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Graduated M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008

8/2011: About that free time thing...yeah. I haven't managed to find the time to write much since work began, but I do still frequently come on here to read a few of my favorites that are still ongoing, or to try to scout out some new diamonds in the rough. I still have some things I want to write, though I sadly think my favorite project of the past, the Yondaime Project, may be butchered of all inspiration after what the actual series has done. It's hard to keep something like that going when there's so much information in canon that is contrary to what you've already written. If you read it, keep in mind that it was originally written before we knew anything of the names Minato and Kushina, nor of their rich heritages and histories.

I'd like to finish them someday but I'm just not sure what I'd do with them now. My original ideas are collapsing under the weight of what the series has done to where they just feel false now.

1/2010: I'm finally back! After a long 2009 with a full-time job of...finding a full-time job, 2010 is looking up. I'm now gainfully employed and looking forward to not feeling guilty about the way I spend my free time. If the muse strikes, I should be much more productive here than I have been in a while, which is good news since I reluctantly left many of my stories unfinished.

ffnet deleted all my unfinished work I had stored on the site, so I still have some work to do on rebuilding files. That said, lots of my work was backed up on my hard drive.

Favorite Characters in no particular order: Vegeta, Piccolo,& Gohan from DBZ; Sasuke, Itachi, Naruto(Manga Maturity Version) & Neji from Naruto; Prince Zuko & Katara from Avatar; Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku & Yoda of Star Wars; Anubis from Ronin Warriors; Kratos from God of War; Raziel from Legacy of Kain; Illidan Stormrage of Warcraft; Mega Man X; Sakaki & Chiyo of Azumanga Daioh; L and Kira of Death Note; Jack Freaking Bauer of 24; Wormwood from Trigun; Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing; Asuka Langley Soryuu from Evangelion; Gai Daigoji from Nadesico; The Green Ranger; Xu Huang of Romance of the Three Kingdoms; Alucard of Hellsing; Spike of Cowboy Bebop; both Jin and Mugen of Samurai Champloo; Eowyn of Lord of the Rings;

Animes I've seen that aren't listed above: Scryed, Gantz, Fruits Basket, Love Hina, School Rumble, Tenchi everything, Yu Yu Hakusho. I'm sure there are more but they're slipping my mind.

Here's a bit of info on the different stories I have done/am doing.

My primary creation on here has been a story called Yondaime: Strength of a Nation, that delves into the life of the 4th Hokage. As I realized how important he was, however, this story has grown larger and larger in my mind, and the result has been astounding. At this point I am creating not just one story, but three or four...it shall be known as the Yondaime story arc from this point on. Strength of a Nation is its flagship story, but much of what was originally planned to be put in Strength of a Nation will be pulled into the eventual (side) stories.

One of the other stories has already begun. Valor and Harmony is also from the Yondaime arc, though it can stand alone. I believe it will work out that you won't get a complete picture of the 4th without reading both, however. Unfortunately, the timeline between these two can get a bit messy. For your information, if you want a chronological look at what has happened in the Strength of a Nation(SoaN)/Valor and Harmony(V&H) story arc, read in this order:

SoaN Chapters 1 through Chapter 3,part 1 (AKA chapter 3 on ) cover a few days...
V&H Chapters 1 and 2...these happen late in the same day as SoaN C3P1.
--New day--
V&H Chapter 3 is the next morning and throughout the day with Narashima...
While the rest of SoaN Chapter 3 (AKA Chapters 4-6 on ) covers that same day with Arashi and his team.
--New Week--
V&H Chapter 4 and 5 will pick up on another random day during the weeks after Arashi's battle...
--New Week--
Then SoaN Chapter 4 (AKA Chapter 7 through now) will set up the huge transition Konoha goes through...

and V&H will probably close out before I do any more SoaN after that.

You'll probably find that I alternate stories a lot in this arc, as I'm going to attempt to actually write everything in chronological order. Since V&H is focused on the development of one relationship (the 4th Hokage and his eventual wife), while SoaN is focused on the 4th's reign in Konoha as a whole, they initially cover the same time period. There will come a point, however, when SoaN is on hold while V&H gets completed, since a lot of stuff will probably happen over the course of a few days...SoaN covers a few years so we won't focus much on any one part, other than the two spots when everything goes to hell...

