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Hello all. Remember me? I'm sure most of you don't. I am Fyois, formerly known as Zenryo. I switched names shortly after leaving the first time and took on the name Fyois. And now that I have returned, I have changed my pen name to reflect this. So to clarify, I am Fyois, who used to be named Zenryo.

Now some of you may wonder, why am I back? Well, let's look at the list of reasons why I left:

I wanted to do better in school: Well it turns out that I kicked ass at school, and graduated High School and moved up here to the wonderful Connecticut Campus known as Central Connecticut State University, where I am currently studying Criminology, and doing other things like studying foreign languages. First of which is Japanese (ほんとに、俺は日本語を話せる。)

I needed to finish Eagle Scout: Turns out I did that too. Court of honor was November 16th 2006. The day is named in my honor. Only for that year though.

I wanted to learn to draw: Well I'm no Anime artist, but I'm pretty handy now. Mostly through the use of notebook doodles (my avatar will be something I drew) but my skill steadily increases. I didn't start a webcomic, but I'm in the process of coming up with ideas for it.

I wanted to make a comic to make money so that I could quit my job at Mcdonalds: Well the webcomic thing fell through, but I did quit Mcdonalds, and went to another job that I also hate more than most things. Mind you I didn't hate it more than Mcdonalds, but by the third year, it was no longer an improvement. (Toys'R'Us doesn't let you play with the toys on the job. What the hell is up with that?) So I left there too. Well I haven't officially quit but I'm not going back. Unappreciative morons. I do things around there to help store progress and what do I get? Well A: no recognition, and B: negative recognition and spite, and I wasn't even informed of the spite. Screw them, my changes still went into effect despite what upper management has to say about them. Anyway, ranting. I am now working at my School's Police Station part time. During the Summers, I'm employed through an employment agency at the Aerospace Company "The Lee Company" Where I make 10.50 and hour spraying tiny valve parts with water, and occasionally assembling them, all at the steady pace of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Weekends off and pretty flexible when it comes to time off.

So long story short, I've done everything I needed to. Technically I did this 2 years ago, but due to the fact that I forgot the e-mail I use to log in here and never made an effort to recover it, I haven't been around. I've also had no interest in writing. But now I consider possibly picking up the practice again, and therefore I am upgrading this front page with new information. However, I do not plan to continue the stories that have been sitting here collecting dust. Well at least not Revival. I don't like it anymore. I don't like Yu-gi-oh much anymore. If I wrote a Yu-gi-oh fanfiction, it would be about Dungeon Dice Monsters, which I have recently been getting into, and find it much more enjoyable than the thing that the card game has devolved into. I may redo the .hack story, but that is neither here or there. I am merely stating today that I have access to this account again, and may find it in my being to start writing again. If I start writing, I look forward to your input. If i don't start, then I guess I raised your hopes for nothing.

Things you should know or may want to know about me, Fyois: (Updated frequently with random information I deem relevant.)

My real Name: Matt

Alternate Names: Yamato Yamisuno (夜観春, 山止 Yamisuno, Yamato)

Birthday: April 8th 1988

Location: Connecticut USA, living at Central Connecticut State University.

Zodiac Symbols: Aries/Earth Dragon

Blood Type: A+

Favorite Color: Blue or Green.

Favorite Genres: Action and romance I suppose. I love seeing stories that have action and a love story. Probably why Card Captor Sakura is my number one anime. It's such a fine mixture of both.

Current Interests: While I don't enjoy it as much as I used to, I still play Yu-gi-oh, and maintain my love of the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. I have now picked up Dungeon Dice Monsters though, and find it quite enjoyable (Especially my two Red-Eyes Black Dragon pieces). I also still play Magic and Pokemon TCG, but the times I get to play these these are very rare.

I play video games, mostly prefering to play handhelds instead of consoles. I have two Nintendo DS (for playing Pokemon), Two PSP's (One is pretty much just a gameshark though now I'm turning it into a Wonderswan as well), and a PS2, on which I play Sonic and Knuckles 3, Kingdom Hearts/2, and Star Ocean: Till the end of time. I partially own a Wii which I hope to play Monster Hunter 3 on. Monster Hunter is my favorite sony game ever and I play it on the PSP compulsively.

