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Date: 5/11/2012

Looking over some of my writing here on the site and starting to work a little more on Dark Adaptation... if I can get the chapter's tidied up, I think I might even be able to get around to finishing off some more of it, even though it's a little late in the game! Ah well, if I'm keen to do it, I'm keen! Most likely no one is reading this but if anyone is who enjoyed that particular story then it might make them happy! So far, I've spruced up all the chapters to number 9 and number 10 I'm going to do a bit more work on. Let's just see where this takes us!

A much belated Hickok!

Date: 22/02/10

Hello ya'll! Just a little note to say that I have updated the new revised versions of DA's chapters 7, 8 and 9. There are a few additional scenes here and there so have a look if you like. Next up is Chapter 10: Delusions and then just a few more chapters before I'm satisfied that I've cleaned up the story enough and then I can post the new chapter, which will fit in with the changes I've made!

Hope you are all doing well my dearest of readers! Thankyou for your support and I'll try to have something new to you very soon!


Date: 28/09/09

Not a great deal to report but I feel like I should be cluing folks in anyway. That is... if anyone actually looks at this wee page! Very close to finishing both Dark Adaptation chapter 6.2 or whatever it's called and Sickness unto Foolish Death chapter 2. I'm trying to make time but unfortunately, I don't have a lot of it at the moment! Trying to get a little done every night, so I can get it to you guys fairly soon! As always, thankyou so much for your patience!


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Billy Connolly again... love that man!

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Date: 04/09/09

Probably not what everyone was expecting! I've had a lot of free time during my placement and I haven't had any of my Yami stuff with me. I found myself writing out a little Kuroshitsuji fic (six chapters in length at most) and decided that I might as well post it, as I continue fiddling around with DA! Don't worry Dark Adaptation readers, I haven't abandoned it at all! This is just something I wrote up for a change of pace and thought I might as well post it! ('IT' being 'Sickness unto foolish Death.') I'm quite fond of it in my way and it's written from Grell's POV with my own signiture wanky style, which I'm sure long time readers of DA would recognize.

Anyway, yes, that is up, so if you're a fan of Kuro then feel free to take a look. But like I said, don't worry! It hasn't taken precedence over DA by any means. Still tuning Chapter six part 2 and that should hopefully follow along shortly. Until then, take care everyone!


Date: 23/8/09

Okay, a little something to report; chapter five and six have been replaced with the revamped versions. I'm just on the cusp of finishing the all new chapter 6 part 2 in which all the Shinigami go to the bar and we see the Cleaver Man for the first time, so I hope to get that wrapped up as soon as possible. Wish me luck guys! I'm working a lot at the moment, even nights as well as day so I have very little time!

Thankyou everyone for your reviews as usual! You guys keep me wanting to try and keep updating, which is really encouraging. I appreciate the time it takes to write a review and I wish I could get back to everyone purposefully. In the new chapter 6 part 2, I'll write some response to those anonymous reviewers. You guys deserve to be personally thanked too!

N E way, check out the remade chapters if you like. Thanks as always for your patience! Love as always,


Date: 7/8/09

Wow, it's been a while! Hope you have all been well. I've been updating some of the previous chapters of DA which has changed the storyline considerable. ... In fact, it's kind of a different story altogether which all the original material still there of course! It'll be a while before I post a NEW chapter so to speak but there's so much other material to look over, I'm hoping it will keep you guys entertained until then.

BTW, thankyou to everyone who has kept on reviewing. To answer some of the questions I received; no, I'm not yet a published author (though I would certainly like to be if I could come up with something original of my own!) but thankyou for the compliment! As I said, a new chapter isn't ready to go out there yet but check out up to chapter four at least, there's whole new material there and a revised chapter five with heaps of new scenes will be added shortly! Again, thankyou for all the lovely comments and I'm very glad you all have continued to enjoy and support my work. Hopefully, I'll have something new for you guys soon!


Date: 1/4/09

Hello everyone! Going on hiatus for some time, as I am extremely depressed, disillusioned with everything and gaining absolutely no joy at the moment from writing. I need to take some time to sort myself out and decide if DA is something really worth going on with. I do apologize if you are enjoying my work and want to see it completed but I'm just not getting enough feedback to see that myself.

Hopefully I'll feel better about things soon and get back into it but at this stage I'm not promising anything. That's just the way I feel at the moment.

Thanks for all your support and I do encourage everyone else to keep on writing. I hope I'll be back in touch with you all in the future.

Best of luck!

Love Hickok

Date: 24/08/2007

Avatar/Image: Next Dark Adaptation update is Tsuzuki's POV, so this months picture is of Tsuzuki! Everyone savor the cuteness that is Tsuzuki! Savor it I say!

Dark Adaptation Progress: Chapter 24 from Tsuzuki's POV. Title: "Death Precedes Us With a Knowing Smile." In progress. Veeeeery long chapter. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Date: 23/10/2007

Never fear, duckies! The next chapter is finished! (After only two short months...) And once the fine tuning editing process is finished... it shall be coming to an Internet near you! Like I said, very big triple update so I do hope you all enjoy it.

