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Hey, it's Onyx, which is my pen name, so if you review, you can call me that. Because seriously, my username is loooooooong.

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I am:

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Form: (for Sorrowblossom's Prophecy)










Mentor (if apprentice)

How much am I worth?

Natural Hair Color:

[x] Brown - $100

[ ] Blonde - $50

[x] Black - $15

[ ] Bald - $5

[ ] Bald and a cancer survivor- $200 and a pat on the back

[ ] other - $75

Total: $115

Eye Color:

[x] Brown - $50

[ ] Green - $75

[ ] Blue - $150

[ ]Hazel - $100

[ ] Other - $15

Total: $165


[ ] Over 7' - $200

[ ] 6'8" to 7' - $175

[ ] 6'0" to 6'7" - $150

[ ]5'5" to 5'11" - $75

[ ] 5'4" to 5'10" - $85

[x] Under 5'4" - $0

Total: $165


[ ] 50 to 56 - $175

[ ] 46 to 50 - $150

[ ] 41 to 45 - $125

[ ] 31 to 40 - $100

[ ] 26 to 30 - $75

[ ] 21 to 25 - $50

[ ] 19 to 20 - $25

[x] 0 to 18 - $100

Total so far: $265

Birth Order:

[ ] Twins or more than twins - $750

[x]First born - $320

[ ] Only Child - $250

[ ]Second born - $150

[ ] Middle child - $100

[ ] Last Born - $100

[ ] Third born - $550

[ ] Fourth born - $300

[ ] Fifth born - $400

[ ] Sixth born -$215

Total: $585


[ ] I did like once - $400

[ ] Only Holidays - $250

[ ] Sometimes - $215

[ ] YES - $200

[ ] Only weekends - $300

[ ] Every other day - $50

[ ] Once a day - $15

[ ] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$ BACK TO ZERO!

[ ]No - $600

[x] Like a sip sometimes - $600 (only hard apple cider)

Total so far: $1185


[ ]Perfect vision - $400

[x] Need or have glasses/contacts but don’t wear them - $200

[ ] No correction - $100

[ ] Glasses - $50

[ ] Contacts - $25

[ ] Surgical correction - $100

Total so far: $1385

Favorite Colors (multiple):

[ ] Green - $750

[ ]Red - $600

[x] Black - $100

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[ ] Blue - $300

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Total: $2900

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?

[ ] Yes - $0

[x] Nope - $1000 (Smart me!)

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REAL TOTAL: priceless

My Forums:

My Warrior OCs

OC #1:

Name: Salainen (Finnish for Secret)

Appearance: pure white she-cat with pale ivory "snowflakes" all over pelt and frosty pale icy green eyes

Personality: mysterious, clever, and independent

Special Requests: Guardian of the Isle of Light

What Kind of Cat are you?: spirit, traveller (I am a flesh and blood spirit)

Likes: snow, icy water, waterfalls, icicles, mountains, light, fresh mountain air, swan feathers, salmon, stars, and the aroma of jasmine

Dislikes: fire, and the dark

Inner Animal: The Tiger

OC #2:

Name: Songstar

Appearance: light reddish-gold she-cat with one dark smoky hazel-brown eye and a light frosty honey amber eye and tiny white "snowflakes" all over pelt and a silky, plumy tail

Personality: independent, clever, and mischievous

Likes: snow, icy cold water, waterfalls, icicles, light, fresh mountain air, fluffy white clouds, stars, and white cherry blossoms

Dislikes: fire, heat, and the dark (I like the night, but not pitch black kind of dark)

All about me:

Pen Name: Onyx

Age: 13-15 I dunno.

Mostly Used Swear Words: "Catnip!" "Holy cat!" "Holy catnip!" "Catnip and Spice!" "For catnip's sake!" "What in cute kittens' name?"

Favorite Things: KITTENS AND CAYENNE!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Animals: Alpacas, Cats, White Canaries, Cows, Horses, and Sheep

Favorite Kind of Music: Indian Music, Christian Music, Katie Belle Akin, Carrie Underwood, Maya Solovey, Lindsey Stirling, The Nighttime Adventure Society, and Mary Gunderson

Favorite Charity: Eva's Eden

Pet's Name: Charlemagne

Favorite Books: Stargate SG-1, Warriors (of course, duh), Girls of Many Lands, and The Royal Diaries

Favorite TV Shows: Ocean Girl, StarGate, H20, Wallace and Gromit, Lark Rise to Candleford and The Elephant Princess

Favorite Movies: The Secret of Moonacre, Minor Details, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, Aaina, Dhoom, Dangerous Ishqq and Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl

Things I'm scared of: Um let's see...poisonous critters, dangerous critters, maneating critters, and most of all...I can't tell you...stop looking at me...fine I'll tell you!! I'm scared of ...Mango!!! I know, I'm scared of my beloved kitty, but... he's scary!! He jumps on me, he attacks me, and he chases me!! Once, I was playing with him and his friends, and then I had to go potty really, really bad! I ran to the door, and Mango jumps on me!!! He nearly scared the pee outta me!! I nearly peed my pants, but I held it in. Good thing, man! That's why I'm scared of Mango.

