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Welcome to all those who love to read, I am Xemness The Scholar, otherwise known as The Saint, a humble writer and thinker. Currently, I am behind on my writing, work, life, and I am ill prepared, so I shall not update very often.

Perhaps the greatest curse is wisdom, that shows you the futility of your actions. Second is intelligence, that never shows you at all. Third would be power, which can accomplish nothing. Thus, if I could have any gift I would choose prosperity, over all blessings, so that I may remain ignorant, yet can better this terrible existence.

It is often portrayed that Light and Dark are equal. To this I disagree, for Evil is infinitely weaker, yet sticks together and supports itself. Light is much stronger, yet spreads itself trying to change as much as it may.

Though many may wish for more time upon this Earth, I find myself wishing for less. With ill omens everywhere one looks, immodesty spreading across our world, poverty spreading for lack of motivation, and jobs easily accessible to some who do not take it, but to many that would, not at all. As the world brings down it's own destruction, I wish to be unaware, yet always prepared. Though the end may come, I wish not one man to be lost.

Many men live for themselves, and among these, I wish I was. Sadly, it is not such a way, and I am not in such a position to live for myself. Sadly, my dearest family would miss me, and sadly, my truest friends would too. Sadly, I cannot allow myself to die, though I wish it were not so. Sadly, there is still work in this world I must do, for no one else will, and, sadly, the burden of my life must still be carried onwards. May the our work, not go unfinished.

Creativity is nothing, but given strength, it is the power to create something beautiful from something disgusting. The ability to believe lies only in one's mind, but given power, can change the world. The ability to read is very selective, but, given time, may create it's own world. The ability to think is laughable, but, given trials, may change the world. Imagination is a mere delusion, but, nurtured carefully, may create something, from nothing. Life is nothing but a curse, but, given drive, will always flourish, no matter what opposes it.

I am sorry to all this offends, but I am forced to proclaim that I know my God. That said, I try not to force my thoughts down other's throats. If only Christians were like their God, then perhaps I wouldn't have to do this.

Challenge!: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a Familiar of Zero story where Louise summons her alternate genderbent self. The genderbent self must have opposite powers (Like how Louise can't use magic other than void.), or the exact same powers.IN case of the first, the genderbent self must be an at least slightly talented mage (triangle, at least). In case of the second option, the genderbent self must only have the powers that Louise has at that point, plus or minus what would be affected by gender. The story must also mention how different things are with important people having changed genders. Feel free to give him a alternate familiar. Pairings don't matter, though I would prefer heterosexual relationships to be considered. Please tell me if you use the idea. (Feel free to break all these rules if you just want to write a story about the idea.)

Challenge!: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a Legend of Korra story with a decent anti-avatar. The opposing avatar must have similar powers made different by either corruption abilities, or opposing abilities. For the corruption abilities, I would suggest a slightly weaker avatar with various negative side effects. For opposing abilities, I would suggest the abilities to bloodbend, spiritual projection, seismic sense, and combustion bending, or a completely different skill set. I would suggest either an opposing personality, or a competitive personality, with evil thoughts generally showing through.

Challenge!: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a Game of Thrones Gamer story, with six characters based who you think would be the best King, Wizard, Soldier, Hero, Overlord, and Noble. Giving each of said characters the power of a RPG protagonist, or antagonist, to the seven that you pick. Base any extra powers you give said character on what power you give them, for instance, if you give Jon Snow the power of the Soldier, don't make him more charismatic, or particularly magical. The powers must from a distinguishable source after their birth, and must be magical in nature.so much.

Please read my stories.

By the Lord of lords, and by the King of kings, by the God who created everything, I pray that our souls be saved.

-Xemness the scholar.

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