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Real Name: Candi...

Pen Name/Nickname:DSakura

Gender: Female

Age: You'll be surprised

Location: GA

Race: Chinese, Thai, Laos, Vietnamese

Hair Color: Dark Brown. (Almost Black) Eye Color: Dark Brown. (Almost black, but I wear contacts so most of the time it's a greenish color.)

Personality: Gets along with anyone who respects me. If they do then I will respect them back. People say I'm really nice. Really smart(Not all the time. I have my stupid moments. ^_^), funny, likes to joke around, and..I guess I'm mature. (That's what everyone says.)

My favorite anime/manga are: Inuyasha, Cardcaptors, Ceres, Chobits, Full Metal Panic, Fushigi Yugi ,Kare Kano, Love Hina, Marmalade Boy, Ranma 1/2, Real Bout Highschool, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Zodiac P.I. I have more but I'll stop there.




Sakura: Finally updated chapter 13!!! Please review!!! And now thinking about chapter 14!

HighSchool Love: I've decided to change everything about this story; the plot, characters, everything. Also, the title will change. It will change into Letters. I have posted a notice, so please, go and read it.

Falling for the Light: ...Well...like Highschool Love, I am going to change the entire story...meaning, I will have to start it over. I'm not happy with the story line and I'm very shocked at how I wrote it so far. All in all, please wait for this one.

The Bitter Sweet Truth of Love(New): Well...I can't say that it will update soon, however, I can say that I am on writer's block on this fanfic...I'm having a difficult time writing a certain part in the story, but...I'll try to update as soon as I can!

Second Chance (New): TSakura is still working on it...she's been slacking off lately, but please, do forgive her. She says she's also on writer's block. She has ideas, but she can't seem to get it out on paper(or the computer).

New Story: Letters: Everyone, this story is just the improved and newer version of Highschool Love, but here's a quick summary:

(AU) Revenge runs deep; Kagome could have sworn that, but as a transfer student comes to her school, she learns all is not what it seems. What are you to do when someone wants revenge from you, yet, they hadn’t intended to hurt you the way they did? I&K.

Well, if you have any questions, go ahead and ask me, however, you can do it by reviewing, or e-mailing me. I am still in a tight schedule and if I suddenly disappear from my fanfics again, please, bear with me. I...hope you readers understand and I hope that you review a lot! Anyway...that's pretty much everything I needed to say...I think...Um...although, thanks to everyone who's always been there to support me, and thanks to everyone who keeps on reviewing!!! THANKS!!!
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HighSchool Love reviews
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Kagome gets attacked by Kikyo, but the others doesn't know it. Kagome doesn't want to tell, and the gang has to make her. They have to figure out who did it, why, and if it's something serious. InuKag&MirSag. I wouldn't read this if I were a kikyo fan.
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