I ski when the season comes around, and occasionally work out in the gym doing weights. In addition I swim, and recently, I run, all in an attempt to shed 50 or 60 pounds to get into the 180s. I also kickbox.

I like anime/manga, and currently have a list of the 80 or so I've seen in their entirety (or majority), ranked from my most favorite to least favorite (CardCaptor Sakura being the best, CLAMP School Detectives being the most hated).

I occasionally log into Runescape to see if my account is still open, and from March to about June I played a good bit, raising my Combat, Woodcutting and Fire Making skills. But I got the desire out again so I no longer play avidly. (Don't ask for my name unless you wish to present me with lots and lots of cash. Or a Party Hat. Pink or Blue only please).

I like sitting and thinking about things, whether they be story ideas, fictional concepts, the physics and mechanics behind anime/manga universes, usually techniques and attacks but there are other things. Despite that I rank Death Note low on my favorite anime list, the Notebook itself and it's rules are constantly under review by me. I also consider the fundamentals of the fictional universe, or any other topic I want to discuss with myself (Once I had an hour conversation about how Tommy the Green Ranger will never be surpassed as a Power Ranger).

Now that I'm decent at it, I like to draw, though I have very little to show for it outside of notebook doodles, which I show to my friends. I also like looking random stuff up on Wikipedia, everything from old movies to body parts, to physics concepts. I also have a part time hobby of making plushies, a skill that I learned when I went to Connecticon. I have a new one in the works, but I don't have access to a sewing machine so the project is sadly on hold.

Anime/manga and shows I'm currently following: Bleach, Tsubasa Chronicles, Negima (Kind of on hiatus) Fruits Basket, Cheeky Angel (Looking for that manga actually, finished the anime), HOUSE M.D., Pokemon.

How to Contact me:

If you'd ever like to talk, I can be reached the following ways:
AIM: My name is Fyois there too. Simple isn't it?
E-mail: Fyois_Yamisuno@ct.metrocast.net and Fyois@aol.com are checked most often. I prefer the use of the first one.
MSN: I believe it's Fyois_yamisuno@ct.metrocast.net

The Fyois Writing Team:

Those of you who know me from the olden days know that I have a few people/alters/egos/incarnations who help me in my writing process, mostly as consultants, but sometimes just as moral support (See Setsuna). Each forms one of the letters in "Fyois". They are:

Setsuna (S) (夜観春、雪南 Yamisuno, Setsuna)
Age: 14
Main contributions to the working process: Always friendly and uplifting attitude, gentle encouragement and she makes great cookies.

Isami (Formerly Isanai) (I) (夜観春、勇美 Yamisuno, Isami)
Age: Physcial; 5, Actual; 19
Main contributions to the working process: Not so gentle encouragement to get working. Spelling and Grammer check.

Oyrnez (O)
Age: Physical; 27, Actual; somewhere in the 7000s?
Main contributions to the working process: Consultant on supernatural affairs, historical accuracy.

I am "Y" (Yamato), and the "F" came from the fact that I needed another consonant and there were four of us at the time of creation of the name, so I picked "F", and we got "Fyois".

Ever want to ask them something? Use my e-mail and write their name in the Subject bar.


This section is notification of possible new projects. Or maybe just hints at new updates to what is or may be written in the future.

Cancellations: Below are a list of what I'm officially cancelling. You have until 9/30/08 to either make a copy for yourself or ask me to send you one and then I'm removing them.

Revival of the Dark Master

Termination Date: 9/30/08

To Live in the World

Termination Date: 9/30/08

Projects on the board:

Pokemon Adventure: Bai Itsutsume Shogai (倍五つ目生涯)

Genre: Pokemon

Estimated length: Indefinitely Long

Release Date: Theoretically, it would happen sometime. That's not that actual title though, I just made it up. But unless you're me you won't get it, even if the japanese makes sense.

Update to Release Date: Work on the Pilot chapter has begun.

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