularly handsome, even now he was wounded severely and sitting in the cell.

The door of his cell opened and two guards came in. They weren't exactly the two most muscular guards. The first one was slouching long and the other was small and plump. They laughed at the boy on the floor.

"The Lord of the shadows is dead!" Their mouth corners went further up. The boy gritted his teeth and tried not to fly the guards around the neck, his father told him that he had to remain calm at all times. He looked angry and stared in the eyes of the 2 guards. The guards stopped laughing and flinched a bit. The longest of the two tried to throw back the same look, but his was less intense.

"How dare you to try to scare us! Maybe you don't know your lesson, but don't worry, we will explain it! ", said the fattest of the 2 in a dangerous tone. "Light Ball." Out of nowhere came a ball of light in the palm of the guard. He threw it to the boy. The bloodied boy could not move, his whole body did hurt. The light ball hit him and he was pushed back against the black stone, which thereby cracks. He cringed and tried not to cry out in pain, he didn't grant that to the guardians cause that would be a sign of weakness.

"You're lucky that our Queen pity you and shows mercy, otherwise you were long ago dead." The two turned a smile on their face, but that smile disappeared faster than it had come, when they saw that the boy grinned, it was an evil grin. He slowly raised his arm and whispered: "Iustitia." Out of nowhere came a black dagger with in-laid rubies. The 2 guards could only stare at the dagger, they wondered what he was going to do with it. Slowly, he lowered his arm, until the point of the dagger made contact with his body and then pierced through his heart. The two men watched with wide-open eyes and with confusion on their faces to the boy on the ground, who bled to death, probably even more now.

"So, you finally gave up by committing suicide." The tall man didn't sound ridiculous, more relieved. Relieved that he no longer had to guard a dangerous prisoner, now that he was going to die anyway.

"Remember my words ...", the voice of the boy sounded very hoarse. " The shadow Lord will return, even if I am dead ...Not now... But maybe later ... The light can't save you every time ... Ego Prokleti Censire Vobis, Vobis Posteri Prokleti Ad Mortum... " The boy slowly closed his eyes and they could see to his posture he calmed down a bit. There came smoke out of his body. Slowly filled the black smoke the whole cell. When the smoke disappeared just as slow as it came, there was no trace of the prisoner. The two guards looked afraid at each other.

" Ego Prokleti Vobis, Censire Vobis Posteri Prokleti Ad Mortum. I curse you, may your descendents be cursed to death. ", translated the longest guard, while he looked at the other nervously.

"He's lying! The shadow is gone! Dead! That brat was just telling rubbish statements. " The fat guard tried to cheer up and calm down his comrade. To see to the attitude of the other he knew it worked.

"You're right. No worries. Let's tell the others. The dark is gone for good. We will have something to celebrate! " They ran both out of the cell quickly and closed the wooden door behind them.

Chapter 1

It was a rainy day. The dark clouds looked bleak down to the village Verningen. It was as if it never wanted to stop raining. The villagers who wanted to come home, hid under dry lean-tos and umbrellas. Other people ran or drive to their home as soon as possible. No one wanted to be outside in this weather.

Not even the three teenagers outside on the lawn of the orphanage. They looked awful. Their cloaks were covered in mud and pieces of wet grass.

They walked through the puddles on the marshy ground to the large white building. It was the largest and oldest building in the village, but also the most fragile. The water filled the cracks that there already were after centuries made it worse. The building itself stood on a hill that overlooked the village and was surrounded with some trees, which made it worse with the rain that made the soil soggy. The kid with the dark blue cloak at the front guessed the building eventually will glide away.

The boy was looking at the dozens of windows of the building where light shone through. It seemed as if he studied it. After a whole minute of staring at the windows, he nodded to his two friends who walked side by side behind him. They walked as quickly and quietly as possible to the large, bronze, ornate doors of the building. Above the main doors hung a sign with the text "Dillingham's orphanage '. Gently, without to much noise, he opened the door and went inside. His two friends followed. While the girl who came in last closed the door, someone cleared her throat.

