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February 24, 2008. Whoa. I hardly ever sign on to, let alone update these days but for whatever reason I happened to think that the date was February 24th and hey! that was the day seven years ago that I created a account. Seven years. Do you realize how long seven years is? For some of you maybe I've been on this website for half your lives!! I feel so old. Last night I happened to babysit my little sisters and we watched the movie version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (which of course is always a dangerous thing to do if you have even a mild interest in writing Harry Potter fanfic, and I guess, I would have to admit that after seven years of doing it, I sort of have an interest that's greater than mild). And I was just thinking about all the fanfiction and about how great the cannon series actually is and how I wished I had more free time to just reread the books right now and pow, today it hits me that I've been doing this for seven years. I can't think of anything else I've done for that long and I thinking on it I can't even believe how much different my life is now compared to then. Thankfully my best friends in the world remain, as they were then, so they are now, Harmony Slytherin and Sierra Charm who of course have other names but who still have accounts as well even though they aren't maintained. (Mine isn't really either but you never know. Every once in a great while (about once a year) I get an insane urge and I post a chapter...) So anyway, I HAD to post something here because it's been SEVEN years. Who knows how long this will continue. But for now, I feel incredibly old.

If anyone is wondering about my pen name I would be perfectly happy to explain. You see, I used to be Stardust.(With an asterisk between the 'star' and the'dust'. Unfortunately the new formatting won't allow such simple pleasures in life as an asterisk.) Just that. And I have been here for several years now and I was always just Stardust. But, then, Aug. 2nd, 2003 rolls around and suddenly decides to change their policy on pen names and all of the sudden I have a number three stuck on the end of my pen name. This really pissed me off because I thought I have probably been here the longest out of all the Stardusts (Now, I didn't actually investigate that point so I may be wrong.) But still, I was upset about the 3! And so, I now proudly proclaim it! That is why I am Stardust3 Annoyed W/AUG.2nd.

Let me give you a brief blurb of my thoughts on my stories. I don't pretend to be some excellent writer. I write for fun and I don't stress over perfection, or near perfection, or anything close to perfection. That said, let's get to the specifics:

The Last Laugh :

This was my first real attempt at fanfiction and while the storyline is pretty good, the writing definitely shows my age. I was a freshman in high school--I think-- when I wrote it, so keep that in mind. Actually, I think I may have been in middle school.Otherwise, it's a pretty nifty story. I like it a lot and it sets up Awakening. The Last Laugh shows the life and times of Lily and James Potter (post-graduation) until thier death. There are tons of fun characters and lots of drama. Mostly this story is noted for its random humor.

Note: As of August 2005 I have started the revising/updating process. (March 2007 still revising, slowly, when I feel like it. I've redone the first six chapters and I don't plan to stop...) I am not changing the plot in any way I am just editing and making the writing richer. I am going to try and embellish the story a bit with a few more scenes to really help Awakening along but otherwise I am not making changes to the story.

Awakening :

Awakening is the sequel to The Last Laugh. It's a fun story, centered mostly on Sirius and his mostly non-existent love-life. It takes place during Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts and the people of Harry's generation experience romantical difficulties of their own. But don't make the mistake of labeling this a romance story. There's a definite plot there, loads of humor and fun, and TONS of drama. Voldemort has picked up a new weapon and a powerful ally. And a crazy Harry Potter fan stirs up Hogwarts life for everybody. The story is crazy but I really think it has a good plot-line. Currently, as of August 9, 2005, the story has 17 chapters and is FINISHED!


Zirconia is the sequel to Awakening which is the sequel to The Last Laugh. Where TLL took place in the MWPP era, Awakening took place in the cannon era (though, make no mistake, it is not in most ways true to cannon), Zirconia takes place post graduation. In fact it takes place fourteen years in the future. The first chapter, posted January 2006, is a series of flashbacks and serves almost as a summary of the interim years. The plot from Awakening is reawakened by the second chapter when Zirconia the new villianess from Awakening re-emerges and reclaims her power. All of the characters that haven't permanently died in the series (and those that I've kept alive anyway) are back for this book plus the next generation has arrived and is wreaking havoc on Hogwarts. Meet everyone's kids and families and see how relationships have lasted...or not lasted. This plot, while involving the next generation, is still more focused on the older characters and involves a mixture or family-oriented and romance drama intertwined with the unfolding action that is Zirconia.

March 2007 I actually posted chapter two and it's sufficiently long to be satisfying for a while.

Chicken Questions...Need I Say More? :

In fact, I thinkI do need to say more. I can't believe that I ever actually wrote something so randomly bizarre. I'm told the collection of short chapters are hilariously funny... and I suppose they are...What really baffles me is the fact that that short little nothing that I wrote in middle school has over 100 reviews. Really, it's worth a laugh, but that fic does not at all reflect the style of my writing. It's just something random and worth a read, but not much else. (rolls eyes)

Thanks to all of my reviewers. Some of you are awfully faithful and I love you guys. My little support team is so awesome! And thank you so much to all my close friends here on Sierra Charm and Harmony Slytherin are awesome people and amazing writers. They all have helped me a lot in my writing and their stories are definitely worth checking out. I think they would agree with me that Never Turn Back (by Harmony) and Eyes as Green asFresh Pickled Toad (by Sierra) are some of the most unique and best fanfiction on this site.

If anyone has any questions about anything I would be happy to hear from you in an e-mail or a review and am very prompt at responding--unlike my updating tendencies.

Stardust (with an asterisk!)

PS If you're interested I've been doing some original fiction writing that tends to be updated regularly (well, it was in 2007...currently I'm still writing but not necessarily posting, however, if I get things reworked I may just start again) on I'm Star(asterisk)dust3 over there.

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