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Hi there I'm 17LiveFree76 but you can call Free if you want (Or Live...or 17...or 76 I really don't care). I write stories mainly involving Hetalia: Axis Powers but also Bleach and other subjects. I'm not the best at updating because I do have a life outside my stories (Although they love jumping in there and making me laugh randomly on the street) but I do try to update as often as I can.

Current Stories:

Don't Forget to Remember Me!- Rated T. The story centers around Ash, an odd ten-year old foster child who is framed for the murder of her foster parents, and Honda Kaito, Japan's eleven-year old son who was kidnapped but escaped and met Ash and is currently trying to get home. In the background though will be America and England's past involving their daughter who was kidnapped by the same scar faced man as Kaito as well as Ash's own broken past. It does involve some dark themes (Neglect, abuse, hints of drugs, murder{obviously}, suicide, etc). Expect updates on Sunday's.

Szakadt Ketté- (Translates to 'Torn in Half' or 'Divided into Two') Rated T. A Modern Universe story involving a love triangle between Prussia (Gilbert), Hungary (Elizabeta) and Austria (Roderich) whom were once close friends but something happened during the summer before sixth grade and Gil and Roderich somehow became enemies and moved schools, leaving Elizabeta behind. They finally come back but both seem to be after Elizabeta's heart and as she finds out are heirs to two separate enemy mafia's and that she is more closely involved in the mob than she thought. I'm not sure if I'll continue it, I never got big into the plot and such but if people really like it I might work on it.

Need to Know Basis- Rated T. A story involving the states whom have been around since before America was a nation but kept themselves a secret so as to not be used against America's enemies. A secret terrorist group finds out about the nations and try kidnap them, but after numerous attempts stopped by the states discover the secret of the states. After Virginia is kidnapped, America and the rest of the G8 show up at his house looking for an informant named Arthur Washington (Really Virginia's human name) and accidentally meet three states who are forced to reveal who they are. This leads to America and the others getting involved to rescue Virginia and stop a planned kidnap of the rest of the nations at the upcoming world meeting. I am really excited to get this one! Expect updates on Wednesday's, Thursday's or Saturdays.

Heart of Calypso- Rated T. This story is a Pirate AU involving Fem!America, Pirate!Iggy and others. Having been given an odd locket by her Father before his death, Abigail Jones lived a normal life running her tavern and inn until the Pirate Captain Arthur Kirkland arrives and discovers she has the locket needed to find the "heart" of Calypso, which is the location of an island that is said to have a jem on it that can control the ocean. More or less she is coerced to go along and they have a race against time to stop Lord Braginski of the Russian Trading Company (See what I did there) so that the heart of Calypso doesn't fall into his hands. Pairing(s): Fem!UsxUk, Fem!NorxDen, PruxHun, SpaxMano, GerxIta, and others along the way! I am super excited for this as I love pirate stories and I think this one will be great!

Future Stories:

Lover's Cradle- Rated T. An AU involving fem!America (Amelia) who after receiving a letter from a great-uncle whom she's never heard of leaving his farm on an island to her, leaves the city (And her controlling mother) to go to the island. Once arriving it seems she's pulled into a series of strange events that put her not only at odds with the local chief of police (England/Arthur) but tying her into a curse passed down in her bloodline from an event that happened over 50 years ago at a place on the island dubbed 'Lover's Cradle'...This is what happens when you play Harvest Moon and then watch horror movies the rest of the night. It's actually not 'horror' but does involve the supernatural and want of revenge. I have it planned out a bit but unsure if I'll actually post it or not.

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Heart of Calypso reviews
Young Abigail Jones was given a secret locket by her father years ago, now when a pirate arrives having the key to her locket she's pulled into a wild ride to find the "heart" of Calypso, stopping Lord Braginski from controlling the ocean's and her feelings for the British pirate. Fem!America, Pirate!Iggy, other pairings inside!
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Need to Know Basis reviews
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10 years ago, America and England had a daughter; Marilyn. When she was two, she was kidnapped by a scar faced man. In present day Japan's son is taken and meets a girl named Ash whom witnesses her foster parents murder. On the run from the cops and desperately trying to figure out Ash's connection, the two kids do their best to get Kaito home...with a little trouble along the way!
Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 21,197 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 6/30/2013 - Published: 2/23/2013 - England/Britain, America
Szakadt Ketté
Elizabeta, Gilbert and Roderich used to be best friends until 6th grade where they all suddenly went their separate ways. After nearly six years the two boys come back to her life, bringing along heartache, guns, and the past colliding into the present with powerful consequences. And everything seems to revolve around Elizabeta. PruxHunxAus and other minor pairings Modern Mafia AU
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