On the landing of the grand oak staircase was a plump woman. She had grey curls that hung limp on her forehead and looked like she was in her seventies. Her face was as red as the outfit that she was wearing and radiated anger. The woman, Amanda Dillingham, was known for its face color adapted to her emotions she had at that time. The girl, named Sylvia Willson, believed that she had red eyes when she was angry, even though nobody had proven that.

"Mr. Simmons, Mr. Collins and Miss Willson! You have not done it again?! I forbade it! ", she screamed hard. The guy in front, called Orion Simmons, pulled the hood of his dark blue cloak over his head, so he doesn't have to stare with his pale blue eyes at her. It betrayed his answer, but he knew that Mrs Dillingham always get the answer out of someone. Of clicking and blackmail to kidnap and kill. That last part Orion had came up with. It had never come this far, but Orion opined that they could do that. "Aha! I already knew it! So you did! What I had said. Not hunting if I do not approve with ot. I said it yesterday, but no the Hunters were still going to run away, even in this weather! " The face of Mrs. Dillingham became even redder. Sylvia wiped the mud off her pink robe with her hand and whispered to her friends, "the next time we take a different route." The 2 others nodded gently. Unfortunately Mrs Dillingham also heard that and was now even purple. "There will be no next time, Miss Willson! You may not leave the orphanage. A week long! " Jason Collins looked straight at her with his green eyes and wanted to protest, but Mrs. Dillingham interrupted. "No buts! Otherwise you will have to stay here an entire month. Go to your rooms! And wash yourselves! I want you to take away the mud on the ground too, now! " After the eruption she walked away and left the three behind.

Sylvia sighed relieved. "Phew ... We survived. " Jason rolled his eyes. "Yes, we did just barely. I told you it was a stupid idea to squeeze out. Look at us and yourself. Dirty, in trouble and injured. " Sylvia stared at with her brown eyes first at herself and then at the other two. Their robes were dirty, it sat under the mud. It was nothing strange. They were a little dirtier than usual, but that was mainly due to the rain and the soggy ground. Then she saw the wound of Orion. It was a deep cut on his wrist. There was so much blood flowing from that Sylvia was sure an artery was hit. She looked worried at Orion. "Orion are you okay? What had happened? " Orion smiled to reassure her nothing was wrong with him. "It's nothing. Look, my magic heals it again. " From the cut came white light, which was getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared. The light disappeared and his wound too. "He threw a sharp stone to me. I just couldn't dodge in time. ", explained Orion. Jason sighed. "Always the careless." Jason shook his head. "Not always!" Orion squawked through his blond hair that reached his shoulders. "I think ..."

"Well, I think that Jase is right. You are careless. ", said Sylvia, she tried to change the subject. Jason knew what she tried and said, "It is mostly your fault. If you did not suggest to hunt and forced us to go with you, no one would be hurt or in trouble. " Sylvia looked indignant, but nothing could be invoked against it. It was true that she wanted to hunt.

Hunt. It was a difficult task, but also a special one. Not everyone could hunt. You had to be a Monorius Hunter, also called Death Hunter. They kept the living and the dead in balance by killing the Monoriussen, so they definitely go to heaven or hell. For each Monorius that they killed, they are becoming stronger. The risk of hunting was that they put their lives on the line.

Monoriussen are not the friendliest creatures in the world. They are souls who could not go to heaven or hell when they died. No one knows when they existed or why they could not go to heaven or hell. The Monoriussen roam everywhere around looking for victims, that they need to get a bit closer to the living. Although they never really become one.

A normal Monorius was identified by their transparent body. It was not difficult to recognize. But a high Monorius that has killed many people was harder to spot. They look the same as living. The only difference between a high Monorius and a living was that he was cold and couldn't feel anything.

The last time there were more deaths on the world, while the number of Hunters became smaller. The Obrises Council, the highest Council of the 7 worlds, wanted to try to train Controllers to become Hunters, but failed. After the bad results it was proven that Hunters got the innate skills.

The skills that a Hunter had was that they could Control the 4 elements, also called mastering and leading. Most Controllers could only control 1 or 2. Some say that Hunting is a curse, others find that it is a special gift of fate.

