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Hello! I was reading fanfics on this site for weeks and then I thought, "Hey, why not make an account?" So...I did. My SYOT is now up and running and I've been following a few other stories as well. I found this site while looking for Hunger Games fanfics and I loved watching Catching Fire when it came out in theaters. Another topic I really enjoy is mythology (so yes I read the Percy Jackson series). I also like cats, chocolate and the colour blue. Overall, though, I'm just a teenage girl from Canada (eh?) who is obsessed with the Hunger Games!



SYOT Status

District 10 complete! I'm making progress...


May 9/ 14: I seem to always underestimate how much time I will need to write, so in case it wasn't obvious I did not finish that chapter over my break. Not sure when it will get done, but it will.

April 16/14: You know what's crazy? Today is the one year anniversary of when I started taking tributes for Trapped (look at the first news entry, I'm not kidding). My present to you. Over the next week I will be writing and posting the District 10-12 Reapings. Finally, they cheer...

January 5/14: New chapter is up. I said I would post it over Christmas break and I did. *Cries* so proud :') just kidding. Again I'm really sorry that it took me... five months to update (was it really that long?), but if it's any consolation this chapter is the longest yet. I hope you like it! Oh, and Happy New Year. :)

December 24/13: Merry Christmas everyone! I can't wait to share my newest chapter with you. Just one more district to go before it's up! :)

December 8/13: A beautiful thing happened a coupe days ago. I was inspired to write again! I finished the D8 Reapings and I've now just started D9. Once that is complete I will post the chapter. I will post for sure one if not two chapters over winter break so please look forward to that. I know I am!!

October 23/13: I want to apologize to everyone who stuck with me over the summer and read my story. Now that I have been back at school I have found it impossible to find time to write. I will get back at it as soon as possible and I sincerely hope you will all come back to read it when it happens! :)

August 20/13: Alrighty! I'm all done with band camp now (which is very sad) but now I can continue writing. I am currently at D8 so hopefully something will be up soon! :)

August 2/13: Apologies for taking forever, but the District 4-6 Reapings are now up! Please read, review and enjoy!! :D

July 24/13: Hi there! I'm sorry, I know you've all been waiting very patiently for an update and I've left you with nothing. I've been out of town the last week so I am behind on writing but I will put something up for you guys soon, I promise.

July 2/13: All of our spots are filled! YAY! The Reapings will be up very soon, I promise. :D

June 24/13: Chapter one of the story is officially published. Go check it out!! Also vote in the poll if you haven't already. :)

June 15/13: Hi!!!! One week left until the story is scheduled to start... but that will only happen if I get 9 more submissions! Come on everyone, you can do it! On a side note, I still need lots of bloodbath tributes, so even if you don't want to put much time into the character all submissions are useful!!!!!!!

June 9/13: Only nine spots left to fill!! I'm getting super excited and I hope you are too! :D

June 3/13: Heyo! Three weeks until I want to start posting the story but I am still missing tons of tributes!! Eleven to be precise. Please please please pleeeeeease submit I really want to start posting Reapings on schedule but there's still many tributes from early districts missing.

May 24/13: Hello world (a.k.a. the very few people who have ever seen my profile)! We're still sitting at twelve submissions. I had a big boom of submissions in the weeks following my announcing the SYOT, but now I worry it's kind of waning off. I'm still optimistic that I will have all the spots filled by the end of June. though! At the moment there are still four districts completely empty (3,4,6,9) and also some other districts only half full (open: D5F, D8M, D11M, D12F). Please submit!! Also, should I try and do some filler stuff, maybe some HG oneshots, to keep the momentum going until the Reapings are posted in (hopefully) a month? Anyhow if you have thoughts, questions, concerns, ideas, or submissions (especially submissions) PM me!

ps: vote in zee poll!! :DDD

May 8/13: Hooray! If you count the tributes I have created/ am creating, I now have half of the spots filled!! :D

May 3/13: So... I'm back at school now. I'm super busy and this reminds me again why I'm waiting to start the story. I'm still consistently checking my email, though, so if you have a tribute to send me don't hesitate! :)

April 16/13: I'm planning on writing an SYOT this summer when I have more time. If you have a tribute you are interested in submitting you can do it anytime but just know that nothing is going to come of it for a couple of months. You can use the tribute form I made below but if you see anything I'm missing, PM me. I eliminated the placing question because I could see it was just going to make things complicated. If you did have a number in mind just let me know... but I can't make any promises!


District One:

M: Coldran Elias (15)

F: Saphire Gelding (17)

District Two:

M: Crisper White (17)

F: Amity Night (17)

District Three:

M: Python "Py" Codet (16)

F: Moira Coriander (17)

District Four:

M: Kevin Davenport (17)

F: Amanoth "Amor" Morthal (15)

District Five:

M: Ashton Welder (14)

F: Ava Fuze (16)

District Six:

M: Archer Werthington (12)

F: Chessie Willis (14)

District Seven:

M: Colin Lock (17)

F: Amelia Lock (15)

District Eight:

M: Pinnacle Stag (15)

F: Cyana Santolina (14)

District Nine:

M: Barley Stows (13)

F: Teffra Triticale (14)

District Ten:

M: Dakota Azuka (15)

F: Isla Leto (15)

District Eleven:

M: Fiyero Frost (18)

F: Agatha Wentworth (14)

District Twelve:

M: Curt Miller (13)

F: Cessna Pietri (15)

TRIBUTE FORM... (Should I take this down now that all my spots are filled? Hmm, probably...)

Pre-Games/ Reaping Info...

Name (First and Last):







Relationship with members of family:



Any nicknames? (if so, who calls them that?):

Rich? Poor? Middle Class?:


What makes them happy?:

What makes them sad/mad?:

Best thing that ever happened to them?:

Worst thing that ever happened to them?:


If they could have one wish, what would it be?:

Reaped or volunteered?:

If reaped, thoughts/reaction:

If volunteered, why?:

In Capitol/Games Info...

Training strategy:

Skill to show Gamemakers:

Possible score (please be honest):

Interview Angle:

Games strategy:

3 Strengths:

3 Weaknesses:

Alliances? (yes/no):

Blood Bath Tribute?:

Preferred Way of Death?:

Anything else I should know about your tribute?:

I know it's a lot, but the more you can fill out, the better I can understand your tribute. Don't feel bad if there is something you're just not sure about, though.


books-are-brain-food456 :D


- You are watching a new Scooby Doo movie for old times sake and you know exactly who the monster is with an hour left in the movie. :P lolz

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