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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, and Aladdin.

Hey! Kirsten (kc) and Kylah (kf) are the names and writing and reviewing's our game...s.
Okay, so we both love Harry Potter, Ella Enchanted, DaVinci Code, DISNEY, "The Mummy", and rubber ducks! We are currently full-on rentheads and wicked... heads. Fiyero is scandalicious. And Kirsten loves Mark, Kylah is going to wed Roger. BROADWAY IS UBER-SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS! YEAH! BUSA SIMBA!
When it comes to reading fics, we love parodies. They are hilarious! (especially Harry Potter ones. We love having a laugh at our beloved Harry's expense.) And the marauders are pretty much the coolest guys on the planet.

Everything under this penname isplotted by the both of us. We sit down for what we like to call "plot parties" and we fiestato come up with a good plot. Kirsten writes andKylah keepsher chugging and comes up with pretty muchevery singlewitty remark you can find.
Our stories thus include:
DISNEY: Aladdin is posted and finished and written back and forth by the both of us.Beauty and the Beast is kind of floundering. Hopefully when homework lets up we'll have more time to play with it.
HARRY POTTER: Kirsten is more than half-way finished with the third and final Prisoner (Order of the Phoenix). She hoped to get it posted before Half-Blood Prince, but don't worry. It's still coming... just lagging a little. But it'll be worth the wait, we promise.
OTHER: The two of us are working on a surprise parody... it rocks the Kasbah. It really does. It's Harry Potter-semi-crossover with Broadway flair, so has to rule. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

When reviewing (which you SHOULD), please keep in mind that we are aspiring writers. We don't do this for a living, just a hobby, which we think that some people forget sometimes. Oh yeah- and if you feel the need to flame us, go right ahead. All will be taken as jokes, and trust us: we could use a good laugh- and we can use them to toast our marshmallows!
And NEVER EVER NEVERplagiarize our stuff. And that applies to everyone! If you really want to use one of our ideas or characters, then tell us exactly what you want touse and we'll tell you if we think it's okay. Because it issodisrespectful just to steal an idea. It's happened to us before and it's just so dishonest and heartless and it really hurts. And we love fanfiction, so don't make ustrack you down!
So yeah. I guess that's about the gist of it.

Viva la vie boheme,
~kirsten & kylah~

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