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I'm not releasing my name, because I do not, I repeat, do NOT want stalkerz.

Anyway, I'm into writing stories, drawing, and dancing. My favorite sport is field hockey *grins* (you got a problem with that?) But I love watching extreme sports.I love reading manga too! Anime rulz.

More about me:

Name: Not releasing unless it's in a review.
Height:5'4" (I'm too damn short. Blame it on my Asian genes. Stop laughing Josh M., it's annyoing. He thinks he's soooo much better than I am because he's younger and tall than me. grrrr.)
Hair color: Black w/highlights. (seriously considering streaking my hair with red. Mother is a hair stylist, so go figure. She rocks.)
Eye color: Brown
From: Sandwich, Cape Cod. MASS. (God I love it here, and yes the town has a funny name)
Occupation: Student. Being a cynical mastermind. Being evil. Spreading my evil influence. Teasing my friends (and they tease me right back) Running from the cops. Taking Mr.Kreckie's (the english teacher)truck for joyrides (Big inside joke). Beating up M* in the NDA parking lot (another inside joke).Avoiding being brought in by the shrinks and anger management counselors. Reviewing for people. Reading reviews that people write for me (I LOVE ALL THAT DO SO!)Baker of cookies(I've got talent, and a mystical power over the oven!!)

More likes:REVIWERS!!!!Badass boys/punk guys (major soft spot for those, but only if they've got a brain,they're extremely hot, and their whole purpose in life is not trying to knock a girl about. tsk tsk.), friends, surfing the net, being right all the time, getting my way, my youngest brother Nicky, the friend of a friend whose name is also Nick (shit, shouldn't have put that there), being a psycho, Boys, music, drummers (KEVIN ALEXANDER CLARK!!!), guitar (I love playing guitar, and I'm not too bad), did I mention Kevin? Yeah, I know I did.

Dislikes: Math Class,Mr. Bianchi (the math teacher), air heads, egotistical people, EMSOs (meaning one girl in my class *shudders, and EMSO means Ego-maniac Social Outcast), people who are too damn smart for their own good and constantly flaunt it, my evil brother Michael, my parents on certain occasions, being wrong, shrinks, anger management counselors, wimpy people that complain all the time.
Things that make me laugh: Life in general. People falling down stairs. Devious plots to kidnap the 6-yr-old son of my English teacher. People who try to act black or ghetto when they're white (they're so pathetic), guy humor (when it's not perverted jokes), my friends, Josh M., Bizzy E.,Colleen R., Gab.?? (not that sure of his last name), Marykate J. (ur so evil sometimes! I salute you my psychomaniacal friend), uh...when my brother Mike gets in trouble.

Fav. Movies: SCHOOL OF ROCK!!!!! Holes, LOTR (all of them), Miracle(for some odd reason I like it), um..there are a few more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

I love our ghetto field hockey uniforms! (yeah MKJ/Traveling buddy!)

"People are like slinkys, boring most of the time, but you can't help smiling when one falls down the stairs."

Some favorite quotes (some of which I made up):