This isn't nearly as epic an arc as Yondaime will be, but it will still be interesting. What If delves into what would happen if we were entirely wrong about Itachi's intentions, or even the things he has done.

After writing that, a completely off the wall idea popped into my head, and after a bit of fudging, turned into what I think might be the most interesting story I'll write on here. Lost Hope is a continuation of the story arc from What If...the main setting is Fire Country in a future far different from most fiction on here...this time the bad guy won. Many of the favorite characters, unfortunately, are dead, but Naruto lives on, attempting to fight a war that most feel he has no opportunity of winning. It is both sad and exciting, and a few of the twists envolved in the road may surprise even the folks who think they know what to expect.

This one is proving to be the hardest to write...because it involves creating a vividly different setting. The action may be happening in Fire Country, but the Fire Country here will be much different from the one we know from the series. And the characters would have changed in ways that make it hard to get inside them completely. From my point of view, that means there's much potential for growth as I work on this. I am working on it though, so be patient with me.

But, it's also a second priority to my Yondaime fics for the moment, so be extra patient.

Opinions isn't much...I don't even consider it a story. It's more like a set of monologues...a peek into one person's thoughts. The opinions are aimed at describing one person's thoughts toward another, and also explaining why he/she feels that way. So far I've always gone back the next day or so later and reversed it...allowing the other person to tell his story. And if a poem comes to mind, so be it. This is mainly stuff I just...DO. It comes out when I have free time, but I don't really go out of my way to work on it. Sorry if it seems slightly unpolished because of that. Anyway, so far I've done opinions for Ino-Shikamaru, Naruto-Kyuubi, and Sakura-Sasuke. I have a couple on the backburner to do...and I'm saving some of the cooler ones for later, when the anime goes into more detail on them. I read the manga, but I'm not going to put a story on here that half of the folks reading wouldn't get. I don't want to be a spoiler.

After the chaotic chase that nearly killed all the boys in her entire class of genin, Sakura realizes that Sasuke is really gone. Deep within, something motivates her to be better than she is now. She takes that part's suggestion and seeks help in evolving into an entirely different creature...in becoming a true fighter...a true shinobi. Along the way, she begins to understand the things that make those around her so special, and begins to develop a uniqueness that they all see. I really haven't figured out what exactly will be the end to this story...it's just something I'm having fun with. There is a good possibility it will end in romance, but with who and how exactly that will happen, I leave no clues.

The real reason I write on here is because someday I hope to someday make a living (or at least some extra cash) off of writing my own stories. But, it's a lot easier to develop a story using other folks' characters than it is to make your own...so I consider this training. As a result, I'm trying to branch out from Naruto into other stories with different characters...in an attempt to understand what makes them tick as well. The result thus far has been "Rise of the Empire", a story spanning from pre-movie 2 through the end of 3 in the Star Wars universe. It follows the interactions of three main characters...the Sith Lord Sidious, his eventual apprentice Count Dooku/Lord Tyrannus, and of course the brash and arrogant Anakin Skywalker. I've gotten a lot of really good ideas for it from watching the movies over, and here's hoping it comes out well when I refocus on it.

In addition, there have also been characters I've grown to love, and I plan to do more with them soon. I have a one-shot on the hidden romance between Jiraiya and Tsunade called "Good Times Gone," and I intend to toy around with that relationship some more soon.


Valor and Harmony: Chapter 7 (Priority 1)
Yondaime SoaN: Chapter 5 (Priorty 1.5)
These two work together...having to debate the order these two events should happen in...

Rise of the Empire: Chapter 3 (Priority 2)
Rough drafting...

Evolution: Chapter 4(Priority 3)
On the backburner until I can finish V&H...

On Hold/Cancelled/Not a Priority=

Mega Man X6: Absolute Zero (Not a Priority)
No one's reading it, so I'm going to write the whole thing for myself first.
What If Continued: Lost Hope (On Hold)
Have to work on/modify my setting some before I can continue writing.
Opinions (Not a Priority)
This one just sort of happens...I write when I'm struck to write. It's never been a priority.

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