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Sekai: Dude!!! well i haven't put up many fics yet but.. hey i'm working on them!!!!!! DO NOT FEAR!! ok now that i have regained my composure...

hiei: composure..what composure?

sekai: -_- * tugs in her sress punching bag (aka: kuwabara) and starts beating the s*t out of it*

kuwabara: OO;

hiei: hn. *looks amused at his klumsy coworkers horrible fate*

sekai: *while beating up kuwabara* i am totally obsessed with anime as you can partly see. my favorite shows include Yu Yu Hakusho, *kicks kuwabara's head with a round house kick* Rurouni Kenshin, Inu-yasha, Gundam Wing, G Gundam, Yu-Gi-Oh*punches kuwabara in the nose* and many more that are loged in my brain some where and lost forever.* knees kuwabara's grion*

sekai: my character that i have made is my self and is consiquently named after me. She is a fire deamon with a green jagan eye instead of a purple one like hiei's got!(more info on hiei go here: )
She has red/brown/blonde hair and crimson eye's. She can also preform the Jaou Ensatsu Kokuryuhaa and has demonic speed. Her pet of sorts is a black dragon called Kohaku (that's such a cool name ^_^) with a flaming mane. *places kuwabara to the side and dusts off her baggy black pants* the mane is the same of that of Ponyta (pokemon) this means that it only burns the people who it doesn't like (exibit A: Kuwabara Kazuma)

hiei: you talk like sekai is a different person, sekai...'

sekai: heh..heh..i frequently do round robins with my freinds who are also authors. ummm... i'll have to get back to you on their pen names...Wait NO! i remember now! ^^

hiei: and her memory surges...

sekai: There's:
Yami no Yosei
^^ there are more but i don't remember them ^_^'


sekai: i will try to update as much as i can.

hiei: If you want to talk to her then her aim screen name is hiei1005...ummm...ya...sofar i've been the 2nd person to pronounce that right

sekai: but it shouldn't be too hard fo these anime/nonanime ^^

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