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Dear readers,

First of all, thank you for reading along and hopefully enjoying my work.

That being said, I do have one request. Please stop complaining about the number of characters. It will not change anything, and you are not the first to bring it up.



Okay, to the most recent commenter on Ch7 (31/01/15). I'm totally for free speech and I welcome all opinions and comments, so despite my being a little offended on a couple levels by your comment, I'm still allowing it. But because you're a "guest" i cannot reply directly to your comment, so I have to do so here and hope you perchance read it. However, I won't deny that it saddens me greatly that you would allow such a single issue dissuade you from reading and that you would let issues that many young people genuinely go through and struggle with stop you from reading. For the record this is not the first time Harriet has dealt with the issue and the feelings, this is just the first time that she has openly admitted it to someone. Frankly, Harriet doesn't know what she likes. Which is a troubling mindset for anyone to go through, particularly at that age and one is dealing with friends who are not so uncertain in what they like and tend to assume everyone else is just as certain.

And if that offends you, I don't really know what more I can do for you when it comes to not just this series, but to the rest of your life to be frank. Only a chapter ago a little old man who wanted nothing more than a little peace and quiet, after having been tormented for fifty years over murders he didn't commit, was himself murdered in cold blood by the same person done the murders i nthe first place. That occurrence truly offends me, but I include it and will include more, because not only does it happen in canon, but things like that happen in reality as well. This series is rated Teen, so nothing explicitly sexual is going to happen, if that's what you're worried about. Though if that is the case, you jump to that assumption pretty quickly... This is the story about a young girl growing up. Magic has no bearing on that. She questions things. She has hormones. Just like any other teen. I'm not going to pretend she doesn't. Just like I'm not going to pretend that bad things don't happen to good people. And if that's too much then, I guess I don't really know what else to tell you. But I'm certainly not going to apologize for it.

Okay, I have NO idea how this happened, but somehow ff.net has replaced the contents of Chapter 22 with Chapter 29. I've fixed it as of 1620hrs GMT today (11 Dec) and it should be set in about a half hour. I'm so sorry to anyone who's been confused, I have NO idea how that happened :-S.

Well, it's official, Year Three is finite. Hope you all enjoyed the ride as much as I did! (despite the health issues which slowed things down for a while...) Anyway, please don't hate me, but Year Four will probably not commence until January 2015. I really need a vacation :(. Anyway, when that comes, I have created a new page on my blog for comments on Year 4 chapters, just to make it all a bit easier in the comments:

UGH! Okay, so finally I can log back in to ff.net. Thank heavens my phone was still logged in to ff.net so I could change my password on my phone to actually log in on my computers... Anyway, Just as an update to everyone, Chapter 28 is about halfway done. I'm hoping to have both 28 and 29 done by mid-October (seriously folks... I'm in grad school... I'm busy... as... heck! :( )

As for post Year 3, I'm going to take a little while off before diving into Year 4. This'll give me some time ot focus on school (I have a lot of papers due late October/early November) so I'll have to focus on that in that time. Also... I'm going to tell everyone again about how mich I really enjoy Archive of our Own and really going to start recommending it more. I might even switch from here to there eventually... also to those of you who have ereaders like nooks and kindles, AO3 actually lets you download .epub (nook) and .mobi (kindle) versions of the stories to read. They look really sharp with linked tables of contents and everything :).

OMG ANOTHER UPDATE!! A.) Ch26 has been written as well (needs to be proofread and edited). B.) AHP has a new third home. As has been said in other updates, AHP is also on DeviantArt, where I often run into the problem of excess character counts in chapters. The new home is Archive of our Own, or AO3. here's the link to my profile :) I think it's easier to post comments there too, but don't quote me on that...

yet another update! Soooo guess whats everyone. I ended up having a huge moment of inspiration and wrote Ch24 in preeeeeetty good speed over the last 3 days (most of it being done whilst riding on airplanes and sitting in airports for 16 and a half hours...). *But*... it ended up once again being too long to post on the other site I post at, DeviantArt. Way too long. I mean ridiculously too long. So... it's had to be split in half again as with chapter 20 which became 20 and 21. So as soon as my editor finishes, you'll all be getting two chapters again, and this time some pretty big things happen I'm sure you'll all be excited about!

