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^_^ Hi, 'tis Neko here!! Er...*coughs*glances around*fidgets* x.x' can I say? I like writing fanfiction; mostly ideas that suddenly popped up into my head without any reason at all. I usually never even finish them, but its not all that important...ehehehehe...^^; I'm also into drawing and artsy shtoof, which usually gets me in trouble because I'm sketching in class and not doing any of my work-which might account for the fact I almost failed last year...wait, no, that was my love for staying on the computer all day...oh well...I'm mostly an anime fan, sometimes 'normal' cartoons. Oh, and angsty stuff is my favorite to write, too...

Favorite Anime/Manga:
Blue Gender
Kare Kano
Rurouni Kenshin
...and other stuff...*wracks mind*

Since I'm done with the other stuff, and likes...=3 Let's go into dislikes!

Mary-Sues/Gary Stus
People who insert themselves as a main character's relative
And/or friend
And/or original character relating very closely to a main character (Like an identical twin to InuYasha or something x.x)
Spam ~.~
Very confusing websites (ex.
People at my school
Obsessies who always diss dubs

Not to mention the way PC's work...^^ Well, I guess my work is done, here...oh, and..*points to email* .hack lovers, sign up =P Lol...kidding, kidding! *gets beaten to death with rolled up fanfiction* NOOOOOOO! X_X

Well, onwards! For the fact, I'm not a professional writer, and probably never will be. To tell the truth, I have doubts about writing stories with more than one chapter; I'm VERY easily distracted and almost always end up discontinuing because I don't know what to write. Other than that, I'll brag and say that I'm a very creative person with lots of talent, which is an absolute lie, but I can dream! ...right? O.o Besides, who else would actually surpass the limits and dress up as a fangirl for Halloween? Kitty ears, bishounen plushies, and all? MWUAHAHAHA! ME! ...well, I haven't done so yet, but that's my plan...^_^;


Without Meaning: Mimiru and the gang have failed at their quest, and in time, have faded from the real world itself as time progresses, and outside the world, the real Tsukasa is dead. And yet he is held captive in The World as a prisoner until the end of the game, undying, and alone...
Type: .hack//SIGN, One Shot

Feudal Fairy Tale: Basically a cute little story of a retired demon exterminator living in the present, retelling the tale of an adventure from long ago to her two children...waffyness alert! Oh, not to mention their last name is a car...Kagome decided not to tell them ^_^ Hehehehe...
Type: InuYasha, One Shot


Prolly an FLCL fic...
KOHAKU STORY!! ^_^ adding onto Without Meaning?
Random poems! Wheee!
MORE Kohaku stories!
Must yell at to make more categories...
Such as Kare Kano and the like.
More InuYasha stories, prolly .hack//sign tooo...
*squeal* SORA STORAY!! =D
Making various plushies...for HALLOWEEN!

And that's all, fowks!

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