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Hey everyone! i want to let everyone know that i can't really update my other stories,
sorry! please bear with me! i really hope you like my stories!(that is
if i can ever post them!) I have some good ideas and i hope i do the
original stories justice.

name- ashley rose


state- MN


gender- girl

i'm a dancer and writer (duh!) and i have 1 older brother, two older
sisters (plus my sis-in law!), and 1 younger sister. Plus 3 dogs. _ i am not going to write
any gay stories like Kurama and Hiei (i get all weired out when i try
to write it.). OH! and i'm not going to write any couples like Keiko
and Hiei or stuff like that. However, i may in the future write a botan
and someone story or shizuru and someone story.

story stats-
Ok. so here's the deal... I'm in high school and all 'extra cirricularly' booked, so finding time to write is near impossible, especially since right now i'm working on my own orignal work that has yet to be named (if you can think of one, e-mail me.) So currently, all my stories are on pause... hopefully, i'll be put into a big accident or something where i'll just get to sit and write all the time!!

comeing soon! Well, relativly!

title: Into the Woods PG =once upon a time, a girl stumbeled apon on old castle,
what's this! ALL THE APLIENCES ARE TALKING! and who's that boy lurking
in the shadows...? inu/kag story based on the story beauty and the beast and the song 'into the woods'. It's actually really interesting, (at least to me) and is worth checking out! IN PROGRESS AS OF NOW!

title: Behind your mask (can't remember rating)= Basically, it's the Teen titans meeting up with Gotham and Robin's adoptive family during a 'feild trip'. this was originally a one shot, but i got such positive feed back it's a short story now... I'll finnish this one ASAP.

Title: relitive truths PG = when
Yusuke and kagome are forced to take time away from there busy lives to
go to their family reuinion, they find that they may have more in
common than they thought! Inuyasha/YYh cross over. Inu/kag Mir/san Y/K
pairings. there's a lot more to the plot than it sounds!

Title: not postive, i'm flirting around with some names like 'little Mrs. perfect and Mr. Wrong' and 'Peers helping peers.'(you have to read the story to get that one.) but i don't really like either. anyway! PG(maybe) 13= Inuyasha Tashiois switching schools to Shinkon no Tama private High. Why? Because he's been kicked out of his last 4 schools in 6 months. Kagome Hirigashi's grades are starting to drop. Why? Because she just might be falling for the new boy. There's a lot to this story and i really like it but it's pretty low on my list right now. Plus some other writers wanted to do this one with me when i said the idea i had but i'm not sure if we will because our styles of writing are really different and they aren't as dedicated to writing right now.

Title: It Killed Roxanne (psst! this is the one i was talking about!)

- Roxanne had never planned on turning her back on humanity, it just happened. I guess you could say watching her father die in that car crash changed her. Rosslyn had never planned on helping his new best friend Roxanne try to illegaly save two roage Trickten either, it just happened. I guess you could say he felt like he owed Roxanne after killing her father... (there's no way to explain this story without it sounding corny, but that's a small part of the story.) TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! I might put a teaser of this in one of my stories...

Brief intro of this story from Roxanne, the main character; just so you get the general idea...

For sure, one thing is constant: life changes you. Not just your life, but the lives around you, the lives you touch, the lives that touch you, the lives you take, the lives you stopped living. Being a member of the Crox meant that I would preserve life no matter what the cost. That with the ablilties granted to me by the Gatheren and King Charles would be used to stop those who threatened others; particullary, the one threatening being like us. Being a Trickten is like being something you're not all the time. It's hard not to use your super speed or reflexes, not to hiss angerily at something or someone who displeases you... not to show you're fangs. But I told myself constantly that I could do it. I swore that I would never risk anything. That way, i'd never loose anything ever again, like Daddy. After the switch in life styles, I made the choice to live my life like a doll. I didn't need emotion because I could work without it. I was smart, I realized that sometimes killing hope yourself stung far less then watching it die. But life changes you. And through my non-exsistant half life I was moved; shifted. It surprises me even now, how much I've changed, who has changed me, how freakin' fast I could change out of my pageant dresses into my torn bloodied jeans... People changed me, Trickten changed me, I changed me. "Life isn't just breathing.." Damion had said to me, brushing my lips softly with his, "Who says that to truly live, you have to be alive?"

Confuse you? I'll explian... This is a story about Roxanne 'Smith', a teenaged girl who turned Trickten by her now partner Rosslyn after her father's car crash. Tricktens are supernatural, they move like shadows and have fangs and natural instincts like bats- but they can hide with humans, which is exactly what Rosslyn, Roxanne and Broady (partner #3) do. they are all members of the Crox, the leadership of all Tricktens, this including King Charles and the Gatheren, a group of snobby old relics of men who are told to be very wise. While Tricktens are harmless when they want to be, they can also be deadly... which is what the Rebellion is. They're tired of being tame, of being the 'life keepers' and protecting humans from the sinister creatures around them. With the Rebellion lies it's leader Antonious, and his next of kin heir Damion. While a power struggle emerges between the sides, the trio of friends stays on earth with the remains of their humans families, trying to stop Roage Trickten and demons from ruining any more lives. While trying to balance both AP human geography and daily fights with demons, Roxanne also gets the lovely pleasure of hearing rumors about herself; rumors that she's the next Regna; the crowned Goddess of all the Trickten. And while nothing has been finallized or decided; Roxanne is stuck being baby sat by her two male counterparts in a vain attempt to keep their future hope safe. Vain, because the Rebellion fears a shut down of their plans should a Regna like Roxanne be put into power, Vain, becuase ruthless leader Damion has his eye on her (which considering his amazingly hot body might not be such a bad thing...) Trouble flairs while Roxanne's inition date and Damion and hers feelings loom closer and closer, bringing on really pissed off Trickten like Rebecca, who consider killing a sport and target those Roxanne could never protect. Morals cross in this tale of never-blind love and the un-dying (no matter how much you want them to) human ties that unite ALL of us. (No joke, this is the best story ever, it has so many different elements going on.. there's something for everyone)

Dudes, e-mail me! dashwee78@earthlink.net or IM me at superglam91; i'd love to hear from you!

updated- 8/04/08

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