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I'm TheHarryPotterGeek. I'm an actress and currently am in the field of performing arts... That's all you really need to know about me. Some of you know me quite well already...

WOW. okay. Well, I don't really go on this anymore/ I haven't updated... Frankly because I'm ashamed at how bad my writing is. Haha. But no worries. I'm an actor not a writer. I feel like to anyone who I haven't spoken to should no what's going on in my life...because yeah - plus i really needed to update this profile. Lol.

I have a lot of tales though, I think the thing you mostly want to hear about is that one time Daniel Radcliffe remembered with me and I sort of FLIRTED with him...BASICALLY.

His new movie "What if" Came out, so I went to the q&a. And I was wearing a harry potter tshirt. It was a maroon tshirt I go online and it said 'I am with the Muggle' And had an arrow pointing to my best friend. It was quite exclusive to get into that because you had to get it from the Apple store really fast. We got in! And they chose me to ask him a question!!! I was sitting like in the front row but on the side - so I was obviously very close. So, I was like "Hi! I'm a really big fan" He looked at me like 'Obviously' sort of thing (But not rudely - it's because I was wearing a harry potter tshirt) The thing is, I really admire Dan's work. Because the improvement from Potter has been like amazing and he tries so hard with his acting and he's such a role model to me - Anyways.

Again I'm an actress so I've watched all his stuff and studied his progress. LOL. So I was like " I really liked you in..." (and of course he thought I was going to say harry potter) but I was like "Kill your darlings and the woman in black." AND HE WAS SO CLOSE TO ME AND WAS STARING INTO MY SOUL OMG. AND HE LOOKED SO SHOCKED AND LIKE GRATEFUL THAT I SAID THAT AND IT WASN'T SAME OLD HARRY POTTER FAN. ( I didn't even mention Harry Potter) My question was: 'If he ever used Method acting and how helpful it is for an actor and If I should consider it.' And he gave me some acting advice to what he does & how helpful it is... I already knew all that I learn it at school but of course I just nodded and held back the tears - Which was so hard to do because he was looking into my soul AND YOU KNOW HOW DAN RAMBLES IN HIS INTERVIEWS. Yeah. He didn't stop talking and was talking really fast and all I was thinking was (don't cry. don't cry.) !!!

And basically, there was this special first screening/ premier thing that you could only win by luck on twitter - by retweeting it and they pick an account at random ect. And only 10 people got chosen.And Because of this me and my friend literally made 100 accounts in the chance of winning!! And we did. That was like a week before. And what was really cool was that the Q&A was on the same day as the screening. Just two hours after.

We were also told that Dan was introducing the movie too as in, he was coming into the cinema and talking about it and thanking us for coming. The cinema was literally quite near the apple store (where the Q&A was) It was the 21st century fox cinema & was really cool, it was small and under ground. And it was cute because they gave us free popcorn and we got filmed to speak about the movie and they gave us free drinks. The cinema was really small. There was about 30 of us all together and They were all leather chairs; the adjustable comfy ones.

Daniel radcliffe again literally was only introducing the movie level with us - There was no stage... He was just standing in front of the screen. There were only 3 rows of leather chairs ( like a normal cinema just very small. And an isle down the center.

As he was introducing the movie. He was saying parts of the movie, explaining why he did it. Ect... Because it was the first screening.

As he started talking he was looking at everyone, and then he did a double take on me. Like the double takes you see in movies. It was quite funny to be honest.(Mainly because, i think, he was surprised at my dedication that I won the Q&A and the Screening - and probably wondering how I did? I genuinely still don't know how my friend and I got so lucky...)

And he just started to speak this whole speech about the movie directly at me. And he was staring into my sOUL again. But I felt so relaxed ... I didn't want to cry or anything!!? It felt so surreal, I just kinda went with it...god knows how?! I could feel everyone looking at me like "Why is he staring at her?" sort of thing.And he was just saying the whole thing to me.. And I was trying to act all cool so I did that smirk/ smile thing. LOL

Oh by the way he wasn't meant to talk to us - obviously... Like security was there. He was only meant to say the speech thing.

Then, after he finished speaking, he stopped, whilst looking at me and said " Hello again." AND THAT WAS THE DAY I DIED.., GUYS! HE SAID FRIGGING "HELLO AGAIN" LIKE REALLY SEXILY !!! So what do I do, you ask? What do I do?? I flipping wink at Daniel Radcliffe. And everyone in the cinema ( IT WAS LIKE DEAD SILENT) was watching like we were best friends or knew each other. So funny.

So then he probably would have made conversation with me, he was like about to say something - but security came in and escorted him out, Oh my. And So I said "Bye Dan I love you!" And held a heart shape with my hands. and you can barely see him because the security guards are so tall and Dan is like a hobbit. ( He's 5''2. I'm 5''8... But he only ever saw me sitting down so we were level lol.) And all I see is Dan like literally jumping/ hopping - waving, going "BYE! SEE YOU"

It was literally the best day of my life. I have so much love for him. It's quite funny actually.

Have any of you lot met Dan before or any of the cast? I'd loooove to hear your encounters... Oh and if you were in my situation - What would you do???

Don't be afraid to PM me! I love you all my 'Fairies' xo

Haha I felt like I just wrote a fic :)


P.s... I wouldn't advice you to read My fics, they're pretty bad haha. Though "Kiss from a Rose" Isn't too bad... I'm quite proud of that one. If you're going to read any I'd suggest that.

... Hahaha, at least I'm honest.

ALSO! Guys. My story I need to finish... and publish is on Wattpad. It's called "Ability Unleashing Power." Please go over - check it out. And comment " sent me here"

And I'll love you forever.

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