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Author has written 4 stories for Fatal Frame, Final Fantasy VII, and Naruto.

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Ayame Mudo
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He turned arounds as if to let someone walk in first, but he was welcomed by open air. Nothing changed the fact that Aerith wasn't following behind him any more real.
Status: Complete

Patters of the Rain: What if Gaara had a childhood friend? Would that change him enough to where he wouldn't be so heartless during the Chuunin Exam?
Status: On Haitus/Incomplete

Cloud's Angel: What happened the night before Aerith's death? Did they tell each other how the felt?
Status: Complete

Sae's Last Hour: What happens after the last journal entry from Sae. Her last hour alive.
Status: Complete

-- Updates --Okay, just a small update. I changed some things around on my profile if you couldn't tell. I still do plan on continuing Patters of the Rain, and this time, I do actually have ideas. Just keep in mind that even though I have finished school, it will still take me a while to update. If you don't like the speed of my updates, then go do something else while you wait. I'm currently working on the CxA Themes, as you saw by Hotel, and I've got another entry to do, so I will more than likely post it up here so that I can post it there. So yeah. I'm still working on my book, Act V now, I just need to put it on the document, but I'm must taking a break from it. If you don't get updates from me in a while, that's where I am, working on Ray of Light. So yeah, that's what's up. I'll update again soon.

Update: 2/26/2008

-- Update: 5/5/2008
I'm taking down Whispers in the Dark because of lack of intrest really. Patters of the Rain I've lost intrest in as well, but I'm not going to take it down because I was so far in it and apparently, a lot of readers liked it. I'll update it again eventually, but not any time soon. But you can expect to see a new story up soon. I don't have a name for it yet, just the show that it's from. I hope you guys know of Supernatural because that is what the new one is going to be from. The next update I should be doing is with the first chapter of the story if I don't decide to make it like Hotel was.

-- Update: 7/3/2008
I've gotten back into the writing mood, but I don't know what to write about. I'm on a block right now, but I'm slowly getting over that by every means possible. I've been getting ideas for something, I just don't know what yet. I'll update again soon hopefully.

Oh yeah, I'm changing my name to Damaged1989. Update your bookmarks if need be (though I doubt that anyone would bookmark me O.o)

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Patters of the Rain reviews
What if Gaara had a childhood friend? Would that change him enough to where he wouldn't be heartless during the Chuunin exam? Read and find out what happens.
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He turned around as if to let someone walk in first, but he was welcomed by open air. Nothing changed the fact that Aerith wasn’t following behind him this time any more real.
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