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July 15, 2016

The Boring Stuff

1. About Me: I am a thirty-year old man who loves telling stories. I write both original projects and fanfiction, though I will never post my original projects on a free-to-read website. Those are to be used solely for attempts to sell my writing. I do have some social anxiety issues which can happen even online, so I generally avoid conflict. I have re-opened the ability to Private Message me for the time being, since I do enjoy speaking with readers. However, if the individual who took issue with my opinion of Ron continues to hound me in PM (presumably blocking them should keep them from doing so but it didn’t at first), I will disable that again.

2. Review Policy: Now, I don’t mind if someone reads one of my fics and decides it’s not for them, and leaves a single review saying such. But if you keep reading and leave a purely negative review (especially if its basis is to get me to change my AU fanfiction to become more ‘in line’ with canon), then I will block you. Anonymous negative reviews will be blocked. Constructive Reviews will be accepted and I may even apply what’s suggested. More on that in a moment.

3. Update Policy: In addition to fanfiction, I write original projects that I hope to one day sell. These original projects have recently taken my focus again. So the priority in writing for me is Original Projects and then FanFiction. Please keep this in mind if and when delays in updating occur.

4. Constructive Reviewing: So, there are types of reviews on this site. Generally, they’re positive and give suggestions for upcoming chapters. Occasionally, they’re incredibly negative and the ones who write these claim they’re giving ‘constructive criticism’. Let’s take a look at how Constructive Reviews are crafted, shall we? First, you identify the problem you’ve found in the story for the world which it takes place in. In the case of Alternate Universe fanfiction, this does not mean the ‘world’ of the original story’s canon (such as whatever J.K. Rowling has said is canon for Harry Potter). For Alternate Universe fics, the problem has to be within the world the fanfic writer has created. So, for example, in I, Malignus, if I suddenly have Harry become oh-so-smooth when he’s still learning the ropes, that’s a problem to address. Once you have identified the problem, you then suggest a solution. Suggest, not demand.

My Harsh View on The Weasleys

Seeing that this will crop up in my fics quite a bit, I decided its about time I posted a ‘tell all’ when it comes to my issues with the Weasleys. Yes, I do mean the entire family, not just Ron, Molly, and Ginny. While there are certainly likable Weasleys (Fred and George being prime examples here), there are some serious issues with all of them.

Let’s first address the whole ‘they’re dirt poor and can’t seem to change it’ thing. They most certainly can change it, and more importantly have had the opportunity more than once. Within the books themselves, we find an off-hand comment that Arthur Weasley has been offered promotions more than once, which would bring an increase in pay and prestige within the Ministry of Magic. Instead, he would rather play with his Muggle objects all day and pretend he is some kind of authority on them when, in fact, he is singularly uneducated in the functions of the Muggle world. It takes the forceful nature of Rufus Scrimgeour placing him as the Head of a new Department once the Second War begins for the Weasleys’ fortunes to change, when Arthur accepting one of these various promotions would have changed his family’s fortunes much earlier.

Enter Molly Weasley: ignoring the whole stereotype of the overbearing housewife and mother for a moment, she is clearly a skilled witch and could have gotten a job of her own. Hell, she could have opened up her own little restaurant and earned money in a way that she thoroughly enjoyed, and Ginny could have come along with her to be watched (Ron, too, when he wasn’t able to go to Hogwarts). I do think that before the Twins went to Hogwarts it would’ve been more difficult for Molly to do anything of the like. Now, as far as the other aspects of Molly goes: its one thing if a couple are ‘partners’ in life, another for one to be overbearing to the other. Now, this is usually the man towards the woman, and I oppose this as equally as I oppose the way Molly treats Arthur (regardless of my opinion of the man, considering its entirely possible he might have taken those promotions if he wasn’t all but brow-beat at home every night for his interests). Then we come to Molly’s actions as a mother: firstly, she keeps trying for a girl, driving up the amount of children and therefore the drain on the Weasleys’ funds, and finally gets one on the sixth try. It is also clear she doesn’t pay all that much attention to her children despite being a ‘doting mother’, since she can’t seem to remember a lot of things about her youngest son’s interests and openly disparages the choices of most of her children. The only one whom she actually approves of their career path ends up being the only one to basically tell their family ‘fuck off’, so that tells you how badly she handles her children in that the ones she openly disparages still have some loyalty to the family.

Bill & Charlie Weasley: The oldest brothers, who have already entered into careers that are, from the sounds of it, quite lucrative. Gringotts, which controls the economy, is likely to pay its employees, goblin and human alike, well, and the Dragon Reserves are likely to receive some of the proceeds from dragon ingredients for potions. So why, then, do the two brothers not arrange for part of their pay to go into their parents’ accounts to help out? Or, at the very least, offer to help with the school supplies each year to lessen the burden of having to somehow buy the same school supplies for at least four kids?

Percy Weasley: Officious and focused on authority in the extreme, while Percy’s attitude to his father in Book Five is often the source of a dislike, the fact is his charges against Arthur were quite valid. Take a look at the politics in our own world. Here in the U.S., there are some political dynasties, and every member of those families is painted with the same brush, even if they are different from the rest. So Percy probably did have to fight an uphill battle and one has to admit it shows that his first job was with the disgraced former Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The books seem to imply that the Department for International Magical Cooperation is seen in the same like as the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office, and the Centaur & Goblin Liaison Offices. However, Percy’s blind faith in authority (not unlike the one that causes people to see Hermione Granger as problematic unless she is changed in some way) is just as damning as his father’s willingness to not work to better himself for the sake of his family, and reflects his parents’ own blind faith/loyalty to someone who is not equipped to lead a war in any fashion.

