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12-20-14: Wow, this is incredible. I'm 23 now, the last Hobbit film just came out and I'm living in London pursuing a career in Publishing at University College of London. If the silly, strange and often sad little girl I was could see me now, she'd never believe any of it.

7-26-12: I'm never deleting a word of this profile because I want to remember everything as it was when I was younger, but I will make an update. I don't know if I will continue my stories here or not but I'd like to thank everyone for all the support and still I see I am getting new hits on TWISTED. It was so much fun to write. I remember the countless hours of entertainment that it brought me when reviews were hard to come by and and they didn't have this fancy new profile system on I can't believe it has been 10 years since Fellowship of the Ring came out! I feel so old and as the years go by, I suspect it will only get worse, this age thing.

Well in case anyone is still reading this, I'm 21 now and in college for creative writing and journalism :) I ended up following my dream after all. I plan on going to grad school for creative writing and I hope to one day own and/or manage a publishing company as well as publish the novel I have been working on that actually started out as a LOTR fanfiction, way back when. Fanfiction gave me my start and taught me to love to share my stories. Keep writing all of you and and as "Cheesy" (har har har) as it sounds, never give up on your dreams to write. :D

No everyone, I haven't died, though it seems likes so many of you have.
Seriously, where did everyone go? And why is everyone leaving?

EVERYONE WHO LIKES MY STORIES...Go here and check out my forum!

This is going to be REALLY long so feel free to click the ‘hide bio’ thing if you really don’t want to read it (sniff) lol I cant stand blank bios


Hello friends! I'm a girl who totally loves Lord of the Rings! I owe my whole LOTR obsession to my best friend Jackie (it wasn't for her I would never have starting liking lord of the rings) You can find her on fan fic too. Pen name: Aragirl she is new on the site, if you know any good stories recommend them to her.

I have noticed that lately people on fan fiction have been getting some really good original plots for their stories. I am SO glad because for a while there I thought we were all doomed to endless stories about the same thing! I don't mind Mary sue stories and will often read SOME of them. i admire the writers of the good ones because I could never write anything so good.

About me:

Name: Rachel (though I wish it was something else, something different that people would remember. Rachel is so common and boring.)

AOL IM screename:TheCheeseTurkey9 (IM ME! I love to talk to people!)

Personality: I think that I'm a pretty easy-going person. I don't get mad that easily and will pretty much be friends with anyone. I'm not bossy or high matanince I pretty much go with the flow of things and I love to stay up late. I've been told that I am crazy, funny, insane, odd and weird. I am very proud of all of things and I agree! I'm pretty much one of a kind and try to do things my own way. I don't care about make-up, hair or clothes and I'm fine with the way I look. I'm also known for drifting off into my own little world. I'm a crazy dreamer that thinks about odd random stuff at random times. Oh, that's another thing!

I AM EXTEREMLY RANDOM! I seriously taped sporks to my computer. I love to blurt crazy odd stuff all the time like this...Bar of soap on a stick! Hehehe I'm never with it and I’m almost always spaced out. I'm really friendly and I'll talk to anyone no matter what. As you may have guessed I'm really strange and when I'm happy I am REALLY happy and when I'm upset or mad...Well, you better watch out. _

Personality No's: I hate people that think that they are better than everyone else, people that brag, people that ignore you when all you try to do is be nice to them, bossy people and people that tell you what to do, think or act when they have no right too. I don't like boring people that are stuck in their ways and don't know what the words 'Change' 'difference' or 'Non-cannon' means. Especially on the last one! I hate people that are for conformity and don't listen when you have something to say.

Grades: I might be a little above average but I'm not super genius or anything! A's and B's. I really don't like school all that much but who does? My mom thinks I'm REALLY good at school work. Meh!

Astrological Sign: Aries (I love horoscopes. Mine is always right and it fits me so well. its scares me one time it said that the type of guy I like would have blond hair and blue eyes...freaky, 'cause its right.)

