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Author has written 10 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, Gunslinger Girl, Portal, Minecraft, Doctor Who, Let Me In, 2010, Misc. Games, Leviathan series, and Five Nights at Freddy´s.

I saw some other people do this, so I guess I'll do it too.

Gender: Male

Age: [redacted]

Favorite Anime: either Fooly Cooly, Angel Beats, or Attack on Titan

Favorite Animal: lions, eagles, badgers, sheep, hamsters, parakeets, or space whales.

Favorite Show That's Not An Anime: Doctor Who! (it's fan-tastic!)

Favorite Character: Armin (SnK), Switzerland (Hetalia), or Haruko (FLCL)

Favorite Song: Ride on Shooting Star by The Pillows

Favorite Food: pizza

Favorite Colour: navy blue or crimson red

Likes: philosophy, quantum mechanics, writing, anime, Doctor Who, drawing, linguistics, RPing, politics, technology, history, military history, history from 16th to 20th century, Roman history, HISTORY.

Dislikes: anyone who is overly ignorant, hateful, or controlling; Republicans; Fascists;

Hates: overbearing religious folk; anything with more than four legs\two eyes; those evil lil' gremlins from Don't Be Afraid of The Dark;

Theme Song: Freestyler (good mood); Lilium (existential mood) ; The Scared War (bad mood)

I also have a FictionPress account under the exact same pen name (ComradeAngel), so check it out. I think FictionPress suits my tendency to go on tangents with my OCs better.

Oi! Hallo! Ich bin ComradeAngel, und
ich-...oops, that's right. Wrong language. Saluton! Mi estas ComradeAngel! Mi parolas-...wrong

I'm ComradeAngel. Don't ask about the name - I used it once before and fell in love with it. End of story.

I have the really bad habit of starting a fic, carrying it on for a few chapters, then starting a new one and forgetting all about the other one. This is why I need any readers that I ever manage to muster up (since I personally think my writing sucks) to constantly PM me, screaming and cussing at me to continue a particular story. However, like I imagine many writers do, I put priority on the fic that is getting the most views and reviews at the moment - reviews tell me that people are interested enough in my writing to take sixty seconds to either commend or criticize it and help me improve.

I really don't have a priority at the moment, although it's likely A Mir Turret or Swiss Delights, which seem to be getting the most love.

Egh. I tend to get distracted from righting easily, be it by video games (Bethesda, Paradox, and Civ games especially), books, Doctor Who, or my daily four hour YouTube binge - believe me, the people I'm subscribed to produce more and better content than any of the channels I get with Dish. Now if only the Verizon guys would get their butts in gear and fix my internet to not be horrible.

If you want to know more about me, read on, I suppose.

I'm a very stubborn individual who enjoys debating a lot of things. A LOT OF THINGS. Not in the "I'm right, you're wrong" sense either - a legit debate. With evidence. And logic. Amazing, right?

I have a fascination with foreign cultures and all types of history, especially military history; most especially military history during the time of the Roman Empire and in the 17th through 20th centuries. I also love accents and foreign languages - unfortunately, though, the American educational system has screwed up that latter love, as I only started learning German freshman year of highschool and have to learn Latin and French on my own. As for the accents, though, watching so many hours of Doctor Who and various European YouTubers every week has trained me to effectively imitate Swedish, generic British, generic Scottish, Russian, and Italian accents.

I like to collect coins too - the prize of my collection is an 1853 Napoleon Empereur coin...which is worth all of $3 on the market, but still - old coin.

I am also the founder of the one true religion in this Multiverse - the Church of the Cosmic Wolf. Like us on Facebook. ;)

Now, for some stuff about my writing.

1) I have a hard time being serious, and cannot be dramatic.

'Nuff said. This is why that any fics or chapters I write that are for the most part serious or meant to be dramatic are either very short or a lower quality than my other writing.

2) My humor is often immature or random.

Although sometimes I muster up some more sophisticated humor. My type of humor is normally fast moving and...unexpected. I like my characters to scream a lot, say odd or random things, and just generally act like hyperactive derps, unless it makes them seem way too out of character. Even then, it's fun. (:p)

3) I frequently get Writer's Block.

The best way I can explain it is as some sort of bottle of rainbow-colored liquid slowly draining out through the bottom as I write a chapter. This is why my chapters tend to get low quality towards the end of them, and why it takes awhile for me to update sometimes. Sometimes I write oneshots related to the story I'm blocked on in order to get rid of my Block, and then rarely I publish them as stories, with them often doing the opposite and getting better as it goes. But not often. See 4).

4) I'm only an adequate writer.

I acknowledge that my writing isn't "good". It's only okay, and don't try to tell me otherwise. My fics aren't necessairly bad in my view, they certainly aren't "triEla shoted the guy in his face wiht her gunn", but they aren't brilliantly descriptive like a lot of fics I've read, so don't expect a masterpiece. I have this major inferiority complex about both my writing and my drawing (especially my drawing) because so many of my friends are absolutely bloody amazing at both, so I am filled with absolute joy whenever I get a review that isn't "this is horrible i hope you never write again". Mainly because of a traumatic incident on here a few years ago in which someone absolutely ripped into me as a person through my writing and made me want to stop writing for a long time.

Now! Anyone who still has faith in my writing, feel free to browse. I just wanted to weed out all of the buggers who would scream "OMGURWRTIINGSUXGOKILLURSELF...I think I weeded them out, at least...

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