Question Time

What's Your Villain Name? (Take the first half of your favorite character's name and the last half of your least favorite character).

Brackenfrost (Brackenfur and Hawkfrost)

What's Your Kittypet Name? (Take your favorite warriors name and mix the letters up)


What's Your Half-Clan Name? (Take something to do with one clan and add something to do with the other clan).


Rogue Name? (First Random object you think of).


.:Element Test:.

You have a short temper.
You often act on your emotions without thinking first.
You are very competitive.
You like to play with fire.
You are not a strong swimmer or you can't swim at all. (Not at all...yet)
You prefer warm weather over cold weather.
You often lose control over yourself.
You can be quite reckless. (I know, does it show sweethearts?)
You sometimes hurt people without realizing it.
People have often called you insane.

Total: 6/10.. I know, I'm shameful.

You have a calm, laid-back personality.
You like to go to the beach.
You rarely get angry.
When you do get angry, you know how to control it. (Sometimes...)
You think before you act
You are good at breaking up fights.
You are a good swimmer.
You like the rain.
You can stay calm in stressful situations.
You are very generous.

Total: 9/10... Not bad my friends.


You have close connection with nature. (Sure do. I just don't like creepy crawlies and such.)

You don't mind getting dirty. (I love dirt. Just as long the dirt isn't riddled with worms.)

You form strong opinions on issues that concern you. (That is the reason boys are annoyed by me.)

You could easily survive in the wild. (I could. I could. Most of the time.)

You care about the environment. (I love the environment.)

You can easily focus on your work without getting distracted. (Most of the time.)

You are physically strong. (I am. How else am I going to beat up annoying boys?)

You rarely get depressed. (Hardly. Depression isn't a word in my dictionary.)

You aren't afraid of anything. (Just creepy crawlies and predators.)

You prefer to have strict set of rules. (Most of the time. Just the good, solid rules.)

7/10... That's pretty good.


You have a free spirit.
You hate rules. (Most of the time, anyway.)
You prefer to be out in the open rather than in small, enclosed spaces.
You hate to be restrained.
You are independent and outgoing.
You are quite intelligent.
You tend to be impatient.
You are easily distracted. (Sometimes.)
You can sometimes be hyperactive or annoying. (Very rarely.)
You wish you could fly.

9/10... That's awesome!


You are usually alone.
You prefer nighttime over daytime. (Unless I watched a scary episode of Warehouse 13.)
You like creepy things. (Like slime and stuff.)
You like to play tricks on people. (That I do. That I do.)
Black is your favorite color. (One of them, anyways)
You prefer villains over heroes in movies and tv shows. (Most of the villains, anyway. Don't really like the villains in Warehouse 13.)

You don't talk much.
You are atheist.
You don't mind watching scary movies.
You love breaking the rules. (All the rules I don't agree with.)

6/10... Not bad.


You are very polite. (A lot!)
You are spiritual. (Very.)
When someone is in trouble, you never hesitate to help them. (Most of the time.)
You are afraid of the dark. (Well, only if I see something scary.)
You hate violence. (Unless I'm lightly beating up boys.)
You hope for world peace. (Yes, I do.)
You are generally a happy person. (I am.)

You believe everything you see or hear. (Sometimes.)

Everyone loves to be around you. (Almost always.)
You always follow the rules. (I try to.)

7/10… Pretty Good.

Conclusion: I am well rounded.


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] Well…sometimes you can be a bit 'I'm the Princess'-y, but you might have that side.
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[/] You can be pretty gracious.
[/] Sometimes you are not that open to feelings.
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[/] You're not frightened at the sight of blood.
[ ] Some people say you're hot.
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[x] You have a loving heart.
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[x] You are often understanding of people's feelings.
[/] You can be a bit odd or random.
[ ] You can be a bit stiff sometimes, or objecting to things for reasons unknown, even if it's light, but other than that you are usually something like cheery and easygoing.
[ ] You can make good decisions, but sometimes you can seem a bit dumb.
Total: 4


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[ ] You can be a bit dumb, not even daydream dumb sometimes.
[x] It seems like you have unconditional energy.
[ ] SUNSHINE GIRL! … If you're a girl.
[x] You are kind, VERY friendly.
[ ] You can take account of others' feelings, but you can be too much in your own world to notice sometimes.
Total: 3.5

[/] You live in a forest-like area or wish to live in a forest-like area.
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[x] You are very generous.
[x] You wish to someday change the earth for the better, cleaning up trash and stopping pollution.
[x] You are very kind, but if someone messes with you, or your friends, they'll be regretting it.
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[x] You are passionate, but can be a bit overboard with some things.
[x] You are creative, you just gotta be artistic each day!
[x] You can be an odd mix of things in your personality, like hot and cold.
[x] You just can't stick to liking one thing, you gotta be moving.
[x] You believe you can be anything you want.
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[/] You can be a bit mysterious and dark.
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[x] You often blend in the shadows; as if turning into one…
[x] Sometimes you really don't want to be in large groups…
] You blast up the energy when you need to.
Total: 2.5

I am PURPLE!!!!!


