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Now that I've sorta straightened some stuff out here's my full profile.

Name's Kaisertrigger. If you're an SJW consider yourself triggered.

I write shit, I read shit, I am shit. We're all shit. I dabble in fanfiction as a hobby.

You can contact me on Twitter. My name is KaiserTrigger on there too. @KaiserTrigger.

And wouldn't you know it, we have our first hater. Unfortunately, while he tries to pass it off as constructive, he fails to do so. The idea of contribution to improve ones writing is appreciated. But here is an example of what not to do.

"This is really bad. Let's just get that out of the way. It's not good. I'll give it points for effort but the only quality checks it passes will be for whatever you spelled right.

Your characterization of the canon characters is close to terrible and your original character is overdramatic manchild. What you think is epic and funny is contrived and cringeworthy. This is the kind of harsh criticism this story deserves at least. Though I want to give you advice beyond it.

I am harsh because it's obvious through your writing that you're still young and you think these things constitute to quality work, but it just comes off as bad. That is okay. You can still learn. Talk to your teachers. You don't have to mention it's fanfiction just talk to them about writing. Even high school teachers can be helpful if you show interest in the subject.

Good luck. By the time you're in college you'll back on this and laugh. Trust me on it because I know."

#1: Make sure you don't post anonymously. You're just shoving shit out of your ass when you can just sign up for an account so that people can reply to a review. Help comes from people who actually know what they're talking about. And they're the ones not afraid to let you reply and give more advice.

#2: If you are going to mention spelling, then point it out. Don't just state that you're a terrible speller. It doesn't work that way.

#3: Prove how the canon characters are out of characterization. You can say it all you want. But until you prove it, you're, as 4chan uses it, a fag. So remember, prove things first. The same goes for talking about being an overdramatic manchild. Obviously if you just spew out words, it doesn't constitute to advice, let alone knowing what you talk about. So provide examples, and facts to back things up. It would be greatly appreciated if you would not talk just to talk.

#4: No one gives a shit if you're harsh. Because harsh yet knowledgeable is better than just being harsh. Do try to research the characters, and terms you use, if you don't actually know them.

Now with that in mind, please do try to keep a lid on your idiocy. Or at least, if you're going to be an idiot, let people reply to you so they can be idiots too. If you know what you're talking about, prove it with actual advice. Otherwise you're going to only be known as someones first hater. I'd rather be known as a knowledgeable hater than just a hater.

My favorite series/franchises/works

Dragon Ball/Z

Madoka Magica

Fist Of The North Star

Mazinger series

Getter Robo series (Which contrary to popular belief is technically not a Go Nagai work but the work of Ken Ishikawa. Nagai only pitched the idea for jets instead of cars)

Saints Row series

GTA series

Cowboy Bebop

Sword Art Online (I like Asunas tits. That is all.)

The King Of Braves GaoGaiGar

HDN (This one is waning some. VII is looking good though.)

Yu-Gi-Oh (The original, GX, and 5Ds only),


Akira (1988 movie version)

AVGN series



Spiderman Franchise

Batman Franchise

I have other series that I'm a fan of but the above ones are the most special to me. They be my special animus in my heart.

Future planned stories or stories in the making (Bold means currently working on. Unbolded means on hold)

OC Outbreak: Death-Guard Evolution: Chater 9 coming up next

Dragons Forgotten: Police Story: (Giant crossover involving the same main character from my previous fic but with different background. At least until I can come up with a brand new design for an OC. And no. I will not make it a female OC because I can't draw females for s*t. Nor is any current story being made with a female MC in mind. This story essentially takes Saints Row, GTA, Dbz, and mixes and mashes it up with whatever anime you can think of. And video games to.)

Dragons Forgotten Side Chapters

Kaiser Chronicles

Currently Playing: Mega Man X5 and X6

List of currently shown OC's in OC Outbreak. Art for them will eventually be made. Just add .com to the end of Deviantart.

Murakami Kai (My bby boi.) theamericankaiser.deviantart/art/Did-someone-call-for-an-exterminator-589504282

Fujimoto Shinichi (Newborn bby boi.)

Hisato (DxD OC)

Remias (DxD OC)

Alastair (DxD OC)

Aeromax Skithe (Demon whos name is Sort of a shitty pun on Aerosmith)

Find My own facebook page here (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Murakami-Kai/1714075248816915)

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