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Gentle Reader - Welcome!

I am the Scribe of Doom, currently interred in the South tower holding room (hey, nice view!) of Castle Doom, Doomstadt, Latveria. My castle privileges are currently suspended, so I only have limited access to the outside world. Hey, beats the dungeon ... those poor fools. Anyway, I still have AV feeds and internet access, plus unlimited cable and a cell phone. My website got axed years ago ... too many unauthorized pin-ups of Doom in his swimsuit, I think (Sorry, Master!) But Doctor Doom himself sometimes sends me his personal assistant with updates. And I've got a Doombot staying in the suite next door. So I tell ya, I'm connected!

All that makes me -

The Unabashed authority on all things Doctor Victor Von Doom. Yes, really. No, I'm not a Doombot.

Writer of Doom 2099 Underground (UG) available for viewing here. Included here will be the fan fiction stories I have written about the Marvel character Doom 2099. This may or may not be Victor Von Doom, the Doctor Doom of familiar Marvel continuity. In the original tales of the year 2099, that identity was never fully revealed. Doom believes that he is the original Doctor Doom, transported into the future from the year 1999 by means not yet explained. He certainly acts the part, although in this reality the familiar heroes that were his nemesis no longer exist. It is a strange world where the reality of "meat space" and "cyber space" are often intertwined, and when Doom arrived here his advanced technology was far surpassed by a hundred years of innovations. But he is Doom, and so he adapted and conquered! Doom eventually became leader of the free world, declaring himself President of the United States, before being overthrown in a violent coup by a madman named Herod and his cadre of black card carrying corporate overlords, and an unwise alliance with aliens having their own agendas for humanity.

If you, the reader, are not familiar with Doom 2099 and the 2099 universe (which included future versions of Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, The Punisher, and other old and original characters), hopefully you can follow along with these stories without much further explanation. Some things are going to be different, but the human experience remains the same.

These stories were originally "published" under the 2099 UNDERGROUND project on the internet, between 1996 and 1999. They are presented here largely unchanged from those original works, but edited as I see fit, having ten years plus of separation between now and the time they were originally penned. There are currently 16 complete chapters, and I may be adding the subsequent chapters as time sees fit.

If you haven't read them before, I hope you enjoy them! And if you were a follower back when the 2099 Underground was alive with ideas and creativity, I hope you rediscover them anew!

And future writings of the Adventures of Doctor Doom will be forthcoming.


Your humble scribe,


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DoomSaga I: The Book of the Tarot, PART ONE reviews
Before there was Doctor Doom there was his father, Werner von Doom, and his mother, Cynthia. Who were these lost gypsy souls who would create between them the greatest villain of the Marvel Universe? And what demons would haunt them? An untold tale.
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Marvel - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,907 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 5/5/2011 - Complete
Doom 2099 Issue 45 The Storyteller reviews
The Storyteller reveals to Doom and Duke Stratosphere a bit of gypsy lore, will it lead to a hidden treasure? And who will be the winner in a battle to gain the information about the gypsies whereabouts? Knights in armor clash, and Duke ducks!
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Doom 2099 The Beckoning reviews
Latveria has been reduced to an inhospitable pool of toxic sludge by a madman wielding unearthly powers. Now Doom must renew his power in the strange new world of the future and in the realm of computer cyberspace as he struggles against new foes.
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