"I'm going to freshen up.", said Sylvia, while throwing her red hair with pink tresses over her schoulders. "Later in the dining room?" The two boys nodded. Sylvia turned and quickly ran up the large oak stairs to her room. "She didn't want cleaning the mess, am I right?", asked Jason with a sour face. "You're right Jase. But Dillingham this time didn't say that we were not allowed to use magic. " Jason looked a lot more cheerful when he heard that. "Maybe I should call you now Orion the careless-but-if-it's-about-cleaning-an-observant boy." Jason chuckled. "Haha. Very funny. " Orion rolled his eyes. "Let's clean this up and refresh us as soon as possible. I do not want to miss lunch. " Jason nodded his head and they went to work.

Chapter 2

Orion and Jason walked the dining room in. It was a large room with chandeliers that hung on the ceiling and lit up the Golden-colored room. In the room were a piece or 50 small tables where up to 4 people could sit. On each table were the same things; lunch, napkins, cutlery and plates. Orion saw that Sylvia already sat at the table in the corner. They walked to the table and sat in their own seats. It was the table were they always ate. Everyone in the orphanage had their own table and so their own group. Usually everyone of the group were friends of each other, but sometimes there was also one between a group who found it unpleasant. Orion, Jason and Sylvia were always together. Dillingham never put another in their group, fearing that one of them, mainly Sylvia, would slip their secret.

"You guys took quite long to come here.", Sylvia noticed. Orion rolled his eyes. "Somebody did not want to clean up the mess and fled as soon as possible." Sylvia looked a little guilty and tried to abdicate the debt . "Gosh! Who would do that? " She was a little red. Jason sighed impatiently. "That someone is you." Sylvia became even redder than she already was, while Orion was trying to keep a smile. Jason always went straight to his goal, Sylvia was the one who always encouraged him to continue with it in someone else's disadvantage. But she didn't expect that Jason used it against her.

Sylvia rolled her eyes. "Ha Ha. Laugh now you can.", said Sylvia irritated. She picked up a sandwich of her plate and started eating. The others did the same. "Where is Dillingham?" asked Orion. He knew she was no longer in the orphanage. Sylvia had a sixth sense for that. If she did not listen to Mrs Dillingham, it was the sign that Dillingham was gone. And have lunch instead of staying in your room was the sign. "Supermarket, I've heard of Billy.", replied Sylvia short. "Supermarket?" asked Orion. "Why is she now going to the supermarket? She always goes to the supermarket on Saturday? Today it is only Tuesday. " Sylvia and Jason shrugged, "How should we know that? I think that there is just too little food in the House. There are more and more orphans these last days. We have almost not enough tables. And if this goes further, then we also don't have enough rooms. " Orion nodded. They were right. Every day a new orphan came, while it normally happened once a month.

" Shall we squeeze out once again?", suggested Sylvia. Jason frowned. "Not in this weather! You don't want that someone gets hurt again. " Orion sighed, "It's really nothing. I'm not injured. But Jase is right. I also don't feel like it. " " Fine. Then not. You guys are also boring! ", yawned Sylvia fake and she picked up her second and last sandwich. "We are trying at least to hide the Hunters secret. You just go reckless to the danger and show your true identity. Don't forget. If the Obris Council knows you're a Hunter, then you're not so free anymore. ", recalled Jason. "No one knows it except Dillingham.", brought Sylvia against it. "Yes, now. But later ... You can but not be too careful. ", said Jason while he ate the last remnants of his lunch. "Care-" Sylvia was interrupted by Orion. "Can't you just stop arguing for once!" The 2 were immediately silent after the eruption. Orion didn't understand how they ever become friends with each other. Jason was a cautious and a smart guy, while Sylvia was a daredevil and a reckless girl . The only connections between them were that they were both orphans, hunters and friends with Orion.

They always quarrel. Unfortunately for Orion, always when he was there. He was by now used to it, but sometimes he really could not contain.