Nicknames; THECheeseTurkey, Katz Greenleaf, Scooby- Doo, Cheesy (My favorite, you can call me this if you like _) , Greenleaf's Girl, The Odd One

Hair: dark brown almost black with unnatural red highlights

Eyes: brown (so boring)

Clothes: Well, if you see a girl with a black skirt, green shirt, striped black and green socks and chunky hi-healed shoes you are probably looking at me when I am wearing my favorite outfit. Other times I wear jeans and a tee-shirt. Normal me! NOT! lol

Live: North Carolina (unfortunately I don't live near the ocean :( i live over on the other side of the state, near Tennessee) Okay, never mind, I moved AGAIN back to Pennsylvania.

Birthday: April 9th

Age: 15 (Have I really been here for 3 years now?) *(I'm actually 21 now) HAHA...good lord.

Height: 5'5

Lucky numbers: 9 3 38 7

Songs that describe me and or my life:

All you wanted- Michelle Branch
My World- Avril Lavigne (this is seriously just like me, every word is true!)Here Without You- 3 Doors Down (If you can figure out who I'm 'Here with out' in my life, I will be your best friend forever! lol THINK about _)
Absolutely- Ninedays
Fat Lip- Sum 41 (LOVE this song, its what my and my cheese gang are all about.)Everywhere- Michelle Branch

Pets: Cat named Dudley, Turtle named Leggy or Frodo. Yes he has two names! LOL I loves my pets_ (Waaaah! Leggy ran away! Don't look at me like that! Yes my turtle ran away and I am sad!)

Friends: Jackie (BFF!), Kelsey (BFF), Justin, Adrian, Sara, Sarah, Octavia, Sara, Lynsay (rogue mystique), Kelly, Katelyn, Katlin, Justin and Phil the groundhog. He is my muse but I need to fire him. He is being bad and rebelling against me! Don't ask, my grandma sent him to me!

Languages that I can speak: English, a little Spanish, and basic Elvish! I'm really getting good at the Elvish!

About my stories: 1st story: The Day School got TWISTED! (In process) Genre: Humor/Humor Rating: PG My favorite and most popular story. Lots of crazy things happen when the people from Lord of the Rings become teachers at my school. This story WILL have a sequel.

2nd story: When Cats and Elves Collide (on hold) Genre: Humor/Fantasy Rating: PG Since lots of you have been asking about it, I will probably update it when I am finished with 'Of Rings and Thieves'. This story is about various LOTR characters appearing in the house of a modern day girl and her rabid cat.

3rd story: Of Rings and Thieves (In process) Genre: Mystery/Suspense Rating: PG (may go up to PG-13) My attempt at writing a serious fanfiction. Its okay I guess. Nothing special but I like it. I can't really tell you much about it or it will spoil the plot! Its a mystery 'cause I just love a good mystery _ you will just have to read it. This may start a few other stories about some of the characters in it. I'm not sure yet.

4th story: From the Desk of Miss The Cheese Turkey (In process) Genre: Humor/Humor Rating: PG Funny little short stories by my friends and me. Some of the stuff that goes on in my mind. Well, if was about the stuff that went on in my mind I suppose that would be a horror story! But no, they are stupid little stories about random things that come to mind.

5th story: Fan Girls United (In process) Genre: Humor/General Rating: PG Quickly becoming my second favorite! Its more about the disclaimer stories in TWISTED with well...a twist! It involves Me, Legolas, Nienna, Lem, Jackie, Casey and some other people from TWISTED. Fan Girls are attacking and we must protect Legolas!


Things I love to do: I love to scream random things at 3am. I love going to the beach and boogboarding! It’s really fun! I greatly enjoy laughing evilly and screaming like a Nazgul (much to the annoyance of others, but I can really sound like one!) I have to have music on to type, Well duh I love to write and read fan fiction and other books. I love cheese! I can't think of anything else right now but I'm sure there is more_

Movie: Lord Of The Rings (1-3) (DUH! if you haven't guessed that by now, bad you! no doughnut!)

I also like... Van Helsing

Shrek 2
X Men
The Day after Tomorrow
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Shrek Bruce Almighty
The Mummy
The Ring
Johnny English
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
The Others
Finding Nemo
X2: X-Men United

TV Shows: Spongebob, Teen Titans, Fear Factor, Hey Arnold, HACKThe legend of the Twilight Bracelet, Fosters home for imiginary friends

Author: Tolkien (Duh)

Lemony Snicket
Rita Mae Brown
Ellen Raskin
Holly Black

Books: The Lord of the Rings!

