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Poor Jericho!!
Christian is a asshole, then again, so is Trish!!

The tour of defiance rocked! I got to see Edges butt! He was standing over rick flair, and ric pulled the back half of his trousers down, and put him in the figure four leg lock!

Im going to see the tour of defiance in manchester-i get a day off school!-WOOOOOOOOO!

Its the 12th of the 1st and my class have got our heaf tests for our TB jabs- and they inject stuff through 6 needles into your arm!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

I am a Strange British girl, who spends her lunch breaks in the library with a guy who reads the news paper, a guy who memorised quotes from the terry prachett books, a girl who is a mad goth-and wants to be a guy, a girl who speaks like a hippy-no afence to anyone, a strange guy who has the urge to poke everyone-and has the tendancy to say wierd things at the wrong time(he keeps coming out with word waffle?), and my friend kazuki, who has lost the plot, and replaced it with a dust bunnie!

my hobbies-horse riding,video games,reading,writing,karate and listening to music.

My fav. bands are:
Limp Bizkit
Blink 182
Dir en Grey(I like J Rock!)
The Calling

my favorite tv programmes-beyblade,yu-gi-oh,Gundam Wing,Tenchi Univese,Dragonball GT/Z,WWE, Takeshis castle, sushi TV, Stargate SG-1.


Fav characters:
Trunks-Dragonball GT/Z
Duke Devlin-Yu-gi-oh
Duo-Gundam Wing
Washu-Tenchi Universe
Daniel Jackson-Stargate SG-1

Fav WWE superstars:
Shannon Moore-He is sooooo cute!(I'm a Moore-on!)
Chris Jericho-Also cute!(I'm a Jericho-holic!)
Ultimo Dragon-Wicked cool!
Triple H-He has a big nose, but he is still cool.
Matt Hardy- Kinda Lame, But I like him any ways!(I'm an MF'er!)
Randy Orton-You gotta admit, he is pretty hot!
The Hurricane-Awsome(I'm a Hurri-dork)

Thought of the moment: Am in desparate need to ring kazuki(its the easter holihays and i am BORED!)

Computer Related Things (yes I am weird)

1) Since the 1970s, computers have saved acres of office space-which is now filled with computers.
2) The computer geek shall inherit the earth.
3) E-mail, is a Greek term for ‘irrelevant message’.
4) What is it with ‘this programme has performed an illegal operation?’ Its not like your PC went to Buenos Aires and whipped out someone’s kidneys.
5) 98% of all computer errors exist between the keyboard and the chair.
6) Dew knot tryst yore spellchecker four evry thing.
7) Computers will never be as good as books, until they make one you can read in the bath.
8) Don’t you find it annoying to be out smarted by a household appliance?
9) Why doesn’t Microsoft build cars?
Because you don’t want an airbag that goes ‘are you sure?’ before deploying.
10) You know when you have become a computer geek when…
…Your WPM typing rate is higher than your IQ.
…You become confused by that bright yellow orb in the sky.
11) G.E.E.K.- Great Evil Electronic King.
12) If Microsoft made cars, when ever you wanted
to turn on the radio, you’d have to turn off the engine first.
14) Sign on CD-Rom: game requires 100 MHz, Pentium processor, 16MB RAM, and a gullible teenager.
15) The best game is the one where you’re at the helm of the enterprise, and all the stars are coming at you from out of space.
I think they call it a screen saver!

My weird words/sayings

1)Don’t trifle with me!
5)Yes, I am a salmon!
6)I am in search of a stick of rhubarb!
7)Psycho people flush pillows!
8)Bananas smoke pot!
9)Tinky Winkys butt is shaped like a banana!
10)Fish are gonna take over the world (evil laugh!)!
11)Aliens live on earth, in the form of pineapples!
12)Knives are fun!
13)I'm OK!
16)You look like an umpa-lumpa!
17)Cream puffs!
19)I'm not saying this in a bad way, but you have two legs!
20)I am not a nugget!
21)My hotel sells lamas!
22)You are a piece of toast, good bye!
24)You have two eyes-i'm never gonna look at you in the same way again!
25)I want wings!

Someone had betta write a fic about Trish and Jericho soon or i will go mad!!!!!

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