Lunch went quietly. No one talked or looked at the other. Surely not Sylvia and Jason. They knew that Orion was always calm and righteous. And if he was angry, he really deemed it. Therefore Orion had usually the last word.

When they all had finished the lunch, Orion was the first one who spoke. "What are we going to do now?", he asked the others. He tried to change the subject. "No idea.", muttered Sylvia. "We can go to the exercise room. We're not going to hunt, but just practice right? Dillingham isn't here anyway. ", said Jason. The other two nodded. When they just wanted to get up, Billy Carpers came inside. A 9-year-old boy with dark brown hair and eyes. He pulled out a letter from the pocket of his light green mantle. "Here, of Mrs Dillingham." He handed the letter to Orion. Orion took it to. "Thank You. By the way, did your new technique succeed? " Billy shook his head hard, so his curls with it blew with the direction of his head. It was one of his bad habits. "No, but it is progress. Fire magic is not easy. "

Fire Magic. One of the 6 main elements. The name says it all, magic with fire. The Fire Controllers are the ones who can control Fire magic. Most live on the planet Flammerium, also known as the planet of the volcanoes. That is the homeland of the Fire Controllers.

The other elements are: Water, Earth, Air, Light and Dark. Each planet has its own core element, traditions, environment and culture.

Billy walked away and Orion began to read the letter. Sylvia and Jason came closer to read the letter too.

Best Mr. Simmons, Mr. Collins and Miss Willson, since I'm gone to the supermarket to do some shopping, I want you to go Flammerium to get the ingredients on this list from Klubers. In doing so, I send you the pass to go there.

-Red Orchées
-Red coat of the hair plant
-Blue pearls
-Green vomit of Frogs

Here in the envelope is also the money for the ingredients. You probably wonder why you are allowed to do. The reason for this is that I am busy and you are strong enough to protect yourself. To do this, you are only allowed to leave the House for this task. Ruining this and you guys will get punished. So not Hunting!

As a reminder, the means of payment in the other worlds are or euros or stones. The rubies are worth 10 euros, the emeralds 50 euros and the sapphires 100. Try not to falsify or clone the stones, because I'd rather not Polians, the magic police, on my floor. Also is the value of a stone to how big or small it is. Do no worry, I have already settled. Here is the exact number of stones, which you have to pay for the ingredients..

Thanks for the effort.

Yours Sincerely, Amanda Dillingham.
Boss of the orphanage.

The three looked happy at each other. "We can finally go to another world!", Sylvia sounded more cheerful than Orion had ever heard. Jason's face brightened. "Let's go!" The other two nodded, they wanted such a chance. Almost no one in the orphanage was more than once in another world than the Earth where they lived. The only time they were in a different world was probably when they were born or when they still had their parents. Although, the three didn't know who their parents were, nor where they were born.

The three stood up and walked as quickly as possible to the front door of the orphanage and put their cloaks on. "Where is the Wall?", asked Orion. "There." Sylvia opened the front door and pointed to the doghouse on the lawn. Orion was not convinced that the doghouse was the Wall, but he believed her on her word.

" Should I use a water shield?" asked Sylvia. Jason shook his head. "Did you already forget that you have to act that you can control only one element and that is Earth. I must do it, they know that I can control water. ", said Jason.

"But they don't see us.", said Sylvia. Orion knew there will break out a fight and before Jason could say anything, he replied, " Jason's right. You can better be more careful. The others might be able to look. Not everyone leaves the Earth every day. " Silvia thought there moment and nodded. "Just do it, Jase." They stepped out and closed the door behind them. "Okay Syl, you make the ground less soggy and Jase you know makes a dome so we do not get wet." They both nodded and did what Orion said.

Sylvia held her hands low and whispered, "Earth.", while Jason held his hands high and correctly whispered the spell. The magic flowed out of their hands. The water droplets went aside for them, so it just seemed like there was a dome. The Earth slurped water as soon as possible so that the rain water was well below the ground and the top of the ground was dry. "Well done.", complimented Orion.

They ran to the old dog house. It looked like there had never lived a dog and that was true. Also, it was not cleaned or renovated over the years. The roof was made of old corrugated iron and the walls of wood which now was rotten. Spiders and insects seemed to like the dog house. Orion just couldn't believe that that was the wall.