Color: green and blue

Place in Lord of the Rings: Rivendell or Bree


Type of fanfic: humor or Action/Adventure/Mystery orjust about anything, I guess my least favorite would have to be romance. Its okay but it gets annoying after a while. My brain has become insane from reading too many fan fictions.

Favorite signal story on fanfiction: 'For Every Evil' By Mirrordance (AWESOME STORY! GO READ IT SOON!)

Favorite series: The Mellon Chronicles (To great for words...There is nothing I can say to express the greatness, you will just have to go read it for yourself)

Favorite Original character: Calaen (Created by Mistopurr. Can’t explain it, I just like him even though…well just go read her stories)

Mary Sue: I don't mind the well written Mary Sue stories.That is all I shall say about that!

Slash: I do NOT read or write slash. Not my thing...

Food: lots of seafood and Mac and cheese and pizza (but not together)

Animal: cats

Character in LOTR: I like almost all of them! Maybe Legolas, Aragorn, Haldir or Pippin, Ooh! Or Elrond or Thranduil. Probably Legolas though.

Other Characters: Helga (Hey Arnold) Raven, Terra and Beast Boy (Teen Titans) Captain Jack Sparrow (POTC) Rena (HACKThe legend of the Twilight Bracelet)

Music: just about anything (except old people music. ugh! oldies annoys me, REALLY bad. it doesn't help that my mom listens to that a lot either) I guess punk rock.

Song: THE MEOW MIX CAT SONG! (had to say that!)No really, I have too many favorites to list a few are

Paperercut- Linkin Park
Bring me to life- Evanescence
Place for my head- Linkin Park
Stacy's Mom- Fountains of Wayne
Here without you- 3 Doors Down
Girl all the bad guys want- Bowling for soup
The rock show- Blink182
I'm just a kid- simple plan
Fat Lip- Sum 41
Imaginary- Evanescence

Bands: Evanescence Good Charlotte
Linkin Park
Simple Plan
Bowling for soup
Avril Lavign
Sum 41
New Found Glory

City: New York or London

Tropical Island: Jamaica

Country (other than U.S.): England

Drink: Vanilla Coke or Dr. Pepper

Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Web sites: Fanfiction Neopets council of Elrond Laughring thecaptionpage Barrow-downs beware the chipmunk

Time of day: the evening, dusk, the time right before night...When the sky looks purple!

Element: Fire or Snow

Month: October and December

Holiday: Christmas and Halloween

Stuff I like and or Love: Legolas! Cheese! cats, my computer ,LOTR, Legolas, spongebob, movies, writing, reading, Legolas, Haldir, the beach, the mall ,fan fiction, Legolas, turkey, sea food, camping, pizza, weekends, Legolas, Long car rides, swimming, soda, foamy the squirrel, chocolate, Legolas, candy, cappuccinos, meow mix cat ,Legolas, getting mail, getting reviews, going shopping, My Legolas Blanket, going to the movies, (and guess what) LEGOLAS LEGOLAS LEGOLAS...AND MORE LEGOLAS_

Hates: group punishment
being rushed
people begging to read my stories at school (Its sooo annoying!)
having nothing to do
slow computers
Travis (stupid kid at school)
Being confused
having to wait
Moving (Moved 5 times now)
not being able to write
When fanfiction isn't working
when I can't post my stories

When PJ killed off Haldir in TTT. that was sooo evil! GO TAKE A TRIP TURKDOR FOR PUTTING THAT IN THE MOVIE... EVIL TURKEYS! REALLY! what was the point? (sorry moment... yes i like Haldir alot. can ya tell?) _

People that don't like LOTR (aka everyone in my school but me. I FEEL SO ALONE!) They should have a school just for LOTR loving people

annoying people (aka evie REALLY stupid girl)

When people make fun of me for liking LOTR too much why do people do that? its so mean! Really leave my alone about it!

LOTR the animated version: Really its scary! Legolas has shudders short hair! and the hobbits are like butt ugly! and the Nazgul (which are cool) hey that rhymes! sound like they are talking in gibbirish! its like: blubbabbrcigudflghld! (lol im crazy, dont ask) take my advice, DON'T see it. it will haunt you...FOREVER! MUAWAHAHAHA! (Loud coughing) yes...

