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Author has written 8 stories for Final Fantasy VIII.
Fav Games: FF8, FFX, KH
Fav Genres: Romance, Angst, Humor
Dislikes: Yaoi/Yuri/Slash/Femslash. The sheer amount of 'em on*twitch*

If you don't like the idea of a Rinoa/Squall pairing...stay away from my works. Far, far away.

Blurb: Of FFn and the like, what irritates me most when reading reviews is the general lack of useful commentary. I look at my reviews, and more than half the time there's absolutely nothing constructive in them (and a particular lack of criticism too). Comment insightfully, there's absolutely nothing great about "that was good. update!" and that being the entire review.

6/16/04 - That was a nice long FOUR month break. School really sucked, so I'm glad it's finally summer. Anyways, I hate myself. I'm posting here in the deluded belief that somehow this will motivate me to get moving with my fanfics. Yes, I still have several ideas bouncing around (that were never fleshed out). I will - I PROMISE - to get them done!

Current Works:

A Life Unlived (Possible revision) - AU Squinoa. An idea that has been through so many fanfics, this one's a bit worn. Even so, a look into a relationship that was never destined. Transferred to Balamb Garden, Squall meets Rinoa. Can Squall learn what it means to love, to live? Can one person show him what he denied?

Completed Works:

Twilight - When one is faced with a pact made from a promise, what happens when the promise is the one thing they wish had never happened? A reconsideration to the 'coincidence' of Rinoa and Squall's dance and the first mission to Timber. Eight years after the conclusion of Final Fantasy VIII.

Words Left Unspoken - Squall saves Rinoa when she's in space. And they make it to the Ragnarok. Happy ending, right? When one cannot speak, what are the consequences?

Silenced - Someone once said, "Silence is golden." Can Rinoa live with the silence that Squall carries with him? A much different version of what happens when Rinoa wants Squall to say those three words.

Effect - There are no one-way relationships. What others don't see, is what draws her to him. The effect of change leaves nothing untouched.

Idealized - Some things are just too much to handle. An unnamed SeeD that has been idealized, looked to as the perfect soldier. Too bad. Failure is beyond comprehension.

Explosion - That which is often neglected: the SeeDs that never get the spotlight. Innermost feelings when one accomplishes a mission.

Finale - The game's over. The end. Everyone goes their separate ways. Months later, catching up is...different, to say the least.

Future Works:

Times Three - Combat is combat. Understand what it means to fly. Kill...or be killed. There is no alternative.

Limits - Everything has a limit. After all, there are unspoken conditions. Bend some - break some. The results are beyond imagining.

Sanity's Requiem (Pending new title) - The end of the line...when everything you've known has suddenly changed. To change with reality, trying to convince people of your words when you died half a year ago.

- remote_mine

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