Fred & George Weasley: There is pranking the whole school, which is what Fred and George do most of the time, and then there is some of their more vicious actions. The most blatant of these is when they shove a Slytherin named Montague into the broken Vanishing Cabinet (which somehow makes it from wherever it was to the Room of Requirement in Book 6), and this reportedly affects Montague in a bad way. Their reasoning for this was because of Montague taking points off them as a member of Umbridge’s Inquisitorial Squad. This, combined with their testing of products on younger students “to make sure the dosage is right”, shows a distinct lack of regard for the safety of their fellow students, moreso if its someone they dislike. Now, as teenagers, we all say stuff like ‘give me two minutes to change this guy’s tune’ or something of the like, but how many of us would actually go through with possibly causing serious harm to another person and not feel an ounce of guilt about it? Sorry, but their glib humor and lack of regard for others marks the Weasley Twins as, at best, Sociopaths. Which is probably why they are often a staple of ‘which Weasleys will follow a Dark Lord Harry’.

Ron Weasley: Rupert Grint does a wonderful job of making Ron a bit more sympathetic and able to identify with. That said, when it comes to the books themselves, the impression one gets of Ron is someone who wants to coast through his Hogwarts career and find a job as either a Quidditch player or coach of a Quidditch team. Despite having a pretty high IQ and patience (sorry, but you don’t get to being a master chess player as he ‘appears’ to be by having low intelligence or by being unable to wait patiently for the other person to make their move in untimed matches), Ron doesn’t apply himself in his studies nor in practicing his magical skills unless he is doing so with others. This is a failing of Harry’s as well, so I’m not ignoring that aspect. Now, one defense people use for Ron has been that he still made sure Harry knew about the dragons. This only occurred in the films. While I occasionally use bits from the films, and imagine the characters as portrayed by their actors, when I write fanfiction I am thinking mainly in terms of the books. And in the novelization of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it is not Ron Weasley who gets the information to Harry. It is Faux-Moody/Crouch Jr., who does so by manipulating Hagrid. Also, in the film adaptation of said book, Ron point blank knew what was in the forest and could have told Harry straight out. Instead he got a request from Hagrid to tell Harry he wanted to talk to him (and we only have Ron’s word that this even happened, since he apparently lied about who was told before him!). So, no, regardless of if its in the book or the film, Ron Weasley does not make sure Harry knows what he’s facing when he could have told him point blank the First Task was Dragons. Do not bother arguing the point with me. All you’ll be doing is wasting your time and mine, presuming I don’t simply utilize that lovely blocking feature.

Ginny Weasley: The canonical love interest of Harry Potter. Okay, so first off, are we to assume that Harry is supposed to have an Oedipus complex? I mean, what beyond Quidditch do these two have in common to make them a good pairing? However, the most damning thing about Ginny is that it becomes evidence in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that she remains a Harry Potter fan-girl and not someone who is in love with Harry over the Boy-Who-Lived. After Dumbledore’s funeral, she tells Harry that she knew he wouldn’t be happy unless he was chasing Voldemort. Uh, excuse me? So, Ginny is at best an annoying fan-girl who hasn’t gotten over her crush. Understandable, since Harry even saved her life. But a good love interest to have in years to come? Nope.

FanFiction – Current

I, Malignus: Volume I – Harry Potter chooses to retract his statement at the end of fourth year regarding Voldemort’s return, and begins investigating the deeper issues within the wizarding world and its stark factions of Light and Dark. As his disgust with the Wizarding World grows, Harry begins to consider what he would have once considered unthinkable. Dark Lord Harry.

Imperium: Foundations –Response to DZ2’s “The Power Within” Challenge. Darth Imperius, a lord of the Dark Council, finds a method of immortality and uses it as he falls in battle to Prince Arcann of Zakuul during the destruction of Korriban. Reborn as Harry Potter, Imperius’ powers are awakened in the aftermath of Harry’s coma in first year. Sharpening his skills as a wizard and harnessing the powers of a Sith, Harry Potter will no longer bow to anyone. Dark Lord Harry.

FanFiction – Future

New Order: Rise – The mind can only take so much before it breaks, the mind of an abused teenager even moreso. When his name is spat out of the Goblet of Fire as a fourth champion and he is forced to compete, Harry Potter sheds his Gryffindor identity and embraces the stronger identity of Hadrian Peverell, who is far more of a traditionalist than his counterpart. Split Personality/Dark Lord Harry

The Heir of De Sade – When James and Lily survive along with their twin children, Albus Dumbledore is forced to think quickly to come up with a way for James and Lily to accept breaking from one of their children. Convincing them that the only way for Harry to defeat Voldemort is for him to experience Voldemort’s early years, Harry is sent to an orphanage in Little Whinging. Ten years later, a cold and calculating Harry is recovered from St. Brutus’ Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys. Eventual Serial Killer Harry.

Stance on Pairings

Harry/Ginny – Only if its built early on and she’s not some air-headed fan-girl.

Harry/Hermione – Enjoyable, especially if Hermione is broken of her love of authority.

Ron/Hermione – Do I even have to explain the many issues of this pairing? Main thing here is that the whole opposites attract bullshit is exactly that. How many of those relationships last in real life and don’t end in either murder or murder-suicide, assuming the cops ignore all the signs until it’s too late?

Harry/Other – These ones are usually the ‘political pairing’ stories I enjoy, which usually places Harry with the likes of Daphne Greengrass or Susan Bones. These are also the ones which are ‘slash’ pairings, and those I generally don’t read since the majority of ‘slash’ stories have little to no plot beyond how many orgasms Harry and whomever it is he’s paired with can achieve in each chapter. That’d be fine if its listed under romance or erotica, but not if its listed under action/adventure or other genres without those two also being added.

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