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Hello, my name is Katie, I'm an Aussie (Well, half Australian half English if you must know.) and I've been written a couple of stories, but only one so far has been posted. And that one... is my first one. Please don't judge me by that. (*hides behind blanket* Why did I do this to me...) so if you want to try and save the story that I wrote, feel free to do so, though I did damage it beyond repair... yea... I'm going to delete it and pretend it never happened so If you want to become the new Author of my Hunger Games story, by all means do. (Just do a little shout out to me if you can, ok?) Trust me, I have got way better, no more Mary Sues, a lot more detail, and just better.

Sorry for the long speech that no one really reads and isn't all that important. Social convention, I guess.

A little shout out to my friend RueThisDay who is my friend IRL and is totally awesome, (I quote a lot... Tell me if you got that one!) and she's also writing some books as well and has helped me out a lot. (She is way better than me. Rue, don't you dare PM me about this.) Follow and favourite her as well and I hope you like my stories.

Also my sister Laurasaur did my avatar. It was actually a T shirt design along with others. To see them go to RedBubble and type in laurasaur to see her work!

So on that note, see you later people! (Sorry this is so long and probably boring because, who wants to hear about me? In the scale of the entire universe, I am nothing, don't worry about me. *Disappears into a cloud of smoke and flies away into the sunset.*)

P.s. I am a terrible writer, so don't leave any hate comments, it's not cool, I already know. And if I'm not, I'm not fishing for attention! Promise. Also, if you have any ideas at all for a story that you want written on the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, the Gone series, any book really, I'm got bored and I need something to read, because... I don't want to loose my life to the internet and Mine Craft (You are awesome if you play Mine Craft. And 1.7 is out!!) so yeah, happy chirstmas/haloween/easter/pancake day/ any festival so don't expect me to update my profile for a while. (Btw boredom can lead to awesome things. Remember that.)

My Stories

I'm... easily distracted, to put it nicely for myself, so my one story that I've published. I'm either going to ditch it or re-do it. I'm writing a Percy Jackson story, if you want a character in this, feel free to tell me because, well I need more. If anyone has actually bothered reading this then if you want to, follow/favourite me and tell me ways that I can improve.

That's it.

Errr... Bye? (Can someone tell me how to end these things in a non-annoying, over used way?)

You do realise that you could be reading something interesting right now instead of reading what I say which is completely irrelevant to anything in your life. Go read something that if Fictional, that's why your on FanFiction, isn't it?

It turns out you can't delete your account.

God help me.

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