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Author has written 2 stories for Spyro the Dragon.

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Well, where should I start? I like writing stuff down and I thought I would start publishing it. I've always liked Spyro, so I thought Id start there, and work my way up. (Not that Spyro is bad or anything... Shhhh...)

What's happening: Frustration. Lots of it.

Books I’m working on:

Eternal Darkness

Description: Spyro and Cynder managed to defeat Malefor, but what happens after? They meet some new friends, and find that there is a shadow lurking in the darkness. But will Spyro and his friends be able to take on this new threat?

Progress (as of 05 March 2014): So, massive writers block currently. I had to scrap my chapter in order to re-write it and I have about five words in.


Ace: The Shadow Dragon

First Appearance - Eternal Darkness

Roll - Protagonist

Personality - Since he was forced to raise Spade when he was young, he has been very protective of his little brother (although he wont admit it). He is very sarcastic will pull pranks on other people once in a while. When in front of elders he takes on a different personality and is very calm and serious (unless as sarcastic pun is required).

Description - He is a shadow dragon, 2 years older than his brother Spade he has several minuscule red lines, one down the spine of his back, one going from each of his forelegs onto the tips of his wings, hazel eyes, talons are black and he has no horns. Tailblade is also non-existent.

fighting style - Ace is deceptive is his combat, using abilities of shadow to his advantage when sneaking up on opponents to catch them offguard to deal more damage before the enemy knows what happened

Favorite move - summoning a clone of himself and detonating it into shadows, dealing damage all around

Trivia - He is Spade's brother; He can use fear;

Spade: The Earth Tank

First Appearnace - Eternal Darkness

Roll - Protagonist

Personality - Spade has never met his parents and he always hangs out with his only family: Ace. A little oblivious at times, he doesn't always takes into consideration the possibilites of what may happen. Nonetheless, if I were in a fight, he would be one of my top options to pick in a fight. He is very caring and doesn't want to see any of his friends hurt.

Description - Same age as Spyro and Cynder, a bronze dragon with silver talons and 2 horns similar to Spyro, but not as large and not segmented, dark blue eyes and adept at earth combat. His wings are the same bronze color and he has a dagger-like tailblade

fighting style - he is a head on fighter, coating his body in a thin layer of rock to provide body armor and can thicken or thin out the rock when need be.

Favorite move - making a pit underneath the enemy, then closing up the top part once the opponent falls in. Spade then forces the earth up at a rapid pace to hurtle the enemy into the top rock, smashing it in the process and and severly injuring the opponent.

Trivia - He has lived with his brother his whole life. He has never met any other dragon until he met Spyro and Cynder. Anything he knows about the world he hasnt learned himself is from his brothers teachings;


First Appearance - Eternal Darkenss

Roll - (unknown at this point in story)

Personality - Typical bad guy; cunning, shows no remorse to anyone killed, little swift to anger but he quickly snaps back to reality. The kicker for him though is he has several back up plans unlike your typical bad guy. If plans A, B, C, and D fail, he goes with E.

Description - He is a dark blue dragon, he has 2 large grey segmented horns and a smaller third horn protruding in between the two main horns he has various scars running accross his body, the origin of them not yet known. His wings have several small holes in them, the origin is also not known yet.

Fighting Style - (unknown at this point in story)

Favorite Move - (unknown at this point in story)

Trivia - The room he lives in is littered in skeletons, most are from fallen foes;

Fang: Close Quarters Master

First Appearance - Eternal Darkness

Roll - (unkown at this point in story)

Personality - Hmmmmm... Curious, not much is known about him... Give me a minute... Ahh here we are. Only thing it says here is that he is a planner and uses any resource he gets to its full potential... Wait, what's this? Excuse me, I have to look into this...

Description - He is a grey dragon, he has 4 horns, a pair on each side of his head. The lower of the two wraps around the jaw bone with enough room for him to speak. The second pair go up and out (a lot like Ignitus', just not as big). His grey wings have spikes that go down his wing, and his tail has a medium sized spiked mace that has a few blood stains on them. He has almost no scars, and any he does have are small and not noticeable

Fighting Style - Extreme close quarters fighter (See chapter 8 if you dont believe me) and extremely efficient in his attacks. He can take down lots of enemies with pure brute force alone.

Favorite Move - Latching on to an enemy with the spikes on his wings and using his talons to rend and tear his enemies.

Trivia - Doesn't use an element in combat, since he doesnt have one;


Roll - (unkown at this point in story)

Personality - Being trained under Drake, she has several traits similar to him, threatens everyone and quick tempered are only to name a few.

Description - icy blue scales, with a darker blue for her underbelly scales and wing membrane, she has 2 pairs of horns that resembles Cynder's but they are grouped together on each side of her head. Her tail blade is in a harpoon shape. She is a year younger than Spyro. Her eyes are a deep blue, matching her underbelly.

Fighting Style - She uses ice as her main attack plan unless she has something else planned. (Again, not much about her... This is quite disturbing...)

Favorite Move - (unkown at this point in story)

Trivia - Trained under Drake;

About Me:

Name: Dylan (last name is classified)

Age: 17


Xbox360: DBD DarkPhoenix (DBD Retired so don't bring it up.)

Quick list of favorites:

Food: Pizza (pepperoni, bacon, and green peppers)
Game: Halo Reach or Spyro DotD
Game Character: Cynder
Song: Diefy - Disturbed
Theme Song: Indestrucable - Disturbed
Way to pass time: Sleep and making stories
Subject: Math or Science (yes, im a little bit of a nerd)

Interesting facts about me:

My drawing skills are slightly improving
I'm the resident therapist to all my friends
I'm in a gaming community on xbox
Computers love me, and I am the family tech support (my tech support is youtube)
I don't care if you send hate mail, they usually make me laugh
On the subject of hate mail, i just view it as a way I can improve something
Is anyone else shocked that Assassins Creed is becoming like COD?

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