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I am a relatively new writer to, I didn't really think I wanted to do it to begin with, because I'm much more content writing my own story on Elfwood with MY own characters.

But after I read this amazing Trigun fic by a writer now known as "Sour Straw Roxors", as well as an extremely well-written Evangelion fic by B.C Sealey, I decided that I wanted to do this too.

I want to be a great writer anyway, but I especially want to make a story with my favourite anime and book characters that wasn't the crap that most people on here count as a story. Don't get me wrong, there are some excellent people on this site with some brilliant minds, but sadly they only make up about 15% total of everyone on here.

I want everyone to know that I don't care about flames, and that I actually welcome them, (the ones that will actually help improve my writing, if I kill off your favourite character and you have a cow over it, DEAL WITH IT.)
I'm best at making people laugh, but I want to be seriouse to, and I love reveiws, they kind give a story it's own depth.

Let me know if I do any of this, because I would like to see from a different perspective If I've come anywhere near my goal.

Yours sincerely,
Jess Perry

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