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Author has written 3 stories for Legend of Zelda.

About Me:

I'm just starting out in writing fan-fiction. My main problem with writing has always been writing something good quickly so I've decided to do my work at my own pace.

This is the way I do things:

1. Come up with an idea for a story, preferably one that hasn't been done before or not very often. My rule: think differently.

2. Toss the idea around in my head for a few weeks, let the chaos of my imagination play with it and fine tune it.

3. After finding the best plot choice from step 2 I begin by writing a plan for it, detailing story-line, characters, concepts of my own creation and chapter content.

4. Write the story on Microsoft Word, to reduce spelling and grammar mistakes, in its entirety.

5. Publish chapters at regular intervals.

The reason for this is because I find something that I missed or want to change in a chapter I've completed. Rather than edit and re-upload, I would much rather publish it perfectly the first time. Another reason for this is because I get annoyed when authors don't update after extended periods of time. This is why I want to publish chapters on a regular basis; I care about you, the readers. Plus it reduces the amount of messages I'd get saying "When's the next chapter?"

I've started off with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess fan-fics. This is because I love Midna. I feel like she was the sidekick with the deepest character and, unlike with Link's other companions, when she left at the end of the game I actually felt something, like there was unfinished business between her and Link.

I guess I'm sort of biased in that way and reject any other pairings with Link. I do see some pairings that challenge my belief though, Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks Zelda obviously had something going on there, I used a SariaxLink pairing in the Peacekeepers though she had no real part in it, Ruto and Malon from OoT are also possible candidates but everyone else is just 'meh' for me.

I have been branching out with other stories that are not LoZ related. One I've taken an interest in now is SpryoxCynder fan fics though I'm not finding as many that I'm interested in.

My Stories:

Forever Together - Originally written by Magic Basher54986. Link inadvertently stops Midna from returning to the Twilight Realm, stranding her in Hyrule. While exploring their relationship on a new level, Link takes an interest in learning shadow magic from the Twilight Princess. Unfortunately the wounds from the war are still raw and Hyrule turns suspicious to its own hero, casting him out as a traitor. In search for a new home and a new life together, Link and Midna leave the sacred kindgom for the world beyond, along with an unexpected companion.

The Peacekeepers - This is a story set after the events of Twilight Princess and is my first publication. Link has been living in Ordon for the past few months in anger and depression which has had severe effects on his daily and social life. One day a man who calls himself a Peacekeeper shows up at Link's house, offering a job and a chance to reunite with Midna.

Two Wolves - This a one-shot featuring Link and Midna living in the forest as wolves to avoid those who are against their relationship.

Beta Stories:

The following is a story that I have co-written as a beta-reader.

Mistreated (by htffan951) - This story is set in an alternate version of the Legend of Spyro. After the end of a war with the dragon, Malefor, a purple egg was laid by two parents who looked down at it in disgust. They named the hatchling inside Spyro and raised him as a slave. When bullies prevent Spyro from completing an errand, his parents throw him out after severely beating him. A black dragoness named Cynder finds Spyro lying on the ground, wounded and unconscious, and takes him to her home for treatment. Spyro and Cynder develop a friendship and work together to survive in a cruel world. Unfortunately for Spyro, he also faces troubles from inside his own mind as he struggles to cope with the torment he has endured.

Panacea (by htffan951) - Spyro and Cynder have spent the last six years on the run, constantly moving to avoid the people who pursue them. But when tragedy strikes, a reluctant return to Warfang drags the two lovers back into the dangers they sought to escape. Meanwhile, Hunter must face his own trials as his past comes back to haunt him.

Thinks I like:

I'm not just into The Legend of Zelda. These are some other titles I'm into:

- Poke'mon (yeah I like Poke'mon, don't hate on it)

- Sonic the Hedghog (the games are not as bad as everyone makes them out to be)

- Bleach (I'm only 3 seasons in. Please don't spoil it for me)

- Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (haven't seen the original version so don't start an argument please)

- Assassin's Creed (This is just pure awesome)

- One Piece (again not that far into it, no spoilers. the internet does enough of that)

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