The Wall was a kind of gateway to the other worlds. People who did not know that it was a port, could not see it and could not enter. But people who knew what it in reality was, could see a rainbow-colored transparent port, everyone who wanted to travel through the port needed a pass. The wall was always well hidden, so that people who shouldn't know the Wall, could not get through it nor finding it. The wall began to radiate. Orion thought that it had something to do with the pass. He had read somewhere in a book that if the wall shone, it felt a pass nearby, but Orion didn't believe that a wall could feel and thought it was ridiculous when he read the book.

"Well, who's going first?" Orion looked at the others. "You!", shouted Sylvia, while she was smiling. She pushed him through the Wall. Orion still wanted to protest, but he was already through it. Then Sylvia and Jason also came through it. Orion heard them arguing about pushing someone through the Wall. They flew through a rainbow-coloured tunnel. Orion closed his eyes. He felt like he travelled faster than light, even though he had never experienced that. I'm never going to do this again, he thought.

Chapter 3

Orion felt the ground under his feet. He remained on that place, until he was sure he would not throw up when he step away. Slowly he opened his eyes and blinked until he saw clear again. The red stains that he first saw, were sharper and took the form of houses, streets and shops. Typical Flammerium, thought Orion. He had read about Flammerium, also called the world of bright Sun. Just like fire the surroundings had the same had colors, red, orange and yellow. On the other hand, the air was blue, sky blue. Orion looked around. He expected that many people would walk through the city, as it was described in books, but it was now almost deserted. The people who have walked on the streets looked around warily, as if they expect an attack at any moment. Orion looked up. The air was also not very nice to see. Above there hung black clouds. Never had the books that Orion read, described that there were also black clouds in the sky, letting the blue almost dissappeared. Orion felt deep inside that something was going on and didn't trust it. He tried to keep the feelings away, by thinking it's just almost going to rain.

Suddenly he felt that someone has grabbed his arm. He tried to shake off the arm. "Hey, it's me!", said a familiar voice. Orion looked at the one who held his arm firmly, Sylvia "You had to think about the place where you wanted to know, I saw you did it wrong, so I used my mind for it, otherwise you will go somewhere else than you wanted." Orion looked at her thankful to. Sylvia sighed, "Can I never leave you alone without you causing trouble?" Orion shook his head and Sylvia sighed again.

"Hey! Are you guys coming?! " Sylvia and Orion looked in the direction where the sound came from. They saw that Jason at the shop waving his hand. Sylvia and Orion walked to him. "Are you okay?", asked Jason. Orion nodded. "How can you not be sick of that ' trip '?" Sylvia shook her shoulders, "How should we know that? Maybe you're just nauseous. Come let's go in the shop! " Sylvia opened the old wooden door, when she touched the door knob the door cracked loudly. Sylvia, Orion and Jason went in.-

While Jason, who came in last, closed the door, Orion and Sylvia looked around the store.

The shop smelled stale, but they expected it in a herbs shop, if this was the good store. Orion had not looked closely at the name plates, but if he did it would be unreadable. The paint which the words are written written was almost completely gone. The shop looked inside old, not that the outside looked better. There hung cobwebs everywhere with sometimes still a spider in it. They need to keep a good wash, thought Orion. They walked to the counter that was full lag with pots and even more cobwebs. Sylvia went a bit backward. She did not like spiders, if they could avoid the spiders then she always did. Slowly the head of a little man appeared from under the counter. He didn't look any better than the store itself, perhaps even worse. He was small, not more than 1 metre and had long brown hair, which was covered with mud. His clothing that looked more like canvases were also covered with spiders and webs. He looked like he had lived in the sewer. And maybe he had, thought Sylvia.