1. Perfect?: Yes. No! Are you frakking crazy?

2. Tall?: Naw.

3. In your pajamas?: Yup

4. Left handed?: No


1. Friend you saw?: My friends L (girl) & J (boy) (initials for confidentiality reasons)

2. Thing you ate?: Potatoes

3. Person to text you: My mom (That's just sad. And that was four months ago!)

4. Was today better than yesterday?: I really don't know.


1. Number: 49!!! (Don't ask.)

2. Color(s): Well dang, I have a lot! Let's see, I like light and breezy colors, plus I also like dark and dramatic colors.

3. Fruit: Cherries

4. Place: Don't really know. I'll have to come back to that question.


1. Are you missing someone right now?: I am missing a lot of frakking people right now. Um, my cousin J. Gregory (girl), my dad, my pastor (do NOT ask.), and my best friend A. Madrid

2. Are you happy?: I guess

3. Are you sad?: a little

4. Are you bored?: Kinda

5. Are you excited?: I am excited for the future I guess

6. Are you nervous?: Nope

7. Are you anxious?: No sir

8. Are you tired?: No


1. Real name?: S (ha! That's all you're getting!)

2. Nick names?: Lomepeace

3. Eye color?: deep chocolate brown

4. Zodiac sign?: Pisces

5. Male or female?: Female

6. Tramp?: What's a tramp?

7. Smart?: Catnip yeah!

8. Hair color?: black-brown; has streaks of auburn/mahogany in the sunlight; appears black on a cloudy day

9. Long or short?: longish (I'm assuming we are talking about my hair, right?)

10. Sweats or Jeans?: Both, depends on what mood I'm in.

11. Phone or Camera?: Sadly, I don't have either. (The cell phone I have is for emergencies only)

12. Drink or Smoke?: I'm under 21

13. Righty or lefty?: Righty!!


1. First best friend?: Maddy (I don't really remember her, she was my best friend before I moved. I think we were both 2 or 3.)

2. First crush?: N.W. (North Winds. Just kidding...not telling ya!)

3. First pet?: My cat Mangzi (Mango)

4. First big vacation?: When we visited our family from my dad's side in Virginia


2. Drinking?: Nothing

3. I'm about to: Eat

4. Listening to: Amazing Music (Like Seriously, you should check them out. In About Portion.)


1. Shorter or taller?: Don't really care.

2. Romantic or spontaneous?: It doesn't really matter, he just has to live up to MY standards.

3. Sensitive or loud?: Read Above!

4. Fling or relationship?: Latter


1. Drank bubbles?: Don't think so.

2. Lost glasses/contacts?: Yes

3. Ran away from home?: If running out of the house and into the car or to park, then yes.

4. Broken someone's heart?: What?! I'm only 13, my dad would kill me if he ever found out if I was near a boy like THAT, so no.

5. Been arrested?: Yes, it was awful. It was dirty and grimy, plus it- naw, I was just playing with y'all. Never have.


1. Miracles?: Yup.

2. Yourself?: Mmm-hmm

3. Heaven?: Yessir!

4. Santa Claus?: Nope.

4. Love?: Yes, but I have to wait till I'm 16 or 17.

5. Do you like someone?: Used too, he was really cute and- why am I telling you this?

6. Do you believe in God?: Y'all are nuts. My family on my dad's side are strong Christians! Of course I believe in God! *lowers voice to a whisper* Just not in the way THEY do.

7. Answered the truth on all questions?: I am pretty sure.

(So, I will try to update this every day.)

Try it without looking at answers-

1) Pick your favorite number between 1-9

2) Multiply by 3 then

3) Add 3, then again Multiply by 3 (I'll wait while you get the calculator...)

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Now with that number see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below :

1. Kareena Kapoor

2. Nelson Mandela

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7. Brad Pitt

8. Hitler

9. The Song of the Felines

10. Einstein

PS. Stop picking different numbers. I AM YOUR IDOL, JUST DEAL WITH IT!!

Now copy and paste this into your profile, and change your name in #9

Well, I can't think of anything else. If I should write anything else, PM me, mkay?

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