-altering quotes is a hobby of mine. Can’t you tell?
-People are like creampuffs. Some are sweet, some are tacky looking, and some are just waaaaaay to fat.( Shelli)
-Well, did you try looking under the sofa in HELL?(Buffy.)
-You can get more with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word. (Al Capone)
-In other words, he's a maladjusted ticking time bomb with a pigheaded streak the size of Bristol?(somewhere I dunno)
-They’re all laughing, and I know it’s because of me. (Stephanie Ng)
-Bite me! Wait, don’t. I don’t want to get rabies. (Marykate Jasper)
-Life gets a little difficult sometimes. That’s why we have morons to get us out of tight spots! (me)
-If you were a genius, I wouldn’t be ignoring you!(Me)
-Life is always full of surprises--to the ones we jump out at from behind bushes and trees. (Me)
-Whoa whoa whoa! I never said yes! I was alluding to yes, but I never said yes! There’s a big difference between yes and yes. (A random friend of mine)
-ES-CA-PAY! That funny, it kinda looks like the word escape. (Dorry, Finding Nemo)
-"I've been called a lot of things in my life," said Draco, looking at the plate. "But never a vicious, cold-blooded piece of toast." (Draco Sinister, I think.)
-I may be a cold-blooded jelly doughnut but I have impeccable timing (Buffy)
-I had a flashback in the middle of a delusion.
-No, it's just a wild stab in the dark. Which is what you'll be getting in about one minute if you don't start being a bit more helpful.(Blackadder)
-A total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will always see us through.(Blackadder)
-"I was pondering the immortal words of Julius Caesar when he said 'Brutus! You stabbed me in the back, you bastard.'"
-Yeah, well, I didn't say I exactly had fluffy bunny feelings for the guy, did I?
-Would you like to take a knife and stick it in my chest and twist it around a bit? Because I don't think you've quite reached your sadism quota for the evening.
-And here I was thinking how wonderful I am, and you just have to come and screw everything up!
- “ Homestarrunner.net…it’s dot.com” (Homestar Runner)
-“ Why you lazy crap for crap.” (Strong Bad)
-“ The king’s gone mad with power!” (Coach Z)
-" Decemberween, Decemberween, you're 55 days after Halloween..."
-" It's like going to heaven! With a fork!"

The good ones:

"Eagles may soar, but at least weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

" Well Pre is before, and curse is to swear, so precursor must be before swearing!" Caroline K.

"If I was sterile, I would kill myself"Lindsay D.

"You know fat people suffer from cholesterol? So people like her must suffer from bitch warts!" MKJ

Some funny events:

(when we were making smores)
Bizzy:Stuff,chew, stuff, chew...
Me: Swallow somewhere in there too!

(at the lunch table)
Martha: I'm gonna marry a guy with an Irish accent.
Me: What about Tom Brady?
Martha: He can pick one up!

(online talking to MK)
tigerwarrior49: I'm not Irish, so bite me
RomanticCynic21: *bite Mandy's arm*
tigerwarrior49: *scowls darkly and mutters something about a pictchfork and MK's head on it*
RomanticCynic21: lol. *laughs evilly and mentions lack of rabies shot*
tigerwarrior49: haha.
tigerwarrior49: well sorry if I'm not Irish
RomanticCynic21: loser.
RomanticCynic21: jk jk
RomanticCynic21: i mean, you look so Irish!!!!
RomanticCynic21: haha. jk jk
tigerwarrior49: rite
tigerwarrior49: I look about as Irish as a...banana peel
RomanticCynic21: *sees Irishman eating banana*
RomanticCynic21: jk jk
tigerwarrior49: lol

(another conversation with Josh)
Josh: who knows
Josh: maybe ur mental
Me: yeah..well the shrinks have always tried to bring me in.
me: didn't work
Josh: lol
Josh: dam those shrinks
Josh: always knockin at my door
me: ahh..u too?
Josh: ya
Josh: its so annoyin
me: and what about those dand anger management counselors?
me: they think they know what causes my compulsive anger.
Josh: ya they chase me in a car screamin theyre tryin 2 help
Josh: lol
Josh: same here
me: hahaha
me: this is productive
me: and then there are the cops
me: tryin to arrest me
Josh: ya they annoy me da most
me: for talking back to a officer...dissing another one
me: well I was being honest. not disrespectful
Josh: stupid lites and noises
me: haha
me: donuts aren't good for you
me: and it went from there
Josh: ya i kno there so fat
me: he wasn't very happy
Josh: ya they get kinda offended
me: i would think so.They're not all fat you know

(in Bio class)
Lindsay:A mule is neutral
Ms.Regan: You mean sterile.
Lindsay: Yeah, neutered.

(once again in Bio class, concerning crossing one person with curly hair, and one person with straight hair.)
Ms.Regan: Cross straight with...
Lindsay:Straight hair.
Ms.Regan:Yes. Hopefully, because then they'll have the higher chance of success in adding to the human population.

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