"Hello, kids. What can Klubers do for you? ", asked Kalan Klubers with a dastardly techno. The three did not know what to say, not that they really thought of it. They still looked around the shop and studied the man. They had never seen such a nasty man and didn't trust him, who knows what kind of dirty tricks the man would do to benefit himself. Orion was the first who knew anything to say. "We are here for the ingredients." He picked up the letter out of his cloak and gave it to the man, while he tried not to touch the dirty fingers of the man. Klubers took it and looked at it carefully. He gave the note back and said "Ah! For Ms. Dillingham. Yes, really a nice woman ... But if she gets angry ... Then make sure that you are away from her. Anyway, are you her children? ", he asked while his head disappeared under the counter.

. "No, we're orphans.", answered Jason. "Ah yes, she has an orphanage Yes.", called Klubers from under his counter. Slowly he came up again with a bag full of ingredients. Jason wondered how he stored all ingredients in such a small show bench. "That's 1 Green stone en 1 Grey stone or 30 euro." Orion looked questionly tat Sylvia and Jason. Jason ignored it and took out the 2 stones that Dillingham had given them out of his pocket and gave it to Klubers. "Thank you very much! It was pleasant that you were here, orphans! Come again next time. ", he said in the same dastardly techno and he disappeared again. Jason picked up the bag and they walked out of the shop . "Did you also found him so scary?", asked Sylvia. The boys nodded. "Well, I'm pretty sure I'm not coming again..", said Sylvia. “

"Even if it's your last chance to see the outside world.", Jason asked teasingly. Sylvia tried to think up something, but couldn't come up with an answer. "What are stones?" asked Orion, who came between them. "Have you already forgotten?" asked Jason. Orion nodded and Jason sighed. "Stones are a means of payment in the other 6 worlds. The Earth used euros. On Earth, there are many more different means of payment, but globally it's the euro. Stones are ... Well, just stones. The yellow stone is converted to euros worth 1 euro. The gray ones are 10, the Green 20, the blue 50, the pink 100, the silver 500, the gold 1000 and the Platinum 10,000. The last 2 you won't often see. ", explained Sylvia. "But aren't they easy to counterfeit?" "No, the stone radiate a kind of magic, so you can feel if the stone is money or not." Orion nodded understanding.

" Shall we just sit down somewhere? I do not want to go back. ", said Sylvia. "To St. Martha's Café?" Orion pointed to the nearby café, where they stood right in front of the entrance. The café faced Klubers herbs shop. The building was made of red brick and red roof tiles, like any other building. On a signboard, letters were written in red paint: ' St. Martha's Cafe '. That could Orion read at least. The other two nodded and they walked inside.

When they were inside they studied the café on suspicious activity. They had always been taught that they had to be wary and know their surroundings so they knew what to do if somethings went wrong. They noticed that not many people were in the cafe. The people that were there looked nervous twitching back and forth with their coffee in their hand. They also looked anxious noticed Orion and he frowned. Sylvia walked ahead to the bar. The boys followed behind her.

"Hello." said the blonde woman behind the bar. Sylvia quessed she was the bartender, but in this case the barmaid was, since she wore an apron. "What would you like to order?", she asked. Orion could see a little bit of fear in her eyes even though she behaved calmly. "I want a glass of Coke, for Jase orange juice and a banana milkshake for Ori please." The bartmaid nodded and picked up the glasses. Sylvia looked turned to the boys while the barmaid prepared the drinks, her eyebrow went up. Jason and Orion nodded, letting her know that she had chosen the right drinks. "Here." Sylvia turned back to the barmaid. There were now 3 drinks on the bar. "How would you like to pay? Stones or euros? "

"Euro." Sylvia replied shortly.

"That's 3 euros, please." Sylvia took out 3 euro and gave it to the bartmaid. "Thank you. Enjoy it. ", answered she, while she put the money in the cash desk.

They took their drink and walked to a table in the right corner of the cafe, a dark corner. It was best to hide yourself so no one sees you and you could attack unexpected. Orion sat opposite Sylvia and Jason went next to Orion. Orion started to drink his milkshake like a crazy. He was very fond of banana milkshake and couldn't resist to drink it in a few minutes empty.

