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Real name: Reiner De Castro

Country: Philippines

Age: 20

Interests: Video games, anime and manga, reading, military history, cosplay, Gunpla, and Visual Novels

As you can see from my interests, I'm more or less an otaku of video games, anime and manga, and visual novels. While I've been on fanfiction.net for over a year, it's only recently that I've had time to publish my first fanfic, which is listed below.

Specific franchises/works I plan on writing in the future:

1.) Mafia II DLC: prequel fic "The Rise of Jimmy" - Long story short, an origin story for the character Jimmy from Mafia II.

2.) Medal of Honor: Airborne: the Memoirs of Boyd Travers- an attempt at telling a realistic portrayal of main protagonist Boyd Travers and his squadmates as they fight in mainland Europe during WWII, from Sicily to the Rhine. Plot twist at the end.

Of note: One of the things I hate the most are those fics that place "plot" (lemons, i.e. TOO MUCH OF IT) over actual plot, and unrealistic depictions such as anatomically-impossible sex, etc. I've seen a few, and have HARSHLY criticized them. Despite this, they have decided to shun me despite my valid points.

Fics I am currently working on:

1.) Pok'emon Black &White 2: "As Fate Would Have it"- currently my pride and joy, which I have been working on since last year. A Transceivershipping fic starring Nate, Yancy, Rosa, and (possibly) Hugh. Update as of 2/21/15: Chapter 8 uploaded. Work on chapter 9 is currently in progress. I appreciate reviews and PMs should you find any problems with the flow.

Main characters for this fic include(none of them are OCs):

Nate- the main character and male lead. The former Unova League Champion who's currently a famous celebrity in big-budget superhero movies under the alias Lack-Two.

Yancy-female lead and Nate's (obvious, at least if you've played B/W2 as the boy and completed the sidequest) love interest. Also known as Nancy, a famous TV host and idol singer at the Celebrity Channel.

Rosa- Nate's childhood friend and neighbour. Also known as Whi-Two when acting in Pok'estar studios.

Hugh- Nate's best friend and rival, and Rosa's love interest. Mostly out of focus in this story.

OC/s in the story thus far:

Zachary Ruri- Yancy's uncle, a producer at the Celebrity Channel where Yancy works as a TV host and idol.

Alternate accounts on other sites:

1.) Deviantart- renerdecastro.deviantart.com

2.) Steam-

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