Now, what else pray tell, can I inform people about...? Ah yes, from now on, instead of using this as MY bio page - (I assure you, the less you know about me the better) - every... now and then, whenever I feel like it, I'm going to put a character profile up here, for the characters of Dark Adaptation, original and non-original alike. These are character profiles I've written and compiled myself and I just thought it would be nice to share them. They include information from the manga and anime, such as age, favorite saying etc, etc and a bit of info that is specific to DA itself. You'll be able to tell the difference easily. I'm hoping this might also clear up a few story points that people may have been unclear about. Come to think of it, if anyone has any questions regarding the story so far and things they don't understand, please ask and I will address them for you.

As you can see up above, today's character profile is Watari. He is first because... well, he was the first character to appear in DA. The next character will be Tsuzuki. So, until the next chapter is up and running, please enjoy the character profiles! Again, thanks for your patience everyone. The wait is almost over!

Date: 8/11/2007

Well, the latest few chapters are up and it seems that everyone has enjoyed them so far. Thankyou for your lovely compliments everyone and I assure you that I shall address your reviews shortly. (My contract at my full time job is soon to be expired and I will then have the time I desire in order to concentrate my artistic energy). Today, I have replaced Watari's character profile with Tsuzuki's. I hope you all enjoy for the while and the next one to appear shall be Oriya and then Muraki. The next chapter I am currently organizing, so hold onto your chaps MuTsu fans, that long anticipated lemon should be gracing your screens soon! For now, please do make do with a bit of Tsuzuki loveliness.

Date: 8/1/2008

Well folks, DA is now officially four years in the making! How... depressing...

The next chapter (and the MuTsu lemon four years late) will be up very VERY soon, I swear! I thought in the mean time I might pop in Oriya's character profile, so please feel free to have a look whilst you are waiting!

Hang in there!

Date: 14/2/2008

Muraki's character profile is up! And the next chapter of DA is currently subject to some intense betta-reading by the ever faithful Jollyolly! I'll be able to post it just as soon as she is done fine combing it.

The wait is almost over! Thanks for your patience everyone!

Date: 3/9/2008


Well, Hisoka's character profile is up now! I was trying to decide whether I would post the profiles for the geisha in Kokakuro before the other characters in the Ministry of Hades but decided it was better to do what people liked. It isn't as extensive as the previous profiles but I'm afraid that I do not possess a wealth of knowledge about Hisoka. ... To be honest, I know more about him then I actually put down but... Oh hell, why am I explaining myself?!

Progress report: Writing additional scenes for earlier chapters of DA. Nothing up yet but I'll let you all know when I do! As for chapter 32, it is already written in base form but just needs to be padded out a bit! I'm gonna try and get chapters out faster than I used to but you guys know me... I'm totally unreliable. It's strange how slow I am in dishing these things out, especially when you consider that I write almost every day!

I so did not just admit to that...

Well, enjoy some Hisoka-ness everyone! And don't forget; never go into a park alone at night. You never quite know what the ducks are up to...

Date: 18/11/08

Hey everyone! (More like anyone...)

I have so much free time on my hands now that you would think I'd be getting things up but so far, nothing. Well, not nothing really... I've been adding bits and pieces to the previous chapters of DA and in my humble opinion, these additions make for a better story! I'm working on chapter 3 at the moment and the addition is so huge it's taking much longer than I thought! I'm very bad and keeping promises on working fast so all I can say is that I am working hard and I hope that everyone will like what I've done when I finally get those new and improved chapters out.

I'll post here and let people know when I have updated them! Until then, I hope everyone is doing well and that I find you all safe and happy. Thanks as always for your graciousness, patience and kindness!

Love Hickok


Do I just like the number 18 or something?

(Ahem) Hello everyone!

Man, I sure am wasting a lot of time! I'm writing one more fight scene for the new and improved chapter three and I think I might even post it separately from DA, it's so big! Of course it'll still be part of the overall story of DA but it's a bit too much to add to chapter three now!

Once that's up, the rest of the chapter revisions will just flow. They're already done, I'm not quite sure why I wrote a whole huge chunk for chapter 3 but mysteries will be mysteries. I guess I'll see you guys hopefully soon, when I start the process of updating again! It's been a while... thanks to everyone who has stuck around and for all those who have supported me!

The wait is almost over!

Love Hickok

Date: 8/2/09

There's that number eight again... perhaps it's some kind of omen?

Well, salutations all! Finally, some good news to convey! The new and improved chapter three is finished and currently moving through the pre-screening process! (Aka: Jollyolly and Chazmy are beta-ring and fine-combing.) As soon as they are done, I will have it posted as a separate story but still part of the overall DA story! (I think of it as something of a deleted scene, omitted from the original version because of its' length and clear disgusting-ness.) But yes, it will be up as soon as they are done! Thanks guys for taking the time out to do this for me! Love ya!

As for the immediate, I have replaced chapters 1 and 2 of Dark Adaptation. They are up now, so you guys can take a squiz if you like. No big changes to these ones, just a cleaner, tighter chapter with a few small changes here and there. Bit more story specific. And a new profile! Hisoka has been replaced with one of my top favorite DA characters Chief Konoe! (And no, I'm not actually joking. I love Konoe!) Feel free to check him and the re-written chapters out whilst we sit and twiddle our thumbs, awaiting the arrival of the deleted chapter!

Thanks as always for your patience! Any day now I'll have something new to show you guys. I just hope it was worth the wait!

Love, as always, Hickok

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get wasted all the time

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