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Author has written 2 stories for Gundam Wing/AC.

Name: MarieMaea (Mah/ree/mah/eh/ah) Kushrenada - no relation to Treize or Mariemaia.

For short: Maea (May/Yah) or Marie


Fandoms: Gundam Wing Yaoi

Pairings: 1x2,3x4,occasional 2x1. I'm open to other pairings, so long as they're screwing, I don't particularly mind, I just prefer these.

Location: Australia

I'm a yaoi obsessed Gundam Wing alternate universe fangirl. I've a thing for medieval AUs in particular. I have several serious medical conditions which I will not bore on about here, suffice to say I am sick. All the time. For the rest of my life. I am likely to end up in hospital at any given time for unreliable amounts of time, and to be entirely frank, I could drop dead at any time. I write because I come up with these stories while meditating, something I do to relax and distract myself from my pain. Once the stories are in my head I feel selfish for keeping them all to myself, thus, the writing.

I hope the random masses enjoy the slightly insane mind of me.

Projects: (in order of which will be worked on first)

MoonChild - in progress. My baby. 1x2, 34, 5M, 69, 136 (there are two Zechses, they're twins) ROC, IreaOC, disassociate identity to an extent, medieval AU, slavery ... you know, all the good stuff.

Prescience - Coming soon. In which Heero is a Seer, capable of seeing the future, but has come of age where he needs a SeerBound to continue seeing. Enter Duo. Medieval AU, ncs, hurt/comfort to an extent. My way of getting the Duo out of my system, seeing as he really isn't in MoonChild much, especially considering he's one of the main characters. 1x2, 3x4

Pheremones - Duo-kitty meets Heero-human, set a few hundred years in the future.

A Rock and a Hard Place - Heero-puppy meets Duo-human. Medieval, not-quite-consensual-blurring-the-boundaries-a-bit sex. Dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do.

These fics will recieve their due attention when MoonChild is close to or completely finished. Thus, in some time.


((Warning: May cause damage to the nervous system and bowels.))

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Prescience reviews
Heero Yuy, Second Seer to King Zechs, must undertake an epic quest to find and tame a SeerBound, his soulmate, without whom he is unable to see the future. However, finding and taming this creature provides a few unexpected twists and turns, even for one who always lives one second in the future. Yaoi, 1x2, 3 4.
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