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Erm Im not quite sure how to use this but i will give it a go. Prepare for my stupid ramblings in 3..2..1 ACTION! Hi, my name is Maria aka 'big nose', the 16 year oiron manrawn. I am small and pathetic as my lovely friends Aiko Rin Sayuri and Kaichou-sama never fail to remind me! I think that will suffice as an introduction, now here is some useless information about me (which I fail to see how it is relevant as a fanfiction author). Oh goody! Wait! Before you start, I should say, it took my ages to type this out on my tablet because I broke two laptops within the past month and I'm stuck with this, my tablet hates me so sorry for all the mistakes!

My favourite animes: Attack on titan, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, black butler (I am one hell of an otaku, honhon), elfin lied, another, ouran high school, toradora, ghost hunt, mirai nikki, code geass and pokemon. YAY for pokemon! pokemon..more like pokeMOM mwahaha, that one was for Juju!

Hobbies: In my spare time, I like to read; at the moment I'm reading 'Regeneration' by Pat Baker. My favofavourite genres are horror, crime and fantasy but I will read pretty much every genre. I'm also a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe!I keep his complete works on my bedside table and am in the process of reading it all! I like drawing even though I'm not that great, its!it's good fun anyway! My favourite games are Assasins's Creed and the Batman arkham games. I've recently started collecting batman comics because he's my favourite superhero of all time, although I love deadpool, spiderman and ironman too! My favourite TV shows are Sherlock, American Horror Story, Dexter, Family Guy, The big Bang Theory, Spongebob, The regular Show and even though I haven't seen much of it, I love the walking dead. Myfavourite subjects are chemistry, physics and biology. French and latin are pretty good too. When I grow up, I want to be a mermaid. Actually, I would like to be a pediatrician, please note that this is not the same as a pedophile! cough *Kaichou-sama* cough *my mum* cough. Im quite a boring person really, I don't do much sport, I used to play for a netball team and I will be continuing martial arts in summer. I spend too much time on youTube!!! My favourite YouTubers are pewdiepie, smosh, zoella etc. I LOVE CATS AND BABIES, especially my baby sister!

Dislikes: i dislike many things so to keep this brief, here are just a few..Most food especially meat, feet, WHEN ILLITERATE IDIOTS USE WORDS LIKE REEM, PENG AND DANK I MENTALLY STAB THEM WITH A SPOON, meanies, duckface, MESS, ESPECIALLY IN MY ROOM, AUTOCORRECT MAKES ME ANGRY, attention seekers (there are a lot om Tumblr, grr)

Music: Errm, my music taste is kind of all over the place and I like most things apart from tacky pop and rap, Some of my favourite bands are Motionless in white, enter shikari, bring me the horizon, Chelsea grin, crown the empire, some asking Alexandria although I've gone off them quite a bit now, Betraying the Martyrs, Agnes Obel, Daughter, some Five finger death punch, Bombay BicyBicycle Club, Panic at he Disco, the paper kites, the honey trees the killers etc in my head at the moment is: Irene Adler's theme. The song i'm listening to right now: Sorry youryou're not a winner by enter shikari.

I look like a dweeb, as i mentioned already, I am small, scrawny and ridiculously pale. I have long layered black hair with brown dipdyed ends. If you want a more specific idea of what I like follow these instructions. Step one, go onto google. Step two, type in 'prawn'. Step three, go onto images. Step four, pick a picture and add a squidward nose to it. That is me! My mother claims that my pale, prawny complexion is because I spend all my time in my room with the blinds closed but my hypothesis is that I am a vampire. (I wish) IF YOU MESS MY ROOM UP YOU WILL SUFFER THE WRATH OF MY SPAGHETTI MUSCLES. If you haven't already noticed, i'm a bit of a baka. I am very shy unless I am around my best friends, I would like to think I'm organised and swagalicious (I'm only half kidding honhon), also described as 'squeaky' more times than I care to remember. I can be a neat freak and a bit of a perfectionist...errr, its.it's really cringey describing myself so I will stop now. Having written all this, I'm wondering why I have typed up all this unusual information and also if you are still reading...YOU NEED TO GO OUTSIDE AND CHASE BUTTERFLIES OR SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.

Favourite quotes

Light Yagami- I will take a potato chip...AND EAT IT!

Bocchan- (looking at a map) It needs to be 28 miles long!



Kaichou- Firstly, it's not morning and secondly...NO ONE HERE IS A BURGER!

Bocchan- If you plot a graph of bosom size and sluttiness, then it is directly proportional. Of course, there are some anomalies of course. Adelaide is off the scale for sluttiness but is in the negatives for bosom size.
Kaichou-sama: Wait... Her boobs don't curve inwards!

playing a game where we take turns to tell a story*

Kaichou- So then Ciel gets kidnapped by a mysterious figure and..

Me- so Sebastian goes to find Ciel and finds him in Slender man's house where slendy is wearing a frilly pink apron making cookies for Ciel wearing the most MENACING oven mitts known to man!

Kaichou and me- Oh boy, I just passed gas

Me- I'm telling you, a zombie apocalypse is possible

Friend- Yeah, if everyone starts taking LSD

Friend- Her voice is like alpha radiation, it's stopped by a few cm of air.


Me- *silence* I LOVE FOUR *glomps person sitting next to me*

Anything the Mighty O has ever said

My pet squid Joshua- If you're a prawn, i'm plankton

As the concentration of plebs increases, the rate of reaction for arguments also increases


Bocchan- *To a teacher* I gotta go to the dining hall and go take my drugs

Current mood: Squiddish, weird mood, hungry, ill in bed, happyish

Current craving: Nutella, milkshake

Current song in my head: The neighbourhood 'Sweater weather'

Currently watching: (a number of animes and tv shows) Hetalia, attack on Titan, No 6, Revenge, Dexter

Currently writing: Death note alternate ending

Currently reading: A number of things which I can't be bothered to list, why is this in bold?

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