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Welcome to my profile

about me

Name: Chihiro Yuki ('s my preferred name)


and um...I'M A GIRL incase you couldn't tell



the color pink






Foxes (I loooove foxes, just don't ask ok?)

cute stuff

fluffy stuff

creepy stuff



a lot of stuff...


Winter (don't get me wrong like the snow, the holidays, HATE the Cold)

my class, they annoy me to death

Animes I like:

Digimon, Naruto, One Piece, Powerpuff Z, Ookami-san, Tokyo mew mew, Suga Suga Rune, Ouran HostClub, Sailor Moon, Black butler, Hetalia and much much more

Other fandoms:

Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Once Upon A Time, Graceling ect

Digimon 30 questions (actully 30 day challange, but i didn't want to update every day)

1. How old were you when you first discoverd digimon?

Idk I Think I was like 1? 2? or something anyways I was 1 when it first aired in china so I'll just go with 1

2. favorite character

oh this is torture, I can't just pick ONE!!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! but here are those like a bit more: Yamato, Mimi, Hikari, Takeru, Ruki and the Twins

3. Which digivice do you like best?

Hmm...I must say the D-ark or D-scanner soo cool (I know everyones card slash ans spirit evelution moves)

4. Favorite digimon

once again torture, but: gatomon, lilymon, garurumon, renamon, kyoubimon, terriermon, lopmon, culumon, leomon, all Koujis evolutoins

5. Favorite Crest

Light, defenety light

6. Couple you wish exsisted

Oh there's a lot, Takari, Taiora, Koumi, Mimato, RyoRuki, Jurato, Takumi

7. coupling you can't stand

Sorato, Taimi, Jyomi, Daikari, Daikeru, Rukato, Henrika, henry x juri, Kouzumi

8. favorite couple

01: Taiora 02: Takari Tamers: RyoRuki Frontier: Takumi

9. Favorite friendship:

Tai and Yamato closely follwed by Takuya and Kouji

10. Favorite season

Adventure or Frontier

11. Who do you Think wore the goggels best

Tai, defenetly Tai, can't beat the original

12. least favorite digimon


13. Least favorite character

Izumi, Idk why but she REALLY annoys me I just can't stand her

14. Least favorite season

Adventure 02, don't know why, just don't like it as much as the other seasons

15. A character you'd be best friends with

I Think I'd be friends whit almost everyone actully but Mimi, Hikari, Takuya, Kouichi and Tommy are good canidats

16. A character you would not get along with

IZUMI and probaly Ruki who doesn't like anyone oh and I'd probably annoy alot of other people too -.-'

17. Best dressed character

I Think I have to go whit Alice on this one actully, of the girls atleast, but of the guys it's Kouji

18. Worst dressed chracter

oh there are many Miyako, Daisuke, Ken, Junpei...

19. A moment that made you happy

When the digimon evolved for the first thime

20. a moment that made you sad

When angemon died, when wizardmon died, when whamon died, when leomon died x2 times, when pixiemon died, when gotsumon and pumpmon died, when Kouichi died and when the season ended (WOW they die alot don't they?)

21. A moment that made you angry

Too many to be mentioned

22. Favorite Villan

I'll have Lucemon and Etemon battle over this one

23. Least favorite villan

The d-reaper, it gave me nightmares *shivers*

24. Favorite minor caracter


25. Favorite episode

Too many...Can't choose *system overlode* BOOM!!!

26. What Crest would you have?

Out of the originals I would have kindness but otherwise I think I would have innocense or bad luck/catatrofies becouse those things always seems to be happening to me

27. Whould you ever have a digimon for a pet?


28. English vs Japanese names (which do you prefer)

Um...I actully grew up whit the chinese names so, none? I use both anyways

29. Favorite quote

rough translation from the chinese dub of tamers: "If you call me lady/miss again I'll kick you!" - Ruki

30. An unpopular opinion weird couplings? I really don't know about this one

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