."Smart, paying with your own money so Dillingham can't find out we have been somewhere else than the herbs shop.", complimented Jason. "Of course I'm smart." Sylvia smiled. Orion heard that Jason whispered something to him. "Very modest." Orion's mouth corners shot up. Unfortunately for Jason, Sylvia heard it. Orion knew by their faces that they would quarrel again, but didn't prevent it this time. His milkshake made his day. While Sylvia and Jason were arquing Orion picked up the newspaper which was on the table and looked at it carefully.

After he had read the newspaper he looked worried at the others. They noticed it. "What is it, Ori?" asked Sylvia concerned. He put the newspaper on the table so that the others could see it too and pointed at the front page. The both read the article and paled slowly. There was a silence. Jason was the one who broke the silence first.

"That is why it is so quiet here. They are afraid. Scared because the shadow Lord has risen and his Followes are destroying everything. ", said Jason. Orion nodded slowly, he was already so pale as a vampire.

"Yes, they have been attacking some important buildings and areas, but also less important. And that's not all. The Prince has also returned. ", said Orion. " You don't mean the Prince of secrets? Who is dead according to the rumors. He can't be alive. Do you think he is a Monorius? ", asked Sylvia. "Yes, I think it is him. But I have no idea if he is a Monorius. ", replied Orion. Sylvia and Jason looked afraid at each other.

"And the generals? Those are also back? "asked Jason. Orion shrugged. "Maybe. But what I really wonder is why they are just attacking random buildings. Some places were not even important. Don't you guys think it's weird that the Earth is not attacked? I mean otherwise it's in the New York Times or something." "Yes, that's weird.", admitted Sylvia. "But I don't think we just can unravel their plan. Even I'll admit it, this is too dangerous. We can best go back. At the orphanage it is safer, behind the protective spellcircles. Those are nearly impossible to break. "

Orion couldn't believe she once back recoiled for danger. "You're right.", said Jason. When Orion heard that he thought for a moment that Christmas and Easter fell on the same day. Sylvia who recoiled and Jason who agreed with Sylvia. It was a wonder of the world, thought Orion.

He was wondering why they suddenly become so afraid. Of all the places in the world the Followers could not attack exactly here.

"These are dark times. I do not want to take chances and we endanger ourselves. "said Jason. Orion sighed, "alright. Let's go. " He picked up the newspaper and laid down some money on the table as payment for the newspaper. "For Ms. Dillingham." he replied, when he saw the questioning looks of his friends. They nodded in understanding.

"Is there also another way to travel? I hate the Wall. " Sylvia thought about it. "There are more ways, but the Wall is the easiest way now." she replied. Orion protested. "It's your own fault that you don't have read more books on transport routes.", said Sylvia teasingly. "But you don't like reading. How do you know that? ", asked Orion. "I read some. It's not like I never read books", she said offended. Orion rolled his eyes and sighed. Typical Sylvia. She always took chances that benefitted her. Sylvia walked up to the bartmaid, while the guys behind her walked without anymore protest. "Do you have a Wall?" asked Sylvia. The bartmaid nodded and pointed to the bare wall near the old jukebox which stood next to the bar. She cut her fingers and whispered a few words. A rainbow-colored port appeared. "Thank you." She grabbed Orion and Jason firmly at their arms and ran through the wall.

Orion immediately felt nauseous. He regretted that he drank the banana milkshake and was hoping that he wouldn't throw up everything. He had a feeling that this time he floated faster than the last time, Orion closed his eyes again. He felt that Sylvia gently squeezed his arm to encourage him. Orion did not know if that worked, but he felt a bit lighter inside.

All of a sudden he felt again the wet soggy ground under his feet and the wet rain that fell from the sky pouring on his head. They were back at the orphanage, knew Orion. He opened his eyes slowly. He saw 2 red spots. Orion blinked and the red spots became sharper. Then recently he realized only that he looked straight into the eyes of something horrible.

A cliffhanger.Dum... Dum...Duuummmm...! I'm sorry for the cliffhanger. But perhaps I will update next chapter sooner, if there are really people who are curious about it. Also, I'm still sorry about the bad English. Perhaps I need to let my beta beta this. Well, I hoped you liked these chapters!

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