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I am a proud member and sub moderator of the Constructive Criticism Guild. Go check it out. Great forum filled with very friendly people.


Hello there! Welcome to my profile. If you're here to look for some of my stories, you might as well leave. You won't be finding any stories in here, for I use this account for leaving reviews and reviews only. I enjoy looking though well-written stories with good readable chapters and a realistic plot with well-developed ideas. I don't always find these stories quite easily. I actually open any story that catches my attention, either in a good or bad way.

If you have any problem with my reviews, I suggest you approach me through PM or proceed to the complaint thread of the Constructive Criticism Guild.

Since this is a profile, I suppose I should share a bit about myself.

  1. My first name is Janine but I prefer to be called Jinny, as it is a nickname of mine. My last name is classified information.
  2. I enjoy reading and writing.
  3. My main fandom is Harry Potter, but I have been exploring the pages of The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and Lord of the Rings lately.

I suppose that is all I can say about myself without revealing any personal information. Happy writing. —jinny