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Welp, this space has been cleared and redone for the sake of change! I'm Hannah but you can call me brat, she-devil, or whatever the hell you wanna call me. Mostly I've been called spoiled rotten and a vampire by my family members. I am spoiled rotten, this is a true fact, and I am delighted to know I have everyone wrapped around my pinky finger! Yanno how it is when you're an only child.. Unless you have any brothers or sisters then I am terribly sorry to hear about that.

Anyhoo! - people still say that, right? - I will tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a proud Georgia resident, I live with my parents and grandma, and I am almost eighteen years old. I have been disabled and paralyzed from the waist down since I was four years old due to a car crash in Crawford County where I lived at the time and no, this does not mean I am totally helpless - I am extremely independant! I hate it when people open doors for me and don't like sympathy from others because let's face it being on the recieving end of pity sucks.

Now that I have told you about my predicament I'll move onto parents and family issues. My mom, Stephanie, left my biological father when I was three due to personal problems and I don't see him much anymore thanks to that. My step dad met my mom through a job when she was helping out construction workers on base and he's been in my life ever since then - which is irritating most of the time since he's an annoying drunk every night. In a previous relationship he has a son who I used to be close with when we were younger, and he is older than me at the age of twenty five, and he's trouble.

Finally I'll move onto personal interests and yes, they are weird. I like vampires - not the sparkly prissy bitches from Twilight - but real vampires who rip shit up and wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims just for giggles, I absolutely adore elves - their so cute with their pointy ears and chubby cheeks and yes I have an elf for my profile picture namely the most elfin adorable Head Elf Bernard from The Santa Clause, and of course anything that has to do with the supernatural.

I like various types of music except for Gospel and Country - I love rock and roll, metal, and some rap music. I love to sleep in the cold but prefer the warmth, my room has to be completely pitch black otherwise I won't sleep at all and one time I had stayed awake for three days straight until my mom had to wrestle me to the floor forcing me to sleep, and my brain hurts so I'll stop right here for the moment..

ATTENTION - I have the most wonderful news! In probably another week I will have a new tower, desktop, keyboard, and mouse so I will be able to write fanfiction again! :)

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