Another update: Okay, Chapter 22 has been posted. It has not been edited yet, so if you spot the occasional typo, please don't comment on it, the chapter will be updated in the next few days. Also, to all my guest posters, out of curiosity, ff.net is totally free to join... you could all just join as members and we can email back and forth, I can reply directly to comments, etc, without having to bother with going over to my blogspot page. My dear friend and editor H-A-Cooke (who is suffering computer issues at the moment, hence the chapter not being edited yet) has even made a forum here on ff.net specifically for discussion of AHP. Just something for everyone to think about. Also you'll be able to follow me and the books so you'll never miss updates. Again, food for thought.

Update: First, Ch22 is almost done, I only have a few pages left. Second, I am working on my dissertation at the same time and I'm really sorry to everyone but that has to, repeat, HAS TO, take precedent. I moved 7000 miles and went into pretty big debt to get this master's degree, so I'm sorry that it has caused delays, but the degree is what I would call my job, while unfortunately AHP is my hobby. It's something I'm doing for fun and entirely for free, I get no money for it whatsoever. So school *has* to come first. So, long story short, I'm hoping to have Ch22 done by tomorrow morning, then it's off to the editor and should be up in the next couple of days. I hate giving deadlines because things keep happening that cause delays... but ugh, I need to knuckle down and get it done, since Ch23 has such pivotal changes coming to Year 3. Also, please stop with the daily update calls, they don't really encourage, they more stress me out because of all the other real life junk I'm putting up with that has to come first :(.

Update: As some know, I post AHP to both here and Deviantart. Alas, because of dA's size limits, I had to break Ch20 into two chapters... so just think of it as two chapters for the price of one! haha.

IMPORTANT!: I have now started a blog on blogspot for discussion of chapters. It's much easier for me to respond to comments and things there than it is here on ffnet, guest reviewers in particular. This way I won't feel like I'm inflating my own review count artificially by "reviewing" my own work. I feel superficial doing so... So! please after reading hop over here and leave a comment!

Hello all! I'm Kleinnak and here to share the story "The Adventures of Harriet Potter" I have been writing for some friends of mine for close to a year now. The story is partly an examination of the Harry Potter story told from the perspective of Harry being a girl (Harriet). But more than that it is a wider examination of the wizarding world, delving into the Magical societies and politics of North America, Far-East Asia and elsewhere in Europe. It introduces a host of new characters ready to be explored and either help or hinder our hero in her quest! Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

Original concept by: Night-Miner ( ) and Littlebityamelie ( )

These two are my best friends and pretty much responsible for all the plot developments and characters. My job is largely bringing their vision to life but I do get input of my own.

Editing by: H-A-Cooke ( , https://www.fanfiction.net/u/729437/Jazz-E-Roisin )

Seriously, this story wouldn't be half of what it is without her help. I've grown so much as a writer over the last two years with her help!

Here's a list of credits for Non-canon Characters, at least those significant to the plotline thus far. If you have questions about others don't hesitate to ask! These are just the characters who have been given "screentime" if you will and not merely appeared in the background.

Non-canon Character Credits (Night-Miner):

  • Kieran O'Brien
  • Scott McIntyre
  • Marcus Van De Lakk
  • Basheera bint Faysal bin Abdel-Aziz al-Tahiri
  • Isabella Martinez
  • Nanette Sinistra
  • Rosie Sinistra
  • Jeremy Owens
  • Daniel Dusk
  • Non-canon Character Credits (Littlebityamelie):

  • Erica Quoy
  • Rachel Kane
  • Tori Hoffman
  • Katy Tyler
  • Kenley Tyler
  • Peyton Riseman
  • Non-canon Character Credits (my own):

  • Dora Flamel
  • Emma Flamel
  • Non-canon Character Credits (other):

  • Sherrod Howe (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • Jefferson Watkins (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • Ben Jackson (Hasboro)
  • Adele Jackson (Hasboro)
  • Mable Jackson (Hasboro)
  • Tabitha Dusk (Hasboro)
  • Charity Delacour (Hasboro)
  • Skye Sutler (Hasboro)
  • Rayne Prismere (Hasboro)
  • Penelope Rose (Hasboro)
  • Selene Maan (Hasboro)
  • Pixie Fanfarró (Hasboro)
  • Babette Seeley (Hasboro)
  • Hyland Stevens (Robert Louis Stevenson)
  • Abby Spring (Impossible Pictures)

  • Also: Some people who've submitted reviews, for some reason FF.net doesn't let me reply to your reviews :(. I'm not ignoring you I promise!

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