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Not really a writer but kind of. Any stories before 2017 were a hoax, I swear. My writing skills died in 2013 as I suffered from writer's block until today thanks to an online writing community formed from this site for a certain category. It killed my writing passion but I'd like to thank all of you because if it weren't for you lots, I wouldn't be the me I am today. Tho honestly, I'll never forget it because now I can't write without loathing myself. But still, I am proud of myself today.

Last words? I'm tired. (I'm actually friendly, fam, I swear) (19/07/17)


040817 It's currently midnight in my place, and approximately 12 hours ago, I just received an offer to further my study. I currently have a story ongoing (active) and I really hope I would not abandon it once university life hits me. I have so much more to tell and write in the story. I'll make an announcement probably in One Night Wrong's ch7 ES. I'm guessing it'll take longer for me to update once I begin getting busy. If I write fast enough, it'll prolly take 5/7 days. And if I get super busy, you'll have to wait looooonger. Don't worry, I'll do my best to keep updating but if I get late updating, bear with me. Cause I'm 70% complete with mapping the story. Thank you for reading.

030817 I made a MAJOR change in One Night Wrong's ch3. I removed the lyrics from the chapter tho it breaks my heart from doing so. I just found out that I'm violating one of the site's Rules and Guidelines clauses. If any of you checking out my profile atm is an expert abt this, can you pls PM me cause I need to know more about it.

If there's anyone here that would like to read the original ch3 version I wrote complete with the song's lyrics, PM me. :)

230717 Since I'm back to being on FanFiction for now, I've published a new story (One Night Wrong). I am also planning to write more and more. My mind has been working non-stop scheming and plotting ideas ever since I got inspired to write again. They're not only ideas and drafts for major characters but also for minor characters. I've been thinking of a lot of ideas for cannon pairings. (I love oddities, what can I say?) Some of the ideas I thought of are one-shots or maybe some short chapters, and even a few long chapters (ReixNobara - Gakuen Alice).

That aside, I've noticed some people are still reading my first try at a multi-chapter fanfiction story, Unexpected. I'm not saying this is for sure but I will try to continue it after remaking the plotline of the story. It was posted so long ago that I actually forgot the storyline I've planned for it. In the first place, the impossible ideas for the story were the one that made me quit first. For now, be patient with me as I promise I'll try my best bringing it back to life.

I am also hoping that I'd breach few other fandoms with my stories. I'd like to write some for Bakuman, Beelzebub, Fushigi Yuugi, Haikyuu!!, Sukitte Iinayo, Working!!, Overlord and a few others more. Whew that's a lot. If I can't write for all, I'd hope to write for at least three of them (esp Working!! and Sukitte Iinayo). /inserts star emoji

Lastly, I re-read my old stories. Suffice to say, I had a "good time" cringing at them. Right now I'm trying to decide whether to delete or revise them. Cheers. /raises glass of milk

190717 Posted a new story: One Night Wrong. Do read and review. /inserts flower emoji


― Unexpected (abandoned)

― One Night Wrong (active)

― Her (ongoing completion)


(o_ _)ノ彡 First of all, my country uses (supposedly) the Queen's English, so I try my best to type my words using it. However, today, I've to admit barely few of my countrymen know how to differentiate UK English and US English. Most use the latter considering how the entertainment industry (Hollywood) is real big. And I, too, can't help but be usurped by it. Hahaha. Not that I mind.

(o_ _)ノ彡 My quotation marks, altho I use the Queen's English, I still can't find myself to simply use ' ' and instead use " ". This is because I just recently found out abt it. (What a bummer) I'm explaining this because some of you might think I'm contradicting myself when I say I use the Queen's English yet use US English's style of quotation marks. :D This also applies to some word jargon. Because sometimes, I have difficulties differentiating if pants/trousers were US/UK. (Any relating matters)

(o_ _)ノ彡 I also don't use short forms in my writings/stories (e.g. didn't, can't haven't, etc.) instead I type them all (e.g. did not, cannot, have not, etc.). This is because, in my country (again) we are taught by our teachers and lecturers to not use them when writing for English papers. Thus, I've been so trained with it that I feel like I'm making a huge grammatical errors (of the sorts) if I write with short forms. Altho I'm not sure if worldwide practises the same thing. However, I'm not opposed to using them when describing dialogues between my characters. (Like duhh) And ofc, I prefer to use short forms whenever I'm talking/chatting with people.

(o_ _)ノ彡 In the stories I write/publish, foreign phrases are italicised. This is just a habit I pick up from reading local novels here because when the characters in the novel would throw out a bit of English words, they're italicised. (English isn't our mother tongue, mind you) If you have a vivid imagination like I do, you might need to know this or else the narrator in your head will read the Japanese (or any other) words I typed as whispers. ;D

(o_ _)ノ彡 I like being odd. Whatever I type are usually against the mainstream. I don't like describing things the way people normally do. If my characters are blonde; I love to Google how many types of blonde there are out there, and what kind of blonde would suit my characters the most. (And so on) This doesn't only apply to hair colours, it applies to every other aspect.

(o_ _)ノ彡 The characters in my story are usually existing characters in the manga/anime. I try my best to use up every characters available unless I have no decision but to make new original characters on my own. For example, the couples in my stories might have child(ren), and then the names/characters would be original of my own. The others? They'll be existing characters.

This doesn't concern my writing styles whatsoever but I'd like to disclaim the pictures I use for my stories' cover images. I don't own them. I just Google up what I want, save, scribble my stories' titles and use them. To whoever own them, kudos to you because they're pretty. /inserts flower emojis

Today, I finally figured out what made me hate writing long ago even if I loved it so much. My heart has always ached for me to write but every time I tried to; my hands freeze. If I use the laptop, my fingers would not move to type a single thing and even if they did; I always ended up branding them as thrash. If the pencil was what I used with a piece of paper; my penmanship turned ugly and I'd finally give up and proceed to crumple the papers. What a waste of green.

So merely few hours ago I was in the same predicament but this time I managed to write; in hopes I could make people happy with what I wrote. But I could not help loathing myself for pushing myself to write. And that was when it came to my mind; I simply forgot to have fun.

So from now on, I vow, that I'll try to have fun whenever I write; so that I'll never come to hate what I dearly love ― again. (29/07/17)

P.S. I'm using a GMT-PLUS-8 time. :)

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