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Name: Nastasja,my nickname is Kerry.

Age: 14 ._.

From: Serbia.

Language spoken: Serbian is my mother language,but my English is almost good as my serbian.

Hobbies: Drawing mangas and watching anime,learning japanese,playing volleyball,shopping and writing.I also love reading fanfics.

Life goal: To become first serbian manga-ka, make manga and create anime based on it.

Current obssessions:

  • Naruto Shippuden.
  • Doujinshi I'm making for me and my friend.
  • Sasusaku fanfictions.
  • Getting an A in biology.
  • You could say that my other obssesions are Haruno Sakura, Akatsuki and Sasusaku.

    Haruno Sakura is my role-model and I look up to her. I never understood all the hate she gets so I decided to take a closer look at her character. I was amazed the second. And what I find really interesting is that she resembles me in every way. I can be a hopeless romantic and a hellcat,just like Sakura. I have rather eruptive personality and I'm short tempered, but I'm kind by nature and appreciate my friends very much. I'm really mentally strong and opinionated girl,but I'm also really emotional at the times.
    When I'm not sure about my decisions I just think . '' What would Sakura do?'' and the amazing part is that I always make the right joice,following that strange logic.

    I live for Akatsuki's.I love all of them . Deidara,Sasori,Itachi,Hidan,Pain,Kakuzu,Konan,Zetsu and Tobi(the jackass Tobi we all know and love). They're all so unique,with their own personalities that is different with each character. They're also hot as hell.
    I never really thought of them as the bad guys. Someone once said ''Antagonists are protagonists in their own world.'' and I couldn't agree more.When you think of it,in it's own(a bit twisted way) their goal was noble.They wanted to achieve peace,right? Maybe their ways were wrong,but it's a fact that must be considered and acknowledged. I love them all so much. (I appreciate Akasaku very much,too)

    I'm a die-hard Sasusaku fan.They're my OTP and will always be.Sakura's undying love for Sasuke,after all the pain he put her through,amazes me.Sasuke is a real asshole at the times,but I seriously think that he feels something for Sakura and that he share's the strongest bond with her(and Naruto).The many times he saved her,when he tried to cheer her up at the beggining of chunnin exams,the soft 'thank you' he gave her before he left the village,the way he was bitting his lip like he's regretting something when he was about to knock her out, the face that exudes sadness and regret he made before trying to kill her..it all indicates that Sasuke feels something for Sakura. Sasusaku is the ship that'll make Sakura,my favorite character,happy.Therefore,if she's happy,I'm happy too. And that pairing is also really sexy ;)

    All stories I'll ever make on this account will most likely be in Naruto category.I can't promise I'll always publish on time(school is a real pain in ass) but I never abandon stories,I guarantee you that.Please understand that english is not my native language,so I guess I'll make a few grammar mistakes from time to time,but I'll try to keep that at minimum.Constructive criticism is always welcome.If you spot a grammar error,I'll appreciate if you inform me about it so I can fix it.

    DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto.Masashi Kishimoto is it's respective owner.


    -True art is what we share.

    Genre: Romance/Adventure.
    Category: Naruto.
    Character: Deidara and Sakura.

    - He's an S-ranked criminal.She's a talented medical ninja.Under strange circumstances,they meet.He needs her healing abilities,she needs to keep him away from her friend.And at the end of something that started with hate,what will bloom between the two shinobi?

    Progress: Writing chapter 3,editing chapter 1.


    Characters: Sasori/Deidara and Sakura.

    -Haruno Sakura is a rookie in Konoha High and everything is working perfectly for her.She's got great looks,flawless grades,loving friends.Who would say that one detention and two boys can turn her world upside down?

    Progress:Writing chapter 3.

    C O N T A C T :


    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/kerelenis


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