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Age: Unknown. Old Enough. (20)

Gender: Male.

Bio: Small time writer with lacking experience. Yup that's me all the way. Slow starter but quick on the uptake. I'll be looking forward to improving myself and my stories as they come. Treat me kindly and I'll treat you with kindness, treat me with scorn... and frankly i won't care.

I write for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of those that like what i write. -Nobody- -Nobody.- is forcing you to read what you don't like. Don't create problems because -you- don't like it. You're only one person on a site of thousands. one opinion over hundreds.

Don't mess with someone that took the time to try something -you- didn't have the guts to do yourself. It takes little effort to read a story, it takes even less to walk away. So walk away if you don't like it. You'll be a bigger person when doing so, only a fool needs to show their blatant hate for things. And only the wisest of people will understand not to give their hate onto others.

Encourage those that try something new, encourage them to keep trying, and encourage them to succeed.

Current Story(s):

Shadows of My Shinobi Way. (indefinite Hiatus with possible rewrite.)

A Tale of Halkeginia's Gutsy Ninja. (Originally called the Immortal Familiar, Will update eventually)

A Stone among the Trees. (Will be updated eventually.)