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Shit, son, I've neglected this thing like hella whoa. It's been three years since I last logged onto this and so much has changed that it isn't even funny.

To fill any newcomers in, I'm jaspri. Not capitalized. I'm an 18 year old female living in Upstate New York under someone's bed and am a liberal in any sense of the word. I say that now because nearly everything I talk or write about can offend someone of differing opinions and more often than not, that's what I'm going for. I had taken a three year break from writing because I was getting over some things in my life that weren't going right and though I thought I had succeeded for the most part, I was starting to relapse into old habits. I thank my girlfriend whole heartedly for all her help back then, even if she didn't know what she was doing. I love you, Miams~ XD

Well, to anyone who favorited me in the past or was a follower of any of my stories, I apologize for taking them down. I am no longer a fan in any of the fandoms I wrote for and, unfortunately, my love for real person fiction isn't supported by this site, so if I decide to post any of my future stories, they will only be for Harry Potter. Most likely. e.e; Anyways, I was planning on continuing Something New, but my style of writing has just changed too much. I've grown a lot from my past style and I've matured to the point where I cringed just looking at it. That, added in with the fact that I can't handle heterosexuality in fics (I'm a slasher now, be it male or female. Flame me all you want, I love me my gay boys.) and I just couldn't handle writing it.

If you're interested in seeing any of my current work, I'll be posting some of it up on my old livejournal-turned-not-yet-used-writing-journal, jaspri. I'd link it, but I distinctly remember having problems with links on this site. My main focus is a Dir en grey fic, KyoxKaoru, set in traditional Japan with an AU setting of demons and other kins in a yakuza lifestyle. Sounds a mess, I know XD but it's all tied in as much as possible without being overwhelming. It'll be called Conditional Love once I get the beginning sorted out the way I want if anyone is interested.

In conclusion of a pointless profile, I'll confess to only keeping this so I can slowly add favorites. Bah.