Reality TV (Its EVIL)

Suggest reading:

Here are some authors that I really love...

Cassia (Her series is the best fanfiction! The girl is Tolkien-like!)

Mirrordance (Also a very good writer. She is currently writing my all time favorite of favorite greatest of great fanfiction called 'For Every Evil')

Erestor (LOL so funny! If you need a good laugh read their stories!)

Lamoo (WOOT another hilarious writer.)

rogue mystique (Go check out her poems! on fictionpress. They rock out loud! lol she is also my best internet friend)

Aragirl (Partner in crime and fellow humor writer! Jackie!)

Dreamstrifer (Go read her series too! it is really funny and cute!)

Ice Angel4 (I think her stories where the first one I read on fanfiction! VERY funny!)

Kawaii Elf Girl (Yet another hilarious writer! I love her stories, they are So funny)

Lolly (The second fanfiction that I read. Very funny and witty)

Mistopur (very good angst writer. I love all of her stories!)

partheon (Her story, 'Flowers Die in Summer' made me cry numerous times. You really need to go check this out, it has such a cool original plot.)

Tashilover (Cool mystery story. It has a really interesting plot!)

adromir (Awesome series with cool plots and touches of humor)

Naomi Maxwell (Writer of the 'kitty sue'! Beware! lol 'The world is a giant litter box' story name)

Shandrial (Her story 'Fading Light' reminds me so much of mine 'Of Rings and Thieves that its scary! Her story is way better though.)

Cestari (Fellow school fic writer! Her story is so funny!)

The Arwen Police (Such funny stuffs! I just love their crazy funny stories)

I'm probably forgetting so many of you, but that is all I can think of right now. _

Random stuff: I'll admit...I saw the LotR movie before I read the book :( bad me.

I WOULD LOVE IT IF SOMEONE PUT ME IN THEIR STORY! HINT HINT I found out that lots of people have_

On neopets I go by: catz_2002191 so neomail me! I'm not on much anymore though.

I would write a quote section but that would take WAY too long. I have five pages of quotes in my notebook.

One time I called my group of friends 'The Cheese Gang' and the name stuck!

E.M.M.O.M stands for evil meow mix of Mirkwood I am THE cheese turkey! fear my annoying wrath! MUAWAHAHAHAHAHAH! my cat is the only one who understands my plans to take over the world.

my mom is as scary and random as me. I'm trying to get her to write a fan fiction. HAHAHA THAT WOULD BE GOOD! she did start writing one though...

Oh yes, go check out my soon to be step sisters story on fictionpress! Penname: Nightblood wolf. she writes AND she can draw. she drew me two pics of Legolas and now I am a happy person!

Well, that's it for now. I think. So now you know something about THECheeseTurkey! CHEESE TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!(Bows and hands out cheese before she runs off to throw snowballs at cars with Legolas)

(Back at the cheese castle)

Me: Yes i have a cheese castle! Do not ask, its complicated. If you really care that much go read 'Fan Girls United'

Legolas: Sure and I'm the random elf. -.-

Me: Oh sorry! (hugs Legolas) This is Legolas as you know! He lives with me at the cheese castle! Yes, my PET Elf.

Legolas: I am not a pet!

Me: Yes you are! Pet Elf!


Me: Hehehe! He IS my pet. I elf napped him one night.

Legolas: Yeah! She just attacks and brings me to this stupid cheese castle!

Me: I like I said millions of times, you could go live with the fan girls!

Legolas! Never mind that last part.

Me: That's what I thought.

Legolas: (rolls eyes)

Me: (Throws cookies at Legolas)

Legolas: OW!


Legolas: Yeah...Well, I have to go be annoying somewhere else! Bye!

Me: Yep, like Legolas said, We have to go annoy some people now! CHEESE TO ALL! BYENESS!

We have now reached the end of THE Cheese Turkey's Bio. Pass GO and collect 200 cheese points THE END! (For now anyway. wait, not yet!)


Legolas: I will leave you with this last thought...Exploding alien cookies, on mars in toilet world in a rain storm in Rivendell on the planet of cheese, doom, turkeys and dead cat swinging! SWING A DEAD CAT! OR in normal terms...nevermind!



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